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Jul. 20, 2020


“The foundation on which all [constitutions] are built is the natural equality of man, the denial of every preeminence but that annexed to legal office, and particularly the denial of a preeminence by birth.” —Thomas Jefferson (1784)

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John Lewis’s Mixed Legacy

Thomas Gallatin

History is replete with stories of individuals who started out well but finished poorly. No one is entirely right or entirely wrong, but rather is a mix of both. Georgia Democrat Congressman John Lewis, who died Friday at the age of 80 after a bout with pancreatic cancer, was a man who arguably typified both of these realities.

Lewis is rightly regarded as an icon of the civil rights movement. He worked with Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight to end the injustice of racial segregation and discrimination in the U.S. Lewis stood with King in their unwavering activism to bring about racial equality through nonviolent means, even after Lewis suffered a fractured skull from being hit by police during the famous 1965 march in Selma, Alabama. To his great credit, Lewis never deviated from his belief in peacefully advocating for change and justice.

In 1986, Lewis won a congressional seat representing Georgia’s fifth district, a seat he would hold until his death. It was during his 33 years in Congress, however, that Lewis’s record as a staunch advocate for civil rights took some significant hits, most notably regarding the Second Amendment.

Recall back in 2016, in a stunt aimed at replicating the 1960s civil rights advocacy, Lewis joined his fellow House Democrats in a staged sit-in on the floor of Congress as they demanded a vote to pass new “gun control” measures. Nate Jackson noted the irony of a civil rights icon standing — or rather sitting — against civil rights: “Gun control began in the 1800s as a racist method of keeping guns out of the hands of blacks. You might even say those blacks were on government lists meant to deny their rights. Who else was on an FBI watch list? A gun-owning Martin Luther King Jr. Yet now a man who claims King’s legacy, and declares on his website that he is ‘one of the most courageous persons the Civil Rights Movement ever produced,’ is using old methods to deny civil rights.”

Furthermore, as is all too common with members of Congress, the longer they reside in DC, the more Potomac water molds them into out-of-touch elitists who allow Washington concerns to trump their constituents back home, and Lewis was no exception. This reality was made patently clear with the Democrats’ politically orchestrated stunt to further the fallacious narrative of President Donald Trump being a racist. Lewis teamed up with fellow Representative Bennie Thompson in late 2017 to castigate Trump over his plan to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. “I think [Trump’s] presence would make a mockery of everything that people tried to do to redeem the soul of America and to make this country better,” Lewis blasted.

It’s unfortunate that Lewis came to personify the Democrats’ turn from the colorblind and character-focused ideals of MLK to the color-obsessed race-baiting cadres of radical leftists that they are today. They killed MLK’s dream, and Lewis helped.

Fortunately for Lewis, most tributes will remember him more for how he started than how he finished, though we view it as more of a cautionary tale.

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The President Takes All Comers

Douglas Andrews

Say this about President Donald Trump: He’s not cowering in his basement, forbidden by his handlers from sitting down mano a mano with a tough journalist.

His opponent certainly is, though. And one wonders how long it’ll be before the voting public realizes they’re being played. The man who might be our next president is trying to run out the clock — and the mainstream media is aiding and abetting him.

This weekend, the current president sat down with Fox News’s Chris Wallace for a 40-minute interview. Much of it was predictable: tough questions from Wallace followed by forceful and unapologetic answers from the president. But Wallace let the media mask slip for a moment when the topic turned to law and order, and it reminded us that Trump is not only taking on Joe Biden but the Fourth Estate as well.

As the Washington Examiner reports, “If there was any doubt left that it would be completely suicidal for President Trump to agree to a general election debate with live ‘fact-checking,’ as some dim liberals have proposed, his interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace just removed it.”

Whether it’d be suicidal remains to be seen, but many folks underestimate the deep and lasting damage Trump has done to the media’s credibility in the past three years with the repeated utterance of just two simple words: fake news.

During the interview, Wallace asked Trump about the racial unrest and the spike in violent crime in our nation’s major urban areas, and the president correctly noted that those areas are, in every case, run by Democrats — and have been for decades. “They’ve run them poorly,” said the president. “It was always bad, but now it’s gotten totally out of control, and it’s really because they want to defund the police, and [Joe] Biden wants to defund the police.”

