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Jul. 23, 2020


“It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good disposition.” —Thomas Jefferson (1785)

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Biden Claims Trump Is Racist?

Mark Alexander

Joe Biden popped up from his hunker bunker Wednesday long enough to drop a big race-baiting whopper on Donald Trump. Biden declared that Trump is the first racist to be elected president, and that only he (Biden) can correct the so-called “systemic racism” he claims is plaguing our nation.

Apparently, this was not an issue during Biden’s previous almost 45 years in “public service,” including eight years as Barack Obama’s VP. Yes, that would be the same Obama who Biden described, when they were competing for the 2007 presidential nomination, as “the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Got that?

According to Biden: “The way [Trump] deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening. No sitting president has ever done this. … We’ve had racists, and … they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.”

Fact check: Dividing people up “on the color of their skin” and “their national origin” is page one of the Democrat Party playbook! Democrats have had great success pandering to black and Hispanic constituents, convincing them they will continue to be helpless victims of injustice if they don’t keep voting “D.” How has that worked out?

Regarding Biden’s BIG Lie about Trump, let’s take a brief walk down racist Democrat presidential history in the 20th century. Two of the most notable racist Democrat presidents were Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson.

Wilson argued, “Segregation is not humiliating, but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded.” He even hosted a White House screening of the racist movie “Birth of a Nation,” portraying the KKK as the real heroes after the Civil War.

Johnson, who routinely used racist slurs against black people (as recorded in his personal taped conversations), is the architect of the so-called “Great Society” programs that have, effectively, institutionalized black poverty. Regarding passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Johnson said, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” On Democrat strategy, LBJ said: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

That is the model of black oppression championed by today’s Democrats, and for the same reason.

In 2008, The Wall Street Journal published a remarkable assessment, “The Democrats’ Missing History,” about how, just ahead of Obama’s nomination, the Democrat National Committee “whitewashed the party’s horrific and lengthy record of racism.” On the long list of omissions, Jeffrey Lord notes, “There is no mention that these programs [Wilson’s New Freedom and FDR’s New Deal] were created as the result of an agreement to ignore segregation and the lynching of blacks.” He adds, “There is no reference that three-fourths of the opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in the U.S. House came from Democrats, or that 80% of the ‘nay’ vote in the Senate came from Democrats. Certainly there is no reference to the fact that the opposition included future Democratic Senate leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia (a former Klan member).”

Likewise, political analyst Bruce Bartlett noted in “Whitewash — the racist history the Democratic Party wants you to forget” that there are loads of entries on the foundational tenets of the Demo regime. He includes documented examples like FDR insisting, “The mingling of Asiatic blood with European or American blood produces, in nine cases out of ten, the most unfortunate results.” He cites LBJ proudly noting, “I have voted against the so-called anti-lynching bill,” and his insistence, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness.” And he hits some who had presidential aspirations, like Robert Kennedy, who, as attorney general, said, “I did not lie awake at night worrying about the problems of Negroes.”

Even Jimmy Carter said, “I’m not going to use the federal government’s authority deliberately to circumvent the natural inclination of people to live in ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods … who are trying to maintain the ethnic purity of their neighborhoods.” I know Carter, and he was no racist, but his policies certainly advanced racial division, the staple of the Democrat Party today.

And, no, the old racist Democrats didn’t “switch to the Republican Party” in the 1960s — a canard propagated by today’s Demos. Those racists formed the foundation of the Democrat Party and its effort to divide Americans along every line, racial, ethnic, gender, etc., in order to win elections. Obama mastered that divide-and-conquer strategy in 2008, and Biden is attempting to replicate that reprehensible ruse.

So, coming full circle back to Biden, his words have repeatedly betrayed his underlying racist views over his career. One more example — when discussing why Iowa students perform better than Washington, DC, students, Biden said: “There’s less than 1% of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than 4% or 5% that is, are minorities. What is it in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you’re dealing with.”

As I noted in my column on leftist cancel culture this week: “Democrats were, are, and will continue to be the party of black oppression. Arguably, the Democrat Party is now, simultaneously, the author and beneficiary of generations of their own institutionalized ‘systemic racism.’”

