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Jul. 10, 2020


“Industry is increased, commodities are multiplied, agriculture and manufacturers flourish: and herein consists the true wealth and prosperity of a state.” —Alexander Hamilton (1790)

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Joe Biden’s Me-Too Economic Plan

Douglas Andrews

When Joe Biden announced on April 3 that he supports President Donald Trump’s travel ban on China, he was two months late and thousands of lives short. This week, the man who first came to Washington in 1973 made another announcement — this time an economic one. And, once again, he’s both late and short — this time by 47 years and tens of millions of jobs.

Biden, as The Wall Street Journal reports, is unveiling a plan “aimed at reviving the U.S. economy with an America-centric approach to job creation and manufacturing, issuing a direct challenge to President Trump as they compete for working-class voters less than four months before the presidential election.”

If by “issuing a direct challenge to” the Journal means “perpetrating a shameless rip-off of,” then yes, Johnny-Come-Lately Joe is challenging President Donald Trump and his long-held “America First” economic platform. But why would Joe Biden want to do this? Jobs and the economy are more squarely on Donald Trump’s turf than nearly any other issue. Indeed, they’re his most powerful argument for reelection. Perhaps the Biden campaign is somehow unaware of its candidate’s weakness in this area, or perhaps it’s beginning to believe all these polls. Or maybe it’s after the low-hanging fruit of the low-information voter. In any case, this is a fight Donald Trump is more than happy to have. The question is, will the mainstream media actually cover it, or will it continue to treat Biden like a Fabergé egg?

“Mr. Biden is poised to unveil his agenda while campaigning in Dunmore, Pa.,” the Journal continued, “where the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will tour a metalworks plant before making his economic pitch to an American public still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.”

It’s true enough that we’re still knee-deep in COVID-19, but imagine the hole we’d be in had Slow Joe been in the Oval Office. When Donald Trump was quickly cutting off travel to and from China, Joe Biden was attacking the president for having done so and appeasing his politically correct base with cries of “xenophobia” and “fear-mongering.”

The Biden economic plan is called “Build Back Better,” which tells us that he needs to fire his branding team. Setting aside how bloodless it sounds compared to, say, “America First,” it’s hard to imagine Biden reading that tongue-twister off the teleprompter, much less saying it unscripted.

The Journal eventually curbs its enthusiasm for the Biden plan long enough to mention “the embrace of economic globalization that had defined the policies of the Obama-Biden administration and two decades of Republican and Democratic presidents who preceded it.” But what about the real legacy of the Obama-Biden years — a legacy characterized by the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s, the worst recovery since the 1940s, the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, an additional 13 million Americans on food stamps, and more than 43 million Americans living in poverty? And that was just eight years’ worth of work. Biden, again, has been taking a government paycheck since well before most Americans were born — and he’s racked up an impressive record of economic failure over that span of time. This would include voting for NAFTA, supporting normalization of trade relations with Communist China, and supporting the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership before Donald Trump took office and rightly nixed it.

Could a Biden economy be all that bad? You betcha. As we noted earlier this week, intelligent folks on the Left and the Right agree that his would be “the most left-wing administration in history — far to the left of Obama.”

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale summed up Scranton Joe’s dismal economic record in a single tweet: “Biden spent his career backing trade deals that crushed American jobs & manufacturing. President Trump cleaned up Biden’s mess, secured #AmericaFirst trade deals, & built the strongest economy in history.”

All that is true. And if Donald Trump can step away from the culture wars long enough, he can start drawing some sharp and compelling contrasts between his economic record and that of his opponent.

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SCOTUS Punts on Trump Tax Returns

Thomas Gallatin

Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court chose to avoid weighing in on the highly contentious and politically charged fight over President Donald Trump’s tax returns, and instead opted to throw the case back down to the lower courts.

Writing the majority opinion in the 7-2 ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts argued that the president “is neither absolutely immune from state criminal subpoenas seeking his private papers nor entitled to a heightened standard of need,” and that state prosecutors will need to provide evidence of a “heightened need” in order to compel Trump to turn over his tax records.