To which Wallace reflexively interrupted, “No, he — sir, he does not.”

But Wallace is wrong, and demonstrably so — as are all of his colleagues who likewise tried to cover for Biden’s stated position on police funding. How so? “In a very recent interview,” the Examiner reports, Biden was asked whether he agreed that “we can redirect some of the funding [to police departments].” To which he replied, “Yes, absolutely!”

Can we all agree that to redirect funding away from one thing and toward another thing is to at least partially defund the former thing? If we can agree on this straightforward interpretation of the English language, then we can also agree that Chris Wallace is carrying Joe Biden’s water.

Regardless of this semantic dispute, though, there’s a voice that speaks much more loudly on this issue than either the president or Wallace: that of the National Association of Police Organizations. As The Hill reports, the organization, “which represents more than 1,000 police units and associations across the country, announced Wednesday it is endorsing President Trump in his reelection bid.”

Remember: This is an organization that endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket in 2008 and again in 2012.

So what changed? Well, Biden and the Democrats changed. “Our endorsement recognizes [President Trump’s] steadfast and very public support for our men and women on the front lines,” said the NAPO’s public letter, “especially during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many.”

Between now and Election Day, look for Trump to draw a clear distinction between himself and his opponent: he as the “law and order” president, and his opponent as the enabler of rioters and statue-topplers.

For patriotic Americans, the choice couldn’t be more clear.

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The Left Is Invested in Failure

Robin Smith

Americans are getting a trial run of socialism right now.

Businesses have been told whether they can or cannot open and at what capacity they may operate by governments. Trillions of dollars have been spent, put into the hands of workers, business owners, and those who fell victim to the destruction of jobs from the COVID-19 shutdowns. With enhanced unemployment, the Paycheck Protection Program, and other “pandemic supplements,” the reality is setting in.

When capitalism is shelved and state-run economies prevail, Americans don’t thrive and businesses close — permanently.

Bankruptcies are up to the same level of the 2008 financial crisis, with almost 3,500 in Chapter 11 protection already this year. Worse, there are almost certainly more to come, especially if leftists achieve their desired second shutdown.

A survey published by the National Federation of Independent Businesses reveals that 46% of small businesses that received government assistance anticipate a continued need over the next year in the current environment of uncertainty. Restaurants and small businesses are particularly impacted with not only forced shutdowns and slow reopenings but with a reduced capacity despite much of the overhead and expenses remaining fixed. These statistics and trials will only grow and worsen with a deliberately socialist agenda, global pandemic or not.

Our small foray into socialism is exactly what Marxist Democrats want for our nation. They understand that this election cycle is about capturing power to make policies, controlling the very principles that govern our key institutions, education, the family, entertainment, mass media, and the various sectors of our economy. The current crises are serving as a springboard for what could, with a Democrat-led government, become the fulfillment of their desires — the death of capitalism entirely.

The socialist Left would have Americans choose between Liberty and safety — the ability to earn a living and dependence. Patriots are being asked to sacrifice life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness along with private property and wealth.

As November approaches, observe the contrast between those invested in dread, dismay, and destruction and those encouraging renewal, rebuilding, and results. Democrats are invested in failure, economic collapse, and government dependence. Republicans aim to quickly return to the economic expansion that marked the three years preceding COVID-19. What will voters choose?

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Democrats: Make Illegal Immigration Great Again

Arnold Ahlert

The United States Department of Labor revealed last Thursday that more than 1.3 million Americans filed initial unemployment claims the previous week, marking the 17th consecutive week such claims have topped one million. Since the pandemic began, approximately 51 million people have filed for unemployment benefits. One might think such numbers would engender an all-hands-on-deck response to help those Americans. Unfortunately, one would be totally wrong as far as Democrats are concerned. The party that has long prioritized the needs of immigrants, refugees, and “migrants” remains wedded to that agenda — this time on steroids.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden leads the way, and the recently released Biden-Sanders unity policy recommendations are indicative. They promise Democrats will “rescind President Trump’s fabricated ‘National Emergency’” that allocated $3.6 billion from military construction projects toward the construction of the wall on our Southwest border. Democrats will put an end to building the wall because it is “unnecessary.”