The Democrats’ “anti-racism” is racism in disguise, and, to borrow Biden’s phrase, their pandering and patriarchal treatment of Americans “based on the color of their skin … is absolutely sickening.”

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Democrat-Sanctioned Anarchy in Portland

Arnold Ahlert

Of all the chaos abetted by an American Left that apparently sees violence, looting, and arson as its pathway to permanent power, no city in America can top Portland in terms of longevity. It has been held under siege for more than 50 straight days by a mob of violent anarchists — with no end in sight.

Like many other Democrat-controlled cities in America, protests began shortly after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Four days later in Portland, rioters broke a front window and painted graffiti on the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, causing $5,000 worth of damage in what was just the opening salvo. Over the next several days, two other federal government buildings and several local government buildings were also defaced.

On June 6, the mob destroyed fencing surrounding federal property. Over the next month, the fence around the Courthouse was breached, more windows were broken, and other buildings were defaced. During this series of melees, rioters used commercial-grade lasers to try to cause eye damage to police officers (they were later successful in doing so) and launched fireworks and threw objects at them. One individual tried to strike a Portland police officer with his car.

Those attacks escalated. During what rioters called a “Night of Rage” on July 7, individuals in a mob of about 500 assaulted cops with rocks and bottles, according to DHS. A day later, approximately 200 rioters attacked DHS law enforcement officers, injuring three. One arrest was reported.

On July 12, a mob of about 200 gathered in Chapman Park across from the Hatfield Courthouse. Some were armed with sledgehammers, tasers, and stun guns. Fecal matter and large objects were thrown at cops and lasers were again pointed at federal law enforcement officers. The next night, slingshots and flaming debris were added to the mob’s weaponry.

On July 16, protesters targeted the police station in the East Burnside precinct, and growing crowds targeted the federal courthouse and county jail that have been at the center of nightly protests. That elicited the first response by federal officers who used gas, smoke, and impact munitions to move protesters away from two federal buildings at one late-night “demonstration.”

Last Saturday, two groups of antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters squared of against police and federal troops, with one group attacking the Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct and the Portland Police Association (PPA) buildings, while the other targeted the federal courthouse and Justice Center. The PPA was broken into and set ablaze. After the mobs were dispersed, one regrouped and attacked police with rocks and paint-filled balloons and shot toxic gases designed to kill gophers and ground squirrels at them as well.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s response? He asserted that the presence of federal troops was “actually leading to more violence.” He added, “They are not wanted here. We have not asked them here and, in fact, we want them to leave.”

Perhaps it serves him right that, after he joined the protesters Wednesday night, he was tear-gassed along with them. It also serves him right that the protesters turned on him, jeering him, demanding he resign, and presenting him with a list of demands.

In any case, Wheeler’s accommodation of anarchy isn’t sitting well with PPA head and black American Daryl Turner. “The elected officials have condoned the destruction and chaos,” he said. “They have placed their political agenda ahead of safety and welfare of the community. This must stop.”

That’s not going to happen. Oregonlive.com reports, “Local and state leaders have vocally opposed the presence of federal officers in Portland, Oregon’s attorney general plans to sue several federal law enforcement agencies over their actions, and the state’s U.S. attorney has requested investigation into reported arrests of Portland protesters picked up in unmarked vehicles.”

The ACLU has also filed suit, one of many it plans to file for “unconstitutional attacks” on protesters. “Under the direction of the Trump administration, federal agents are terrorizing the community, risking lives, and brutally attacking protesters demonstrating against police brutality,” said Kelly Simon, interim legal director with the ACLU of Oregon, in a statement.

The suit was precipitated by reports that federal agents wearing unmarked military fatigues and driving unmarked vehicles were arresting protesters. Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden characterized federal law enforcement as President Donald Trump’s “secret police” and an “occupying army” who “provoke violence on the streets of my hometown.” Democrat Governor Kate Brown accused Trump of using federal officers to bolster his reelection chances. She also told acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf to remove officers from Portland streets, insisting he is also “on a mission to provoke confrontation for political purposes.”

On Tuesday, Wolf made it clear the administration wasn’t backing away from its duty to protect federal property. “We will not retreat,” he stated. “We will continue to protect our facilities and our law enforcement officers.”

