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Jul. 22, 2020


“The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” —George Washington (1783)

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Illegal Aliens and the 2020 Census

Thomas Gallatin

Without any fanfare or media present, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday preventing the inclusion of illegal aliens in the 2020 census. Political power should not be granted “to people who should not be here at all,” he argued. “My administration will not support giving congressional representation to aliens who enter or remain in the country unlawfully because doing so would create perverse incentives and undermine our system of government,” Trump explained. “This is all part of a broader left-wing effort to erode the rights of American citizens, and I will not stand for it.”

Trump’s order comes in response to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in June 2019 disallowing the inclusion of a citizenship question in the 2020 census on the grounds that the administration failed to provide adequate reasoning for including the question. Tellingly, the Court did not address the constitutionality of a citizenship question. At the time, Trump responded by asking, “Can anyone really believe that as a great Country, we are not able [to] ask whether or not someone is a Citizen[?] Only in America!” Given the deadline for initiating the census, the administration chose to drop the matter.

Predictably, Democrats howled that Trump’s order was “blatantly unconstitutional.” Elizabeth Wydra, president of the leftist Constitutional Accountability Center, insisted, “The Constitution’s text is clear. The federal government has a constitutional obligation to count all people living in the United States, whether they are citizens or non-citizens, whether they were born in the United States or in a distant part of the world.”

Wydra conveniently omits the significant contextual fact upon which the entire issue rests — the consideration of legal versus illegal-resident status. While it is true that the census calls for legal noncitizen residents to be included in the count, the notion that the Founders intended that anyone illegally living in the land should be counted for legal representation is clearly nonsense. Look no further than the infamous Three-Fifths Compromise to see the Founders’ mindset. They recognized that fully counting a non-voting population of slaves in the South in the census would unfairly grant slave states greater representative power in Congress.

The Washington Times notes, “A Center for Immigration Studies report in December said Alabama, Ohio and Minnesota each would lose one House seat if illegal immigrants are included in the 2020 census. California, New York and Texas each would gain one seat.” And this is the crux of the issue for Democrats, as was demonstrated by their immediate rush to announce that the House Oversight Committee would hold an emergency hearing next week. Committee chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) lamented, “By excluding undocumented immigrants from apportionment or redistricting, this administration departs from more than two centuries of practice and constitutional understanding.”

In his order, Trump acknowledged that the Constitution doesn’t specifically define who should be counted to determine a state’s number of representatives, but he argued that “the discretion delegated to the executive branch to determine who qualifies as an ‘inhabitant’ includes authority to exclude from the apportionment base aliens who are not in a lawful immigration status.”

Furthermore, Trump made clear his reason for issuing the order: “States adopting policies that encourage illegal aliens to enter this country and that hobble federal efforts to enforce the immigration laws passed by the Congress should not be rewarded with greater representation in the House of Representatives.”

Steven Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, cogently observed, “This order reminds us that tolerating illegal immigration has a cascading series of consequences for the country. One of which is that American citizens lose political representation in Congress and the Electoral College in order to create districts that contain a lot of illegal immigrants. Their impact is not confined to the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. It affects every state house, every state senate. And it affects the way you draw every district, for county commissioners, for your city council, for your local sewer authority and school board. Every place where there’s a district and political representation is handed out, the inclusion of illegal immigrants means that American citizens have to lose political representation.”

Irrespective of Trump’s order, this fight is far from over and will likely become a major campaign issue for both parties. What Trump has done is made clear his intention to continue fighting for the rights of American citizens against those on the Left who seek to minimize and abuse them.

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Google’s Dry Run

Douglas Andrews

In August 2001, a month before Islamist terrorists attacked our country by using passenger airliners as missiles, actor James Woods witnessed four suspicious Middle Eastern men on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Woods shared his fears with the pilot and filed a report with the FAA, but his warning was ignored. Years later, however, the feds confirmed it was indeed a terrorist dry run and that the lead hijacker of the 9/11 attacks, Mohammed Atta, was on Woods’ flight.

We mention this because this week Google appears to have been caught conducting its own dry run — this one to disrupt the upcoming presidential election.

As Tristan Justice at The Federalist reports, “Google appeared to test its ability to blacklist conservative media Tuesday from its monopolized search engine which garners at least 3.5 billion online searches everyday making up 94 percent of the internet’s search share. Websites targeted, according to NewsBusters which itself was temporarily de-platformed, included the Washington Free Beacon, The Blaze, Townhall, The Daily Wire, PragerU, LifeNews, Project Veritas, Judicial Watch, The Resurgent, Breitbart, the Media Research Center, and CNSNews among others.”