Both sides sought to claim victory, with Trump counsel Jay Sekulow straining to put a positive spin on things. “We are pleased that in the decisions issued today, the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked both Congress and New York prosecutors from obtaining the President’s tax records. We will now proceed to raise the additional Constitutional and legal issues in the lower courts.”

The president, however, was clearly not happy. “PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT!” he tweeted. “The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this Presidency or Administration! Courts in the past have given ‘broad deference’. BUT NOT ME!”

In fact, the two dissenting justices were Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, with the latter agreeing with Trump that the Democrats’ demands for his tax records smacked of suspect and political motivations. “Legislative subpoenas for a President’s personal documents are inherently suspicious,” Alito opined, adding that such documents “are seldom of any specific value in considering potential legislation.”

Furthermore, Alito writes, “It is not enough to recite sayings like ‘no man is above the law’ and ‘the public has a right to every man’s evidence.’ These sayings are true — and important — but they beg the question. The law applies equally to all persons, including a person who happens for a period of time to occupy the Presidency. But there is no question that the nature of the office demands in some instances that the application of laws be adjusted at least until the person’s term in office ends. … A President is an easily identifiable target, and there are more than 2,300 local prosecutors and district attorneys in the country. Many local prosecutors are elected, and many prosecutors have ambitions for higher elected office.”

The biggest problem with these rulings is the precedent it sets. As The Wall Street Journal argues, “The real import of the rulings is that the Supreme Court has weakened the Presidency by opening the gates to harassment by Congress and especially local prosecutors.”

The good news for Trump is that this fight will remain tied up in the courts, thus preventing Democrats from getting their hands on his tax records until well after the election.

Finally, as our Mark Alexander contends, “We don’t need to see a tax return from a billionaire who became president and gives his salary away. We want to see the tax returns of Demo politicians who became millionaires.”

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Exposing the Leftist Myths About Race, Racism, and Justice

Mark Alexander

As an addendum to my column this week, “The Left’s Deadly Blame-Shifting Charade: ‘Racist Cops,’” what follows are two of the best current rebuttals to contemporary leftist assertions about racism. Both are compiled by Ben Shapiro and his team of researchers.

Regarding “Leftist Myths About Race and Racism In America,” Shapiro notes: “Racism is the greatest divide in American history. To deny the nasty history of racism in America would be foolish. From slavery to Jim Crow, black Americans were treated brutally, their opportunities withheld from them in immoral, evil, unconstitutional fashion. And racism isn’t restricted to black Americans, of course — Japanese Americans were interned during World War II, Chinese Americans were treated horrifically in the late 19th century, Jews were victims of discrimination.”

However, Shapiro adds: “But the Left suggests that because America has been replete with racism and bigotry historically, that means that racism pervades American society now. That’s not only untrue, it’s a cruel lie. Furthermore, we cannot acknowledge the racism that swamped America for two centuries without also acknowledging the central natural law principles that eventually led Americans to fight against that racism — that led hundreds of thousands of white Americans to die for the freedom of their black brothers in slavery, that led whites to march with blacks and legislate on behalf of blacks to end Jim Crow, that has created the most successful multiethnic democracy on the planet. Insulting our fellow Americans by calling them racists and blaming them for the problems of the past, or slurring America as a country with racism baked into our DNA, isn’t just counterproductive, it’s false.”