The Biden-Sanders plan also embraces catch-and-release for illegals, promoting such efforts as “community-based alternatives to detention.” That even The Washington Post admits 44% of illegals never show up for their immigration court appointment — the same courts it characterizes as “under a mountain of backlogged cases” because “hundreds of thousands of Central Americans continue to arrive at the border each year”? That the same plan would further enhance catch-and-release by rescinding the Trump administration’s Supreme Court-approved Migrant Protection Protocols that required some asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims were being processed? That the plan would expand ObamaCare to cover DACA illegal aliens? That all of these efforts incentivize illegal immigration and would undoubtedly swell the ranks of what might be as many as 22 million illegals already here?

The real agenda is laid bare, with the plan stating, “Democrats believe it is long past time to provide a roadmap to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers.”

Not undocumented workers. Illegal aliens. Illegal aliens Democrats are more than willing to exploit in their pursuit of unassailable power, even when that pursuit hurts millions of Americans forced to compete with illegals for jobs. Jobs that have become exponentially harder to secure during the pandemic.

And just like Democrat politicians who sit idly by while their cities are looted and burned by “protesters,” party leaders wish to reward the wholesale lawbreaking that mass amnesty represents. Biden himself will also sit idly by, as the plan promises to halt all deportations during his first 100 days in office. And while such a halt is occurring, Democrats intend to reward employers who hire illegal aliens. The plan promises to “end workplace and community raids.”

Merit-based immigration is also on the chopping block as the plan promises to “immediately halt enforcement of and rescind the Trump Administration’s un-American immigrant wealth test.” Wealth test is Demo-speak for self sufficiency — as in the party has no problem whatsoever with immigrants coming to America and immediately accessing our welfare state. Moreover, Democrats also remain committed to chain migration policies that vastly expand the number of family members who can come here.

That chain migration has quadrupled the 250,000 immigrants coming to America per year in the 1950s and 1960s to more than one million annually since 1990? The more the merrier, self-sufficient or not, and the millions of Americans forced to deal with the consequences — even when their own backs are against the wall — be damned.

Refugees are part of the agenda as well. The Biden-Sanders plans would raise the current cap from the 18,000 that Trump approved for fiscal 2020 to a whopping 125,000 per year.

When one looks at those who lead Biden’s immigration task force, such policies should come as no surprise. One member is Javier Valdes, an executive director of Make the Road, an open-borders group that supports abolishing ICE — and letting illegal aliens vote in state elections. Another is Marisa Franco, who ran the organization Not1More Deportation. It advocated a complete moratorium on deportations, and it currently wants to abolish ICE. The immigration task force’s cochair is Marielena Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, which also champions amnesty. It is partially funded by open-borders champion George Soros.

House Democrats are also hard at work promoting the causes of immigrants, even as the pandemic rages and Congress is forced to consider another round of relief checks necessitated by the lockdowns and wholly arbitrary definitions of what constitutes an “essential job.” Thus, the party is demanding another round of funding cuts for ICE, while aiming to undo key Trump policies that helped mitigate last year’s border surge. In short, the aforementioned new standards for asylum-seekers and deals made with Mexico and Central American nations that slowed down the massive flow of people toward our border are on the chopping block.

North Carolina Democrat Congressman David Price insisted such efforts were necessary to push back on the administration’s “cruel and arbitrary immigration policies.” He added, “We haven’t seen anything like this before.”

Oh yes we have. When the initial $3 trillion coronavirus relief package was being negotiated, Democrats demanded job protections for “essential” illegal-alien workers and the employers that hire them. They also insisted that the next round of stimulus checks should include those who file taxes via an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) rather than just a Social Security number, because that would enable illegal aliens excluded from round one to receive one in the second round.

How any of this helps Americans, who are enduring one of the most trying times in our nation’s history, is anyone’s guess. But as one of the final provisions in the plan reveals, to question Democrat motives is to embrace “systemic racism.” It states, “Democrats believe that our fight to end systemic racism in our country extends to our immigration system, including the policies at our borders and ports of entry, detention centers, and within immigration law enforcement agencies and their policies and operations.”