Google, of course, isn’t a terrorist organization, but the tech giant is evil. It does have a robber-baronesque stranglehold on online search, and it does desperately want President Donald Trump to lose his bid for a second term on November 3.

Remember the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth we saw in that leaked video of the Google all-hands meeting in the wake of Trump’s shocking victory? The one in which Google cofounder Sergey Brin says he’s “deeply offended” by Trump’s election, which “conflicts with many of [Google’s] values”? The one in which Google CFO Ruth Porat appears to break down in tears before promising that Google will “use the great strength and resources and reach we have to continue to advance really important values”? Yeah, that one.

“The latest bout of censorship,” Justice continues, “comes just weeks after the California tech giant threatened to demonetize The Federalist following NBC’s collusion with a foreign left-wing think tank. … While NBC News first celebrated Google’s decision to de-platform a competitor, the search company clarified that the website had not been banned and instead it merely threatened to demonetize The Federalist for content in the comments sections. YouTube, meanwhile, which is owned by Google, remains notorious for hosting the most nefarious comments sections on the entire Internet.”

Thus caught with its dirty left hand in the censorship cookie jar, Google claimed it had made “a simple technical error” rather than a full-throated and deliberate attempt to silence political speech with which it didn’t agree. Uh-huh.

As for Tuesday’s glitch, former Google engineer Matt Wacker told Mediaite that the list of affected websites “appears to have revealed the existence of another blacklist that disproportionately targets conservatives. The glitch is that sites on this blacklist disappeared from Google search results, but the existence of the list is very much by design.”

This sort of intentional manipulation of its search results would conflict with the 2018 congressional testimony of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who said his company did not “manually intervene on any search result.”

Regarding the veracity of Pichai’s testimony, Tuesday’s incident didn’t happen in a vacuum. At Google, the rot appears to be embedded in the culture. As Project Veritas reported last year, Google whistleblower Zachary Vorhies “saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company,” and he “realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”

Elsewhere in Trump-hating Big Tech news, Facebook continues to be targeted by an advertising boycott from major corporations. Why boycott Facebook? Because CEO Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t yet thrown fully in with conservative speech censors like Twitter’s cowardly Jack Dorsey. Want another reason? Take a look at this list of yesterday’s top-performing link posts. (Spoiler alert: Only one of the top 10 isn’t conservative.)

Google isn’t stupid. (Evil, yes; stupid, no.) Its censors are seeing the same data, and they’re doing everything they can to head it off between now and Election Day.

Tell a friend, fellow Patriots. And switch your search engine tout de suite.

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The ‘Anti-Racism’ Profiteers

Louis DeBroux

Hypocrisy is arguably the defining characteristic of the progressive Left today. Only in a time of unprecedented prosperity, and in a nation of unprecedented freedom, do people have the luxury of engaging in the unprecedented level of lunacy we now see.

How else to explain a group of white people living in the wealthiest counties in the country using tax money taken from working-class blacks, Hispanics, whites, etc., to pay for lectures by rich white liberals about their inherent racism and “white privilege”?

Yet that is what’s happening in the suburbs of Washington, DC, where half of the nation’s richest counties are located, home to extravagantly paid federal employees and wealthy lobbyists.

Last month, employees of several federal agencies received “diversity training” during a seminar entitled “Difficult Conversations About Race in Troubling Times.” During the training indoctrination, white employees of the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the National Credit Union Administration, and the Office of the Comptroller were called upon to pledge “allyship [sic] amid the George Floyd Tragedy.” Employees were told that “virtually all white people contribute to racism” and “don’t support the dismantling of racist institutions.” Due to their inherent (if previously unrealized) racism, white employees must “struggle to own their racism” and “invest in race-based growth.”

“But what if,” a white employee might ask, “I hold no racist feelings and have never contributed to the perpetuation of racism?”

The race-baiters would curse that employee, because the fact that he has never engaged in overt racism is only proof of how subtle and deeply embedded his racism really is — and all the more insidious because of it. Wearing hooded robes and burning crosses would be less offensive than this hidden racism!

To purge themselves of their racism (just kidding … they’re white, so they’ll always be racist), “white managers” are taught to create “safe spaces” where their black employees can instruct them on “what it means to be black” and to be “seen in their pain.”