In short: “Myth: All white people are inherently beneficiaries of ‘white privilege.’ Fact: The Left’s ‘white privilege’ narrative is false, used to divide and silence, and promotes racist assumptions. … Myth: Social justice must be pursued. Fact: Social justice is injustice. … Myth: Talking incessantly about racism decreases racial inequality. Fact: Exaggerated focus on "institutional” racism exacerbates racial inequality. … Myth: ‘Diversity is our strength.’ Fact: Commonality of values is our strength. … Myth: Disproportionate minority poverty is a result of institutional racism. Fact: Poverty in America is chiefly a result of decision-making, particularly about marriage and education. … Myth: Government was required to end racial discrimination in private business. Fact: Government was required to enforce racial discrimination in private business. … Myth: Affirmative action benefits minorities. Fact: Affirmative action is racist and causes higher dropout rates and serious problems in hiring. … Myth: Minorities are turned down for loans at banks because of color. Fact: Banks turn down loans over financial factors.“

Regarding ”Leftist Myths About Criminal Justice,“ Shapiro notes: "In an effort to explain away continuing wealth and lifestyle differentials between racial groups, the Left has hit on a new narrative: the criminal justice system is to blame. The logic states that minority men are being rounded up for little reason by a white-run criminal justice system dedicated to the eradication of a burgeoning minority middle class. If it weren’t for the dastardly system, all would be well. As we will see, that’s simply not the case. Criminals are being arrested nearly universally because they are criminals. There is no widespread evidence of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. The best solution to criminal justice imbalances remains obeying the law and inculcating the value of doing so to children.”

In short: “Myth: The criminal justice system is racist. Fact: Individuals commit crimes, and criminals are not equally dispersed by race. … Myth: To stop crime, we need to stop ‘mass incarceration.’ Fact: To stop crime, we need to incarcerate criminals. … Myth: If you let criminals out of prison, they don’t go back to crime. Fact: A huge majority of criminals go back to crime once released. … Myth: A huge number of people in prison are there because of drug possession. Fact: Only a tiny portion of those in prison are there for drug possession. … Myth: More police officers endanger young minorities. Fact: More police officers protect young minorities. … Myth: ‘Stop and frisk’ is racist. Fact: ‘Stop and frisk’ statistically undertargets minorities, prevents crime and saves minority lives. … Myth: Police pull over black people for ‘driving while black.’ Fact: Police pull over people for speeding. … Myth: Unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood by a white cop while holding up his hands and saying, ‘Don’t shoot.’ Fact: Michael Brown strong-arm robbed a store and attacked a cop, who shot him in self-defense. [He did not hold his hands up and say, ‘Don’t shoot.’] … Myth: Trayvon Martin was shot by a racist white man for the crime of being black. Truth: Trayvon Martin was shot by a Hispanic man who was acquitted after witness testimony and physical evidence showed he likely shot Martin in self-defense.”

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Biden’s Immigration Plan: Reversal of Trump’s Accomplishments

Thomas Gallatin

This past Wednesday, Joe Biden released his “Unity Plan.” The joint collaboration effort with Bernie Sanders is a 110-page document that, for all intents and purposes, adopts Sanders’s socialism as Biden’s policy platform.

Of special import in this platform is Biden’s plan for addressing illegal immigration — or rather his plan to essentially make illegal immigration … legal. Right out of the gate, the plan pledges a 100-day moratorium on all deportations. Because, Biden claims, the “systemic racism” has infected “our immigration system, including the policies at our borders and ports of entry, detention centers and within immigration law enforcement agencies, policies and operations.”

During this initial moratorium, Biden would send out a cadre of overseers to observe Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to ensure that none of the “racial underpinnings” of Trump’s policies are followed.

Furthermore, The Washington Times reports, “The unity platform … would wipe clean every major immigration policy of the last three and a half years, replacing them with more legal immigration and eliminating the controls that have tamped down on illegal immigration.”

Biden would expand “sanctuary” locations and put greater limits on ICE to detain and deport illegals. In short, his plan amounts to the adoption of a radical open-borders policy that includes a “roadmap to citizenship” for 11 million illegal immigrants. While Biden’s plan would not abolish ICE, he would so fundamentally transform the agency that it might as well be considered abolished.

The plan also calls for employers to enforce immigration rules, while at the same time handicapping them from actually being able to enforce those rules. “Enforcement should sanction employers, not workers,” it reads. “End workplace raids and ensure that I-9 audits do not undermine workers’ ability to organize and assert their rights.”