“These proposals would break the back of American workers and reduce much of the population to welfare status,” warns columnist Daniel Greenfield. “They represent the worst attack on the American working class in history.”

No one should surprised. A Democrat Party intent on ruling this nation by any means necessary — even if doing so requires America’s descent into Third World status — couldn’t care less.

If it takes a few million broken American “eggs” to make their socialist/Marxist, open-border, globalist omelet, so be it.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Presidential Polling

Douglas Andrews

If your instincts of late have told you not to trust all these polls showing President Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden by double digits, then you have good instincts. After all, we’ve seen this movie before.

Democrats and the Trump-deranged media (but we repeat ourselves) want you to believe that the president is trailing badly. They want you to be deeply discouraged and to spread that discouragement like a virus among other Trump supporters — just like they wanted you to do four years ago, when Hillary Clinton enjoyed the same “commanding” lead that Biden now holds.

We call this phenomenon “pollaganda,” and our Mark Alexander has been writing about it for years. Back then, Alexander noted that most political polling is “outcome based” — meaning it’s done to achieve a desired result, whether the passage of a leftist policy or the election of a leftist candidate.

“Most polls reflect intentional propagation of a particular bias by Leftmedia television and print outlets to manipulate public opinion,” Alexander wrote in 2006. “They accomplish this by first saturating viewers with ‘reporting’ that reflects a particular bias. After a thorough indoctrination, the media outlets then conduct ‘opinion polls’ which, of course, reflect that indoctrination.”

Next comes the “bandwagon” effect, in which those without a strong ideological core tend to want to be on the “right side” of an issue or an election — that is, the side where the majority is.

Pollaganda didn’t work in 2016, though media activists are trying again — with feeling — in 2020. This is not to say that Trump isn’t trailing Biden, only that the margin is much tighter than we’re being led to believe.

Last week, for example, USA Today was downright giddy in reporting the results of the latest Quinnipiac poll, which showed Biden leading the president by a whopping 52-37. Fifteen points? Please.

“Yes, there’s still 16 weeks until Election Day,” trumpeted Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy, “but this is a very unpleasant real-time look at what the future could be for President Trump. There is no upside, no silver lining, no encouraging trend hidden somewhere in this survey for the president.”

Former Bill Clinton pollster Dick Morris, for one, begs to differ. In fact, he sees three significant problems with the Quinnipiac poll and others like it — problems that should cause the rest of us to dismiss gaudy margins out of hand.

As Morris notes, party identification across the U.S. is roughly 31-32% Democrat and 28-29% Republican, but Quinnipiac’s polling sample — 24% Republican and 34% Democrat — was off by 8-10 points. Second, Quinnipiac is polling registered voters instead of likely voters — even though likely voters are, yes, more likely to vote and to favor Republicans over Democrats. Finally, as George W. Bush proved in 2000 and Trump proved again in 2016, a candidate doesn’t need to win the national popular vote to win the presidency. (Recall that Clinton took 48.2% of the vote to Trump’s 46.1%, and she won the popular vote by nearly three million votes. And yet Trump won the Electoral College 304-227.)

A better survey — both because of its methodology and because of the superior track record of the pollster — was released last week by Rasmussen: “President Trump has jumped back into the race and now trails Joe Biden by just three points … [with the] likely Democratic presidential nominee earning 47% support among likely U.S. voters to Trump’s 44%. Five percent (5%) prefer some other candidate. Four percent (4%) are undecided.”

In short, this isn’t a 15-point race. Not even close.

But regardless of whether the polling we see between now and Election Day is accidentally unsound or deliberately so, just remember: They’re trying to depress you and shake your confidence in President Trump. Don’t let them get away with it.

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WaPo Blames Spiking Violence on Racist Gun Buyers

Thomas Gallatin

In a blatantly politically motivated story, The Washington Post blamed the recent rise in violent crime in many of America’s large (and Democrat-run) cities not on anti-police protests and riots but on “excess” guns and the phony concept of “gun violence.”