White supervisors and coworkers are instructed to remain mute and “sit in the discomfort” of their racism. What if the situation turns volatile, with black employees screaming, crying, or humiliating white coworkers? Too bad, racists! Whites “don’t get to decide when someone is being too emotional, too rash [or] too mean,” nor can whites object if a minority “responds to their oppression in a way [they] don’t like.”

Hilariously, the brainchild behind this “training” is Howard Ross, a white leftist who has bilked the federal government for more than $5 million for these seminars since 2006. With only a bachelor’s degree in history, Ross has grown quite wealthy as a “neuro-cognitive and social-science” expert specializing in “unconscious bias.”

But, as the NY Post’s Christopher Rufo notes, the irony is thick: “Ross has used his own privilege to enrich himself at taxpayer expense. In the language of his own discourse, he has monetized collective black pain to create individual white profit.”

Ross isn’t the only white liberal making bank on fomenting collective white guilt though.

Robin DiAngelo has become quite a progressive celebrity of late for her book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. DiAngelo is intimately familiar with the plight of oppressed blacks, having been born and raised in San Francisco (a city roughly 10% black in her formative years and 5% black today), and later receiving her PhD in “multicultural education/whiteness studies” from the University of Washington (where blacks are just 4% of student enrollment).

As National Review’s Kyle Smith notes, DiAngelo is a “capitalist marketing genius” of the caliber of P.T. Barnum, “a white lady who has gotten very, very rich speaking to litigation-averse corporations, campus groups, self-flagellating white progressives, and black allies joining the cause of white guilt.”

Like Ross, DiAngelo preaches that all whites are racists, whether they realize it or not.

And since white people are inherently racist and can never conclusively prove they’ve been purged of their racist tendencies, DiAngelo’s tutelage will always be needed … for a fee, of course. DiAngelo is currently raking in around $150,000 per month for her lectures (8-10 lectures per month), plus hefty royalties from her book sales.

Sadly, it is those who are most affluent (and therefore least likely to suffer from their stupidity) who are stoking this pseudo-intellectual idiocy — privileged white brats whose parents pay their high-dollar college tuition.

And that is tragic, because we are voluntarily giving up freedom and true privilege fought and bled for by our forefathers in exchange for leftist snake oil.

Will racial-guilt hustlers like Ross and DiAngelo improve race relations in America? It’s hard to see how. Blacks who’ve been taught that their difficulties in life are due to racism (rather than poor decision-making) will only get angrier. White people who know they’re not racist will grow increasingly resentful at the character assassination and guilt by pigmentation. White people who buy into this drivel will only feel more self-loathing. In the end, it will produce a nation full of hateful people — folks hating themselves, other races, or both.

But for the racial grievance-mongers, the checks will keep coming, and that’s what matters. Like an unethical therapist, there is no benefit for them in seeing the conflict resolved.

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It Took Planned Parenthood 99 Years to Admit…

Mark Alexander

Planned Parenthood has, for almost a century, targeted millions of preborn black babies “to create a race of thoroughbreds” and keep America white!

As you might recall, the atheist social activist and leftist icon Margaret Sanger, who founded the American Birth Control League in 1921 and changed its name to Planned Parenthood in 1942, was an abject racist. Sanger blamed ministry to the poor, a fundamental tenet of Christianity, for excessive numbers of “unwanted” ethnic breeds.

According to Sanger: “Those vast, complex, interrelated organizations aiming to control and to diminish the spread of misery and destitution and all the menacing evils that spring out of this sinisterly fertile soil, are the surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding, and is perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents, and dependents. My criticism, therefore, is not directed at the failure of philanthropy, but rather at its success. These dangers are inherent in the very idea of humanitarianism and altruism, dangers which have today produced their full harvest of human waste.”

Ah, yes, “human waste.”

She advocated policies that ensured “more children from the fit, less from the unfit” in order “to create a race of thoroughbreds.” Of black people, Sanger wrote, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

That explains why the PP abortion mills end the lives of a grossly disproportionate number of black babies. In fact, more than 20 million black children have been aborted, which is more than the entire black population in America during the 1960s Civil Rights movement. But don’t let “any of their more rebellious members” know about it.

No small irony that its most vociferous defender, The New York Times, announced Tuesday that Planned Parenthood is officially trying to distance itself from its racist history. That only took 99 years!