Sanders praised the collaborative plan as “a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction and substantially improve the lives of working families throughout our country. While Joe Biden and I, and our supporters, have strong disagreements about some of the most important issues facing our country, we also understand that we must come together in order to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history.”

Finally, as Immigration Reform observes, “Biden’s unity plan is notably radical in the immigration sphere for a major presidential candidate. No serious presidential campaign has ever suggested the kind of sweeping reforms presented in this plan. If these ideas became law, they would represent the most sweeping change to the immigration system in our country since the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.”

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Do Some Black Lives Matter More Than Others?

Douglas Andrews

If you want to trigger the leftist legions, just mention black-on-black crime. To these mostly white, mostly middle-class social-justice vampires, the mere mention of the topic is a garlic-dipped cross.

CNN talkinghead Don Lemon is neither white nor middle class, of course, but he practically took to the fainting couch when actor and “America’s Got Talent” host Terry Crews raised the issue in a simple but powerful tweet: “#ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER 9 black CHILDREN killed by violence in Chicago since June 20, 2020.”

Those of you who’ve visited our Facebook page of late have probably noticed that we’ve also taken up this issue. It’s hard to ignore when one considers this cold, hard fact: There were some 7,300 black homicide victims in the U.S. last year, and of those, more than 90% were killed by other blacks. And yet the Black Lives Matter movement has been burning up cities and yanking down statues over two-tenths of one percent of that number — the 14 unarmed black men who were shot and killed by supposedly racist police in 2019.

The unwillingness of the Left to even discuss this issue is worse than cowardly — it’s deadly.

But back to the dust-up between Lemon and Crews. As columnist Ben Shapiro put it, “Lemon specifically objected to Crews’ hashtag. After Lemon humbly informed Crews that he has skin ‘as tough as an armadillo,’ he then lectured: ‘The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. … But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. It’s not … all-encompassing … The Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice in that matter, not about what’s happening in black neighborhoods.’”

But, as Shapiro rightly notes, the CNN anchor is mostly wrong. “The Black Lives Matter movement did indeed begin with protests about police brutality,” he writes, “but quickly morphed into broader debates over the validity of looting and rioting, tearing down historic statues, slavery reparations and defunding the police. And Black Lives Matter [also focuses on] police brutality, transgender rights, gay rights, disrupting the nuclear family and freeing Palestine, among other diverse topics.”

Terry Crews, then, is guilty of telling an inconvenient truth — a truth that the misguided Black Lives Matter movement would rather not contemplate.

Fortunately, Crews isn’t afraid to butt heads with the BLM movement. Last week, he tweeted out a message of both faith and colorblindness. “If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology,” he wrote. “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter.”

As you might imagine, the responses he got from the woke crowd aren’t worth reprinting.

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Cuomo Rewrites COVID-19 History

Brian Mark Weber

During times of crisis, it’s easy for politicians to shift blame. But the blame becomes criminal when thousands of citizens die from poor decision-making at the top.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to send several thousand coronavirus-infected patients into nursing homes this past March had deadly consequences. The initial order was “so flawed that it even blocked the facilities from asking if those being transferred had tested positive for the virus,” writes Michael Goodwin at the New York Post.

Goodwin adds, “Many if not most of the staffs in nursing homes had insufficient or inferior protective gear, which is almost certainly why many of the workers became infected.” Realizing he’d made a disastrous and deadly mistake, the governor and the state’s health commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, rescinded the order in May.

But the damage was done. More than 6,000 New Yorkers were dead.

Now, desperate to deflect attention away from his own culpability, Cuomo did what leftist politicians do these days to hide their own incompetence: He blamed President Trump.

According to Cuomo, the Trump administration and the Centers for Disease Control failed to discover that the virus was coming from Europe instead of China. Apparently, Cuomo wants us to believe that these travelers infected nursing home patients in New York.