The blame-shifting piece was titled, “Spike in violent crime follows rise in gun-buying amid social upheaval,” and the Post sought to blame Americans buying guns for rising violence, not Democrats and Black Lives Matter’s widespread call for defunding the police — or, you know, actual rioters and general thugs. This article is a textbook example of attempting to pass off correlation as causation. The Post fails to provide any data supporting the notion that the sudden rise in violent crime is due to law-abiding citizens who legally purchased their firearms suddenly electing to engage in violence. That’s because they don’t.

What the Post cites is a dubious study by the anti-gun organization Gun Violence Archive. It asserts: “The risks of increased firearm availability are likely compounded by the myriad effects of the coronavirus pandemic, including widespread increases in anxiety, fear, grief, economic strain, disruptions to daily routines, and racial and economic inequities.” Furthermore, the Post attempts to minimize BLM’s calls for defunding the police as essentially an insignificant factor for the increase in gun sales, suggesting instead that “the spike is driven by racist beliefs and attitudes among white Americans.”

Those doggone “bitter clingers” and “deplorables.”

No, the reason Americans are buying firearms at a higher rate is that a growing number are realizing the reasoning and wisdom behind the Second Amendment, especially during times of social unrest. When Americans hear the Marxist rhetoric espoused by BLM and other leftist groups being widely touted by the mainstream media, politicians, and big business, and when Americans see the Left’s “cancel culture” mob taking out individuals for daring to express opposing opinions, they very reasonably infer that it would be wise to prepare for the worst. Perhaps ironically, this anti-gun hit piece by the Post only further validates those concerns.

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Socialism: The Way It Was — And Never Should Be Again

B.B. Bell

As a young Army lieutenant, I looked at the East German and Russian soldiers through my binoculars and quickly figured out they were not 10 feet tall as I had learned through the American press as a college kid. Indeed, they were hardly as tall as I was; most were shorter. They appeared to be a bleak lot. As I “glassed” the town they occupied up against the East-West German border, the whole place looked sad, uninviting, and lackluster. The soldiers had guns, so indeed they were the enemy, but they sure didn’t look motivated. I remember very clearly that my first thought was, “This communist and socialist stuff is not all it’s cracked up to be. We can beat these guys.”

Twenty-plus years later as an Army colonel and right after the fall of the “Iron Curtain” — the reunification of Germany and liberation of Eastern Bloc countries — I visited that very village and some larger formerly East German towns and cities nearby. The communists had just departed. The drab of 20 years earlier had given way to disrepair and the citizens seemed numb. Yet in talking with them they displayed hope that the new democratic and free society of Germany into which they had just reunited would somehow give them renewed opportunity and turn around a dispirited communist existence. Every one of them had a glint in their eyes that spoke of a yearning for freedom and future opportunity.

Now retired from the Army after a 39-year career of helping defend my nation from, among other challenges, the false hope and promises of communism and socialism, I am near tears as I watch the proven failed socialist dogma infiltrate America and dominate the thoughts of many of our citizens. Democrats have turned into progressives who are increasingly turning into full-blown state-sponsored Marxist socialists. They believe that the promise of a utopian collective rule will provide America with a quality of life and happiness that is otherwise unachievable in Western democratic and capitalist countries. They’ve been taught this false promise in school.

Well, I’ve seen socialism up close around the globe, and here’s what I know to be true:

Socialism destroys the individual work ethic, dispirits the human dimension, and kills innovation — always. Under socialism, human productivity plummets and the state is faced with distributing fewer and fewer resources until the pie is too small to sustain the population, much less motivate it to achieve.

Socialism terminates and destroys, by design, all belief in any sort of supernatural God-like Heavenly entity in deference to the supremacy of the state. For Christians like myself, that means for Marxist socialism to succeed, Jesus Christ must be stricken from public belief and discourse. In all fully socialist states, Jesus Christ and God our Father are among the first enemies of the state and thus become brutalized victims of the state’s control apparatus.

Finally, socialism requires the destruction of the nuclear family. Indeed, it sees the family as a competitor that must be terminated. After all, the state assumes responsibility for all citizens’ health and welfare and thus any pushback or desired redirection by the family is fair game for the state’s wrath. That yields collective work groups and youth educational camps, etc.