(This is an excerpt from my upcoming column on the racist organizations that “Cancel Culture” should cancel.)

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Coronavirus Briefings, Aid Return

Nate Jackson

In mid April, our Mark Alexander warned President Donald Trump not to allow himself to become the “poster child for CV19 misery.” One of the biggest problems was Trump’s lengthy daily COVID press briefings, which at the end of April Alexander warned Trump to “disinfect.” Trump soon abandoned those briefings … only to reinstate them yesterday for the first time in more than two months.

It should go without saying that COVID-19 is not Trump’s fault. The federal response has actually been pretty good, and Trump has lived within the federalist system our Founders created. Yet he has allowed his pinball-machine handling of the pandemic to become a focal point. The president has taken an erratic stance on masks, for example, and he’s often busier attacking reporters and other political opponents in an effort to avoid any and all blame than he is in providing clear leadership. Predictably, that has led to steadily diminishing approval ratings and it could end up costing him the election in November. His base still cheers him on for boldness, but most Americans don’t see it that way.

Perhaps restarting a more tightly scripted and focused round of briefings will help right the ship. “We’ll be doing these quite often,” Trump said.

As for the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Congress is in the throes of negotiating yet another round of coronavirus relief money. “We want another round of … direct payments to help American families keep driving our national comeback,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “With a majority of businesses expected to exhaust their initial paycheck protection funding this summer, we’ll also be proposing a targeted second round of [the Paycheck Protection Program], with a special eye toward hard-hit businesses.”

Besides another round of direct payments, probably limited to lower income levels, and more aid for businesses, other items on the table include a payroll tax cut, extending “enhanced” unemployment benefits (which unfortunately end up paying some folks more to not work than to get back on the job), cash for schools (which the White House wants to tie to reopening), money for states, funding for more testing, and perhaps liability protection for businesses.

McConnell and Senate Republicans want to keep the total price tag at $1 trillion. Of course, House Democrats already passed their pitch weeks ago, an it came in at a staggering $3 trillion. Good luck negotiating that.

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Schumer: No COVID Legal Protection for Businesses

Thomas Gallatin

“Democrats will need to fight hard for the many important and necessary provisions that the Senate GOP are leaving out,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) warned in a letter to his fellow Democrats on Monday. And just what were these “important and necessary provisions” Schumer alleges that Senate Republicans will leave out? Well, a more accurate way of putting it is not what Republicans will “leave out” of the upcoming coronavirus legislation but what they will seek to include — namely, legal immunity protection for businesses against COVID-related lawsuits.

Schumer argued that his resistance to providing legal immunity protection is because doing so would amount to covering for nursing homes and businesses that were negligent and failed to safeguard patients and clients. This is all the more ironic given the high number of nursing home deaths in Schumer’s home state — deaths that are largely a direct result of Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policies. Yet Schumer conveniently seeks to scapegoat businesses that were bound by the governor’s orders.

The New York senator also made the bogus claim that he’s looking out for “workers and families, not special interests.” Yet he and the Democrats are stubbornly resisting President Donald Trump’s demand for a payroll tax cut, despite the president’s warning that he “would consider not signing [COVID-19 stimulus legislation] if we don’t have a payroll tax cut.”

In truth, Schumer is focused on looking out for the Democrats’ special interests — trial lawyers. But if we expect the economy to really get going again (of course, Democrats don’t want to happen), and in order to help businesses that risk reopening, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointedly observed, it’s imperative that we stave off “an epidemic of lawsuits on the heels of the pandemic.”

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For Leftists, Failure Is a Feature

Douglas Andrews

Ben Shapiro is a force of nature. He thinks like Newt Gingrich but at 78 rpm, and with a Millennial edge and a yarmulke to boot. So it was entertaining Sunday night watching Mark Levin try to get a word in edgewise while interviewing Shapiro on his “Life, Liberty, and Levin” show.

Shapiro, a conservative wunderkind, best-selling author, and editor emeritus of The Daily Wire, was there to hawk a prescient new book, How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, which, though he completed it in January, aptly describes the “Disintegrationism” movement currently sweeping Democrat-run cities and towns across the nation.

He starts by laying out the vision of our Founders — the vision that built upon the Declaration of Independence and created unprecedented freedom and prosperity for billions of people all around the world over the past two centuries.

“That was the original vision of America,” Shapiro says. “That’s what I call the ‘Unionist’ vision of America.”