Sure, that makes sense. Except it doesn’t. What it does is make Cuomo look cold and heartless. Even Politico concluded that Cuomo’s basis for blaming the president was “mostly false.”

And just when we thought Cuomo couldn’t stoop any lower, he did. He’s also blaming the families of the nursing-home patients and the nurses who cared for them.

All this emerged from an investigation that, unsurprisingly, absolves Cuomo and his administration from any wrongdoing. K. Walker and Jeff Dunetz write at lidblog.com that “Governor Cuomo’s internal investigation into what caused the deaths in nursing homes has found that his March edict to force nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients was not the cause of the 6,300 deaths.”

They add, “The Cuomo administration is now saying that asymptomatic healthcare workers are to blame.” Yet we still don’t have concrete evidence that asymptomatic carriers even spread the virus. Cuomo’s staff are simply trying to cover up the greatest tragedy to come out of the pandemic.

Cuomo has rejected his critics as conspiracy theorists and accused them of playing politics, but even the union representing nursing homes in New York has acknowledged serious flaws in the governor’s preparedness and response.

According to The Buffalo News, “George Gresham, president of 1199SEIU, which represents 40,000 nursing home staffers, said nursing home caregivers performed their tasks at physical and emotional cost and were often without adequate personal protective equipment and while being denied needed sick time.”

For now, Cuomo has paid no price for his lethal decision earlier this spring, although the Democrat-controlled legislature is considering hearings on the matter.

Let’s hope Governor Cuomo will ultimately be held accountable. It certainly won’t bring back those 6,000 souls, but history demands that we set the record straight.

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Are We ‘Fragile’ or Just Colorblind?

Michael Swartz

Two years ago, the nonfiction shelves had a bestseller by author Robin DiAngelo called White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. Generally, a popular nonfiction book will stay on the bestseller lists for a few weeks, but recent events have given DiAngelo’s book a second bite of the apple.

As described there, the book “Refer(s) to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially… White fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and by behaviors including argumentation and silence. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium and prevent any meaningful cross-racial dialogue.” More succinctly, according to Dr. Jesse Lile — who wrote on the book last year at The Federalist — DiAngelo’s diatribe is “an inherently racist concept.”

Lile pointed out that the definition of white fragility — a term DiAngelo coined back in 2011 in the widely read International Journal of Critical Pedagogy — presents an automatic contradiction in terms: “According to [DiAngelo’s] definition, if a white person voices any disagreement, such disagreement may be categorized as argumentation (which is assumed to be fueled by anger, fear, guilt). Therefore it is one’s white fragility that causes him or her to disagree.”

“On the other hand,” Lile continues, “if a white person disagrees but doesn’t voice it (because he or she knows it will only draw such criticism and censorship), he or she remains silent or chooses to exit the conversation, and this too is due to white fragility. This means that whatever one does, he is termed fragile unless, of course, that individual agrees openly and submits to the label.”

And yet DiAngelo managed to create a 169-page bestselling book out of that one-note samba. Go figure.

It’s in that vein that we as a society can’t progress beyond the argument that, despite the fact that one is a subset of the other, it is only acceptable to proclaim “Black Lives Matter,” never that all lives matter.

While Dr. Lile can be dismissed as right-leaning (and therefore automatically racist), DiAngelo’s conundrum is receiving criticism from the Left as well. In a surprisingly critical look at the book (surprising since it was published in The Washington Post), reviewer Carlos Lozada noted, “Even as it introduces a memorable concept, ‘White Fragility’ presents oversimplified arguments that are self-fulfilling, even self-serving. The book flattens people of any ancestry into two-dimensional beings fitting predetermined narratives. And reading DiAngelo offers little insight into how a national reckoning such as the one we’re experiencing today could have come about. In a ‘White Fragility’ world, nothing ever changes, because change would violate its premise.”