So, if you’re interested in a socialist United States, then be ready for a dismal and marginally productive work environment, a state cap on your ability to achieve, worshiping at the altar of the state instead of God, and having the state tell you explicitly how to raise, educate, and discipline your family and children. Be ready to have your family separated to venture forth to collective state-run work groups. My sense is that we are near a tipping point of no return toward a society buying into the utopian dream and the follow-on guaranteed broken promises of a socialist/Marxist state. Buy into socialism if you will, but you’ll condemn our next generations to a Venezuelan-like existence — guaranteed.

On the other hand, if you, like me, cherish individual freedom, economic opportunity, the guarantees of our Bill of Rights, being the master of your own destiny, having the freedom to worship the God of your choice, and loving the age-old concept of a values-driven nuclear family, then it’s time for you — indeed all of us — to stand up and fight for America!

Don’t surrender to the false promises of a utopian socialist state. Fight right now for the same dream our Founders fought for and won — freedom, democracy, liberty, private-property ownership, and the right to dream amazing yet achievable dreams in an environment where you set your own course with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. That’s the America I fought for!

(B.B. Bell, General, USA, Ret., is a member of The Patriot Post National Advisory Committee.)

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • “A federal judge on Friday ordered the government to revive the DACA program as it existed before President Trump tried to phase it out in 2017, which means opening it up to brand new applications,” The Washington Times reports. “That’s a key issue that had remained in limbo after last month’s Supreme Court ruling, which found the Trump phaseout cut too many corners. … [The order] also renews an indirect pathway to citizenship, known as Advance Parole, that some DACA applicants had used to gain green cards.” However, the Times adds, “President Trump has hinted he will attempt another phaseout of DACA, this time following all the procedures the courts said he skipped last time. But he has also sent other signals, including a confusion claim that he will sign something granting DACA recipients a direct pathway to citizenship.” Stay tuned.

  • The Federalist’s Tristan Justice writes: “Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee released new documents Friday further undercutting the ‘reliability’ of the already discredited Democrat-funded Chrstopher Steele dossier and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) warrants that were approved by deep-state operatives conducting illegal surveillance against officials working for the Trump campaign. The pair of documents reveal more evidence that the FBI was aware of the dossier’s credibility issues in early 2017 yet proceeded with its unlawful surveillance anyway under the authority of warrants that the FISA court ruled illegitimate earlier this year.” Read all about this witch-hunt chicanery.

Government & Politics

  • I’m the boss: AOC-backed Jamaal Bowman defeats powerful Democrat Rep. Eliot Engel in New York primary (Fox News)

  • “I am tolerating chemotherapy well”: 87-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg battling cancer again (USA Today)

  • Lawmakers are far apart on a new coronavirus relief bill. The sticking points are direct payments, liability reform, aid for state and local governments, school reopenings, and small-business relief. (NPR)

  • Trump expediently demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed (The Washington Post)

  • Civil rights pioneer and Atlanta congressman John Lewis dies of pancreatic cancer (Reuters)

National Security

  • Pentagon bans Confederate flag in a sly way to avoid Trump’s wrath (AP)

  • Iran executes man convicted of giving information about terrorist Qassem Soleimani to the U.S. (Time)

  • China expands its amphibious forces in challenge to U.S. supremacy beyond Asia (Reuters)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • CDC test kits generate 30% false positive and 20% false negative results, peer-reviewed findings confirm (Business Wire)

  • Most cases in New York City in March traced to Europe (UPI)

  • Synairgen drug shows lower risk of severe cases (Reuters)

  • Cholesterol-lowering drug Fenofibrate (Tricor) is providing a glimmer of hope (UK Daily Mail)

Business & Economy

  • “Strike for Black Lives”: Tens of thousands to walk off job today to protest nonexistent “systemic racism” (AP)

  • Federal Trade Commission is considering deposing top Facebook executives in antitrust probe (Reuters)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • Lawlessness-enabling Portland mayor accuses Trump of “absolute abuse” of federal law enforcement, demands officers leave as city’s nightly violence continues (National Review)

  • Seattle rioters damage and loot stores while injuring 12 police officers (Fox News)