He then switches to a competing ideology, Disintegrationism, which he says is now coursing through the veins of those on the Left. “It’s the idea,” he says, “that America has never had any ties that bind us and that American history is a story of one group clubbing another group over the head … and that our culture of rights is really a lie, and that those rights ought to be thrown out in favor of an orthodoxy that rules from above and tells you how you ought to think.”

Shapiro notes that three things are essential to any nation that holds itself together: a history, a culture, and a philosophy. Of these three, he considers a common culture to be the most important. He also notes that while the Right has become proficient at politics and winning elections, it has largely abandoned the culture wars, having ceded the educational arena and Hollywood to the Left, which has in turn thanked us and run roughshod over our universities, our media, and our major cultural institutions for years.

When Levin asked Shapiro why he thought the Disintegrationist movement had burst into the open so suddenly, his answer surprised no one: “I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that President Trump exists. I think that he provides a point of commonality in which no matter how radically left you go, you’re going to find allies … who will side with you just to get rid of Trump.”

Perhaps most instructive about the Left’s reaction to Donald Trump was its reaction to Trump’s campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again.” As Shapiro noted, rather than engaging in an argument about whether Trump and his policies could actually make America great, the Left instead claimed “that America was never great, because America’s systems are inherently shot through with evil; that it wasn’t founded in 1776 but in 1619, with the arrival of the first African slaves on American soil.”

And it’s this utter fixation with the sins of our past that distinguishes far leftists from the rest of us. According to them, every worldwide problem — slavery, for example — is the unique fault of America, but every virtue of America is dismissed as an exception to the rule of American evil.

He continues, “When America puts a man on the moon, it’s an achievement of humanity. … But when America participates in slavery historically, it’s not a cruelty and a savagery that’s universal across time and space. That’s instead a unique evil to America. And when people are that intellectually dishonest, you have to assume that they have another agenda. Which of course they do — and that is to tear down the system entirely.”

Time was when most Americans would’ve tripped over each other to denounce all this America-hating lunacy from the Left. But not today. Many folks have been cowed into silence by the cancel crowd, and for good reason: Saying the wrong thing could get you ostracized socially or even fired from your job.

“Cancellation isn’t about them coming after you or me,” Shapiro said to Levin, acknowledging their own particular job security. “It’s about them coming after people who don’t have the capacity to defend themselves. There are tens of millions of Americans … who live in fear of being canceled for expressing something as simple as, ‘Yeah, I voted for Trump’ or ‘I’m considering the possibility of voting for President Trump.’”

Cancellation fits within a larger framework of failure, and failure is precisely the goal of the Disintegrationist Left. Why? “Because,” as Shapiro explains, “any success is going to be attributed to the broader American system.” Thus, unemployment and inequality and crime and urban blight and rioting and statue toppling are desirable, since they make clear that the entire system is to blame and must therefore be taken down.

When seen in that light, the failure — and even the outright refusal — of Democrats to effectively govern our nation’s big cities starts to make a lot more sense.

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Pompeo’s Commission on Unalienable Rights

Nate Jackson

Liberty begins by acknowledging the unalienable rights granted to humans by our Creator. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo knows this, which is why he established the Commission on Unalienable Rights last year to determine what U.S. foreign policy objectives should be regarding those rights.

Last Thursday, the commission released its report, and it begins with the vision America’s Founders established in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Granted, the report acknowledges, the U.S. has not always lived up to those values and our leadership in the world depends on our example at home.

The U.S., imperfect as it has been, is dealing with China while Beijing is currently suppressing the Uighur people in forced labor — whether for Nike products or masks or, even worse, oppression. And that’s to say nothing of the tens of millions the ChiComs slaughtered in the 20th century. A clear statement of the foundation of rights is therefore useful.

From the domestic perspective, one of the biggest points of contention in America is the definition of the word “rights.” America’s Founders and today’s conservatives view rights as those listed in the Bill of Rights — the right to free speech and religion, to keep and bear arms, to a fair justice system, and so on. Leftists, by contrast, view rights as things that are provided by government (read: taxpayers) — free education, free healthcare, free abortion, free money itself.

Thus, American leftists attacked Pompeo. Rather than stand with him to defend true human rights around the world, Leftmedia pundits skewered him for “limiting” human rights by offering a “pretext for denying rights to people in disfavored groups.” The far-left Amnesty International derided him for “a dangerous political stunt that could spark a race to the bottom by human rights-abusing governments around the world.”