Longtime leftist scribe Matt Taibbi was even more acidic, asking “Have the people hyping this impressively crazy book actually read it?” Then he drops the gloves: “DiAngelo’s writing style is pure pain. The lexicon favored by intersectional theorists of this type is built around the same principles as Orwell’s Newspeak: it banishes ambiguity, nuance, and feeling and structures itself around sterile word pairs, like racist and antiracist, platform and deplatform, center and silence, that reduce all thinking to a series of binary choices. Ironically, Donald Trump does something similar, only with words like ‘AMAZING!’ and ‘SAD!’ that are simultaneously more childish and livelier.”

In the end, though, the biggest problem with DiAngelo’s book is the premise that all who are white are guilty and must prove their innocence, which is impossible because they’ve never experienced being the innocent black person. Put another way, DiAngelo’s theory has no falsifiability. So much for Martin Luther King’s ideal of judging on character instead of skin color.

Sadly, we live in a time when Robin DiAngelo’s book is flying off the shelves, and demand for her services (which don’t come cheap — DiAngelo recently charged the University of Kentucky $12,000 for two hours of her seminar time) is at its peak. She may be laughing all the way to the bank, but we are all poorer for the Left having lent credibility to this rubbish.

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Unconditional Surrender!

Roger Helle

At the end of both world wars, German military leaders reached out to the Allied forces to discuss terms of surrender. The terms were simple: unconditional surrender; no terms, no negotiating. Lay down your arms and stop fighting. The same terms were offered to the Japanese when they wanted to negotiate after the second atomic bomb.

Conservatives and Christians are in the midst of a war with the Left that has been raging for decades. We didn’t ask for it, but we have it. How will we conduct the war? That seems to be the unknown factor here. When COVID-19 came to our shores, the Left was blessed by good fortune — namely, the near-total shutdown of the American economy. Millions of us were now out of work, and leftists couldn’t believe how quickly we complied with their unconstitutional demands.

The Left was also given a gift when a Minneapolis police officer kept his knee on the neck of George Floyd until he died. Now the “woke” culture reveals its true colors by pursuing the total destruction of our country. Our culture, our history, and our safety are all under assault.

Leftists demand that we tear down every statue, even the ones honoring those who fought against slavery. Virginia Senator and former Hillary Clinton VP pick Tim Kaine actually stood on the floor of the Senate and declared, “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.” Where do we find such people? I’m guessing history wasn’t his strong subject.

Black Lives Matter leaders openly admit they are trained Marxists. They tell us plainly that if they don’t get what they want, they will burn the system down. We’re left to ponder the meaning of that threat — whether it was hypothetical or literal. Based on the destruction inflicted upon the nation so far, I’m guessing they mean it literally. Antifa? Well, what can we say about them? They are anarchists, and they will be at it as long as George Soros continues to fund them.

In less than four months, we will be voting for what type of future we are going to have. You might not like Trump because he sends out mean tweets, and I too wish the president would quit shooting himself in the foot. But the alternative this time is much more dangerous than when Hillary was the candidate.

We’re promised higher taxes and the defunding of police and ICE. Open the borders, give healthcare to illegal immigrants, and allow abortion right up to and just after birth. Top Democrat leaders have said there’s no room in their party for pro-life Democrats. Senator Bernie Sanders is on record saying those with strong Christian values and faith are not fit to serve as judges.

I’ll bet you think I’m overstating the problem. In New York and California, criminals have been released back onto the streets only to commit more crimes. Did you know that some Democrat-run states now have laws whereby if a thief steals only so much of your business goods — say, less than $900 worth — they won’t be charged? I didn’t think so.

In past elections, the candidates on the Left told us who they were, but we didn’t listen. Christians stayed home, and now our freedoms are on the line. Don’t think for a minute that if the Left wins, it will place judges on the Supreme Court who will protect your free speech, your Second Amendment rights, or your religious freedom.

Something to think about?