  • University of Connecticut student government leaders resign because they’re white (The College Fix)

  • Virginia mandates slavery lessons for kindergarteners (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Following in the footsteps of United Teachers Los Angeles, North Carolina teachers union demands universal healthcare and welfare for illegal immigrants to reopen schools (The Washington Free Beacon)

Culture & Heartland

  • Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D) implicated in massive bribery scandal (The Blaze)

  • Bubba Wallace booed at NASCAR race as Confederate flags fly (Washington Examiner)

  • Less than 30% of Americans say Redskins should change their name (The Federalist)

  • Legally armed driver kills gunman to stop fatal shooting spree in Indiana (Fox News)

  • Eleven incidents in which lawful gun owners made a difference (The Daily Signal)

Other Notables

  • The family that owns The New York Times were slaveholders (New York Post)

  • Nearly 50% of Americans believe mail-in voting is vulnerable to significant levels of fraud. The other 50% is delusional. (The Daily Caller)

  • GOP gallery of nightmares: 10 policies Biden and Democrats would ram through after axing filibuster (Washington Examiner)

  • Vandalizing American history: A list of 64 toppled, defaced, or removed statues (The Daily Signal)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Dismantling student-loan program best path to fight leftist indoctrination on campus (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: The science is very clear: Schools should reopen this fall (Issues & Insights)

  • Satire: Nike makes sweatshop workers work overtime to stitch “Equality” on NBA jerseys (Genesius Times)

For more of today’s editors’ choice headlines, visit In Our Sights.

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Black Officer Exposes Majority White BLM Protests — Jakhary Jackson explains the bizarreness of white activists ordering around blacks.

Undermine Teachers Unions With School Choice — Jason Siler argues in favor of letting education money follow the students.

Smithsonian Says ‘Rational Thinking’ Is ‘White’ Trait — The Left’s longtime racist view of minorities was made public.

BLM Starts Riot at Dallas Eatery — This is what Cultural Marxism looks like.

Humor: A Message to All Online Haters — JP Sears satirizes the “positive” changes courtesy of the outrage mob.


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Insight: “Public servants say, always with the best of intentions, ‘What greater service we could render if only we had a little more money and a little more power.’ But the truth is that outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector.” —Ronald Reagan

For the record: “Today we are no longer living in a free society. Instead, we are ruled by those who try to enforce their extreme views by shaming and ruining those who think differently. It is not far-fetched to compare the methods of this ‘woke movement’ to those of Chairman Mao’s Red Guards, who terrorised the Chinese people half a century ago.” —London School of Economics emeritus professor John Gray

Upright: “I don’t understand how insulting another group helps our cause. … We can’t allow black people to be prejudiced also. Especially if we’re asking for white folks to respect us, give us economic opportunity, and things like that. … I don’t understand how you beat hatred with more hatred. … I want allies. I don’t want to alienate anybody. And to take shots at the Jewish race, the white race — I just don’t like it because it’s not right."—Charles Barkley

Demo-gogues: "Vote like your life depends on it. ‘Cause it does. Pick any issue you care about. I guarantee, it is on the line in this election…” —Senator Elizabeth Warren with advice — for Republicans!

Non sequitur: “Why is it again that I can pay a parking ticket online, apply for a passport and conduct personal financial transactions but I can’t vote the same way?” —Andrew Yang (“Because the future of the republic doesn’t hang on the integrity of the parking ticket payment process.” —Allie Beth Stuckey)

Braying jackass: “If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room.” —The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill

Alpha jackass: “I hope people realize that there are many white Republican voters in this country if they’re given a choice between renting a room in their house to a person of color or burning down the house, they will elect to burn down the entire neighborhood. It’s not just a small fringe.” —New York Times contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali

Non compos mentis: “If you don’t like our leadership here, why don’t you go down to Georgia and see how that feels?” —New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, whose state has accumulated 15,000 COVID-19 deaths compared to Georgia’s 3,000

And last… “The family that owns The New York Times reportedly owned slaves. So by the [Times’s] standards, shouldn’t we tear down their headquarters since it’s a monument to systemic oppression?” —Charlie Kirk

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