The truth is the American government should be standing for human rights and Liberty itself, and Pompeo is doing that. His critics, on the other hand, are showing themselves as more friendly to the world’s worst human-rights abusers by demanding government tyranny and redistribution.

“The Declaration of Independence itself is the most important statement of human rights ever written. It made human freedom and human equality our nation’s central ideas,” Pompeo said last week. “We agree that America draws strength and goodness from her founding ideals, and that our foreign policy must be grounded by those ideals as well.”

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America’s Coming Cultural Revolution

Roger Helle

This country is coming to a critical junction as it relates to the freedoms we enjoy — freedoms many nations around the globe have never known.

Ronald Reagan saw these problems years ago and said, “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”

After WWII, the communists took over China and began to transform the country into what Chairman Mao envisioned. The results were devastating as millions died. But it took a turn for the worse in 1966. In that summer, students launched their own “social justice” program. They began to overturn the entire structure of the Chinese people. Nothing was safe from their fight for “justice.”

The way to accomplish this was to eliminate what they perceived as the nation’s problems. Putting on their red arm bands, they proceeded to deconstruct the social fabric of the nation. The patriarchal system and the old ideas of their culture had to go. That included old customs, old habits, old culture, and old ideas. Everyone was on the bandwagon at the beginning, the media included. Christians were also on board … at first.

But then Chinese literature, paintings, buildings, and temples (think churches) were destroyed. Tombs of ancient leaders including Confucius were destroyed. Then they began destroying the homes of the wealthy, the educated, and anyone they considered “politically incorrect” (my term). Trials were held and those found guilty (everyone) were sentenced and many killed. It wasn’t long after this that the police were eliminated. The students formed their own police force called the RED GUARD.

The nation had already suffered over 40 million deaths under Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” (1947-1958). The Cultural Revolution resulted in another 30 million deaths. Once the killing frenzy began, there was no way to stop it. Christians who supported the movement in the beginning found themselves in the crosshairs of the Red Guard. Once power was given, it was impossible to take it back.

Does any of this sound familiar? Destroy the statues of the past, remove anything they find offensive, silence the voices of anyone who did not THINK the way they did. Wrong thinking (disagreeing) could cost you your life. If you were lucky you went to reeducation camps.

I know it’s hard to fathom this happening in the United States. But China is not the only example. The same bloodbath took place during the Bolshevik (Russian) Revolution and Pol Pot in his reign of terror in Cambodia and Vietnam (which was not nearly as bad as Cambodia). It happened in Cuba and it’s beginning in Venezuela. Have you wondered why cities run by the Left are releasing the looters and rioters without any bond or bail and no fine for the damage they did?

Let me reassure you that no matter how dark it looks, there are more of us than there are of them. The Cultural Revolution succeeded because Mao had taken all means of self-defense away from the people, as was done in ALL of the nations mentioned above!

Something to think about?

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • As reported by ABC News, “The Justice Department has announced an 11-count indictment charging two alleged Chinese hackers accused of carrying out a massive global cyber intrusion campaign on behalf of the Chinese government in which they stole ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of trade secrets, and most recently sought to target companies conducting research for a COVID-19 vaccine.”

  • Meanwhile, Fox News reveals, “China on Wednesday condemned what it called an ‘unprecedented escalation’ by the United States and threatened to retaliate after it was ordered to close the Chinese consulate in Houston. … State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus confirmed the directive and said it was issued 'to protect American intellectual property and Americans' private information.‘” Furthermore, “Documents were burned inside the consulate’s courtyard Tuesday evening, KPRC-TV in Houston reported.” The ChiComs are ruthless — and should be treated as such.

Government & Politics

  • Trump signs legally contentious memo preventing illegal immigrants from being counted in congressional redistricting (Washington Examiner)

  • “What in the hell are we doing?” Senate Republicans clash over coronavirus relief (NBC News)

  • Monopolistic Google tests its ability to blacklist conservative media ahead of election (The Federalist)

  • Oh, by the way, the FBI investigated Joe Biden’s 2008 campaign for corruption (PJ Media)

  • Jews back Biden even as anti-Semitism rears its head on the Left (Washington Examiner)

  • Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four others arrested in $60 million nuclear power plant bribery case (Cincinnati Enquirer)