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • “Washington, D.C. federal District Judge Emmett Sullivan is refusing to dismiss the criminal case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and is now arguing that the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals erred when it ordered him to do so last month in a 2-1 ruling,” Fox News reports. “Sullivan, through his attorney Beth Wilkinson, filed a petition on Thursday for a so-called ‘en banc’ review by the entire D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing that the three-judge panel was improperly trying to force the district court ‘to grant a motion [to dismiss] it had not yet resolved … in reliance on arguments never presented to the district court.’” In addition to deep-staters James Comey and John Brennan, maybe it’s time to indict Judge Sullivan as well.

  • Yesterday, “The Supreme Court ruled that a huge swath of the state of Oklahoma is Native American land for certain purposes, siding with a Creek Nation man who challenged his conviction by state authorities in the territory,” according to CNBC, which goes on to explain: “The decision means that only federal authorities, no longer state prosecutors, can lodge charges against Native Americans who commit serious alleged crimes on that land, which is home to 1.8 million people. Of those people, 15% or fewer are Native Americans.” Writing in The Federalist, Jonah Gottschalk says, “The implications are immense, and only beginning to be understood.” He adds, “This case appears to establish that the state of Oklahoma does not have the right to convict American Indians within the 19-million-acre zone.” Moreover, “Hundreds of felons with tribal membership are currently imprisoned and their convictions will now be in doubt. This uncertainty was placed in the forefront of Chief Justice John Roberts’ dissent.”

Government & Politics

  • Anti-Rule of Law protagonist Nancy Pelosi shrugs off mob destruction in Baltimore: “People will do what they do” (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Joe Biden maneuvers to steal Trump’s thunder with economic nationalism plan (NPR)

  • Congress wants to narrow future aid after big businesses raked in millions in the first round (Washington Examiner)

  • It may take weeks to know the presidential election winner (Washington Examiner)

  • MSNBC appoints radical leftist Joy Reid as Chris Matthews’s replacement (Time)

National Security

  • U.S. Treasury sanctions Chinese entities, officials using Magnitsky Human Rights Act (The National Pulse)

  • China vows to retaliate against U.S. sanctions (CNBC)

  • Army investigates handout suggesting Trump campaign slogan constitutes “covert white supremacy” (Military Times)

  • Arrests along Mexico border jumped 40% last month (The Washington Post)

  • Billions of passwords now available on underground forums (ZDNet)


  • Nashville schools to start academic year remotely for all students (Tennessean)

  • Parents struggle with the possibility of online classes this fall (Washington Examiner)

  • Good reasons exist to reopen schools, Dr. Anthony Fauci says (The Daily Signal)


  • Gilead says remdesivir coronavirus treatment reduces risk of death (CNBC)

  • Plasma therapy successes stoke high hopes (Washington Examiner)

  • Wearing a mask cuts own risk of novel coronavirus by 65%, research shows (Fox News)

  • Despite the recent coronavirus surge in southern states, three states — New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts — account for about 42 percent of COVID-19 deaths in America. Why? (Foundation for Economic Education)

  • Half of Americans have used telehealth services during pandemic (UPI)

Business & Economy

  • Jobless claims at better-than-expected 1.3 million, total getting benefits falls to 18 million (CNBC)

  • Pandemic accelerates the death of malls (Washington Examiner)

  • Big Ten moving to conference-only model for all sports this fall (ESPN)

  • Madison Avenue business sues Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio for riots, estimates $100 million in damages (PJ Media)

Culture & Heartland

  • NYC Black Lives Matter marches can continue despite large-event ban, Bill de Blasio says (Fox News)

  • “Who the hell wants to stay on this job?” NYPD retirement filings surge by 400%, forcing department to limit applications (Washington Examiner)

  • Despicable vandals cut down 9/11 Memorial flagpole in New York village (Fox News)

  • Tennessee’s State Capitol Commission approves moving Nathan Bedford Forrest bust to Tennessee State Museum (Tennessean)

  • DC Council votes to end police involvement in public-school security (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • DC mayor: Police budget cuts make the district “less safe” (CNS News)

  • Penn State deletes what snowflakes call “disgusting” tweet affirming conservative students (Campus Reform)


  • Seoul mayor who was suspected of sexual harassment found dead after massive search (Time)

  • The Internet is changing drastically and dreadfully for Hong Kong’s citizens (MIT Technology Review)

  • Australia ends Hong Kong extradition treaty, extends visas (AP)

Other Notables

  • Tropical Storm Fay bears down on mid-Atlantic, New England (Fox News)

  • Concealed carrier stops man who was strangling a woman in a Tennessee restaurant parking lot (The Truth About Guns)

  • Joe Biden supports two regulations that would destroy entire industries (Foundation for Economic Education)

  • Thousands of North Carolina voters double-voted, watchdog group finds (The Daily Signal)

  • After Trump took office, judicial-nominee obstruction skyrocketed from 3% to 75% (The Federalist)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: After the U.S. leaves the WHO, should the UN be next? (Issues & Insights)

  • Policy: Mines, minerals, and “green” energy: A reality check (Manhattan Institute)

  • Satire: Liberals worried that without cancel culture they’d actually have to defend their ideas (The Babylon Bee)

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Insight: "A sure sign of a genius is that all of the dunces are in a confederacy against him.” —Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Upright: “It’s quite clear that there are larger forces at work here. Those committed to the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America into a Marxist-socialist state think that this is their moment; that they can hide behind a grassroots groundswell of support for African Americans’ calls for fairness, justice and equal access to the economic liberties the United States has to offer. Marxism has failed everywhere. We need to defeat this noxious ideology once and for all. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by the ‘little crimes’ and utterly overlook the larger movement afoot that threatens all Americans’ liberty and prosperity.” —Laura Hollis

Nailed it: “The USA ENDED slavery, ended race-based civil rights violations, elected a Black President TWICE, and made our highest paid athletes, musicians, celebrities and cultural ambassadors black Americans. If we’re a ‘racist’ nation… we suck at it.” —Steven Crowder

For the record: “I oppose that sign out there. The Black Lives Matter organization does not care about all black lives. They don’t care about police officers who are killed. They don’t care about black-on-black crime at all. They don’t care about school choice. It is a very extreme organization that really only cares if a police officer is involved in a killing. … A lot of black Americans such as myself will be voting for Donald Trump this year because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by black lives.” —civil-rights attorney Leo Terrell

Friendly fire: “The Council also proposes to reduce nearly $10 million [update: $15 million] from the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) budget. This reduction would result in a level of sworn officers that has not been seen in DC since the 1990s, with seemingly no analysis on the impact this cut would have on the deployment of officers, officer response times to calls for service, and on community and neighborhood safety.” —Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser

Braying jenny: “People will do what they do.” —Nancy Pelosi basically condoning statue-destroying mobs

Braying jackass: “If you look at the gun laws that are on the books — and the gun laws that should be on the books and aren’t in this country — in some ways we have tacitly accepted this historic, tragic level of gun violence in America that continues to rise. We saw that just over the weekend in many American cities. It’s that same kind of death-cult mentality that asks us to accept one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID cases — one quarter, 25 percent, of the world’s COVID deaths — though we represent only 4 percent of the globe’s population.” —Beto O'Rourke

Non compos mentis: “Jesus Christ … admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this earth.” —CNN’s Don Lemon

Picking up where Obama left off: “We’re going to have a breathtaking opportunity to create good-paying union jobs, to deliver the promise of America to Americans who have been denied it for much too long, to rewrite our economy so that prosperity flows not just to CEOs but to workers who actually build the country.” —Joe Biden

Grand delusions: “The term ‘cancel culture’ comes from entitlement — as though the person complaining has the right to a large, captive audience, & one is a victim if people choose to tune them out. Odds are you’re not actually cancelled, you’re just being challenged, held accountable, or unliked.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And last… “The Left controls every major institution in America: mainstream media, the academy, administrative government, Hollywood, Big Tech, etc. So if ‘institutional racism’ really did exist, whose fault would that be?” —Michael Knowles

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