National Security

  • Defense secretary says U.S. is considering “adjustments” to troops in South Korea as the Pentagon strategizes against China (AP)

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seeks U.S.-UK coalition against “disgraceful” Chinese Communist Party (Washington Examiner)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • Pandemic likely to “get worse before it gets better,” Trump says in somber return to coronavirus briefing (The Washington Post)

  • U.S. daily coronavirus deaths exceed 1,000 for the first time since May (Washington Examiner)

Culture & Heartland

  • Biden stays silent as Catholic churches and statues are burned and vandalized in string of targeted attacks (The Federalist)

  • More than a dozen people shot near Chicago funeral home, yet the mayor ironically says: “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents” (The Daily Wire)

  • As crime and murders skyrocket in New York City, mayor has 27 officers a day guarding Black Lives Matter “mural” (Law Enforcement Today)

  • Finally getting the message on Margaret Sanger: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York to remove founder’s name from flagship office over support for eugenics (National Review)

  • “Only a first step”: Minnesota bans neck restraints and chokeholds (AP)

  • The awokening comes for American classical music: The New York Times’s chief critic has launched a campaign to end the merit-based “blind audition” hiring process for orchestras (National Review)

Other Notables

  • Birds of a feather flock together: Top WHO official promotes conspiracy theory website to bolster China’s coronavirus disinformation campaign (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Africa starts to have second thoughts about all that Chinese money (Bloomberg)

  • Cashing in on COVID: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has record single-day wealth increase of $13 billion; his net worth is up $74.4 billion this year alone (The Daily Caller)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Trump’s COVID performance is sinking his presidency (National Review)

  • Policy: Blanket sanctions on members of China’s Communist Party wrong way to go (The Heritage Foundation)

  • Satire: Ceremony honoring Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 response to be held at now-vacant nursing home (The Babylon Bee)

For more of today’s editors’ choice headlines, visit In Our Sights.

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Progressive ‘Paradise’ — Minneapolis burned even though it adopted most every “progressive” idea.

Do Taxes Pay for Abortions? —Yes. Despite the Hyde Amendment, state Medicaid and ObamaCare provide end runs.


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Insight: “The only shape in which equality is really connected with justice is this — justice presupposes general rules. If these general rules are to be maintained at all, it is obvious that they must be applied equally to every case which satisfies their terms.” —James Fitzjames Stephens (1829-1894)

Upright: “If we tear down every statue of every person whose viewpoints and whose behavior wasn’t always ideal, wasn’t always perfect, we’re … not going to know about many of the historical figures who, for better or for worse, shaped who we are and how we got here.” —Senator Mike Lee

For the record: “When the police pull back or when the police are condemned, you have the kind of violence we’ve seen, unfortunately, in the last two months across the country.” —Senator Tom Cotton

Nailed it: “Here’s what teacher’s unions want: the pay, benefits and recognition of being an essential part of the workforce, but none of the responsibilities. Pick one. You’re either essential or you’re not. If you believe you’re not, if you think education is optional, choose a new career.” —Bethany S. Mandel

Theater of the absurd: “The first thing we should be doing now is understanding what the president is already doing to the U.S. Postal Service. He has sent his henchmen over to run it, and I’m already getting complaints from people who are saying that they believe that the president of the United States is managing the delivery systems, slowing it down, interfering with people being able to get their mail. … We are not going to allow the president of the United States to dismantle the United States Post Office and undermine the possibility that absentee votes could be used in the next election.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

Verbal gymnastics: “We have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling, every voter registration physician in the states, the secretaries of state, making sure that they in fact have a game plan as to how they’re going to allow the voting to take place.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “Cancel rent. Cancel mortgage. Cancel student debt.” —Rep. Ayanna Pressley (“Yes! And then we should also cancel sadness, diabetes, asteroids, the law of cause and effect, hunger, tummy aches, and gravity (so we can fly!).” —Matt Walsh)

Alpha jackass: “Well, I think with the president’s comments [Tuesday], he recognized the mistakes he has made by now embracing mask-wearing and the recognition this is not a hoax. It is a pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better because of his inaction. In fact, clearly, it is the Trump virus.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Braying jenny: “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.” —Mayor Lori “Fiddling While Chicago Burns” Lightfoot

Grand delusions: “Portland, Oregon, is not out of control.” —Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer

And last… “I don’t know how in the WORLD anyone can look at what’s going on in Democratic cities and ever vote blue again.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

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