What about the use of unmarked vehicles and officers working without clear ID? As attorney Andrew McCarthy explains, “There is no constitutional right to have police identify themselves by name, or even identify themselves as police,” especially when “police are being targeted for assault and harassment.”

In fact, dozens of federal law enforcement officers in Portland have had their personal info posted online by those encouraging protesters to show up at their homes.

Moreover, as the New York Post editorial board maintains, “The basic legal authority for the feds to act is beyond clear: Nightly attacks on the area have proceeded for weeks now, and the efforts to set the Justice Center aflame have clearly endangered the lives and safety of civilians, including detainees in the 700-bed jail.”

As for Brown’s accusations regarding political purposes, who’s kidding whom? The governor and Mayor Wheeler have countenanced seven straight weeks of violent demonstrations, an attempt to set up another autonomous zone outside the Multnomah County Justice Center, and destruction that has cost local businesses an estimated $23 million.

This is about a city being held under siege by rioters. Yet Democrats like House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) accuse federal officers of “Gestapo activities in local communities.” And Nancy Pelosi, who vilely slandered cops as “stormtroopers,” insists the Trump administration is “kidnapping” protesters “with the goal of inflaming tensions for their own gain.” She warned, “While Portland is the President’s current target, any city could be next.”

Not any city, Ms. Pelosi. Cities controlled by Democrats who view the mobs as the paramilitary wing of a party that has sold its collective soul — and its current platform — to the Marxist forces who despise America.

While Portland’s insurrectionism may be the most long-lived, there is little question that equally feckless Democrat politicians in cities like Seattle, New York, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and others have wholly abandoned the fundamental reason for the existence of government itself — as in protecting the electorate from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Instead, they embrace the orchestrated chaos they believe will lead them to victory in November. That attacks on police are becoming more common and more brazen? That businesses, many minority owned, are being destroyed, along with history itself? That the corpses, overwhelmingly minority, are piling up with increasing regularity?

Democrats are a party that would rather rule over a violent, mob-controlled nation of looting, arson, murder, and oppression than serve in an exceptional one where Rule of Law and the Constitution remain supreme.

“I’m an Afro-Indigenous non-binary local organizer here in Portland,” declared activist Lilith Sinclair, “organizing for the abolition of not just the militarized police state but also the United States as we know it.”

Pathetically, the Democrat Party is with her — every step of the way.

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‘Operation Legend’ — Trump Confronts Spiking Violence

Thomas Gallatin

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that he is directing a “surge” in the federal effort to tackle the growing wave of violent crime currently plaguing several major U.S. cities. Trump noted that the surge, dubbed “Operation Legend” after a four-year-old boy named LeGend Taliferro was murdered last month in Kansas City, would work to support local law enforcement efforts to arrest and prosecute criminals.

Andrew McCarthy reports, “[Attorney General William] Barr detailed that Operation Legend had already commenced with a ramp-up of federal agents in Kansas City, where 200 arrests were made in a two-week period. The initiative is now being expanded to two other cities with soaring crime, Chicago and Albuquerque. Amid a litany of bloody statistics, Trump noted that 23 people were shot in Chicago just [Tuesday] — 15 of them at a funeral home, where respects were being paid to a man who’d been killed in an earlier drive-by shooting.”

Barr was quick to note that this increased presence of federal law enforcement will be working within existing federal-state collaborative structures, explaining that they are “standard anti-crime activities we have been carrying on for decades.” Essentially, the Trump administration is reinforcing federal law enforcement at federal facilities within these major cities.

Needless to say, Democrats, along with their mainstream media cohorts, are falsely painting Trump’s action to quell the violence as causing the violence. Philadelphia’s Democrat District Attorney Larry Krasner played up the Left’s dubious narrative, warning, “Anyone, including federal law enforcement, who unlawfully assaults and kidnaps people will face criminal charges from my office. … We’re not going to tolerate showing up under the guise of making things safer and [instead] causing violence.”

Unfortunately, this underscores the challenge Trump faces — to support law enforcement efforts to end the raging violence and crime in these major cities while not becoming the face of that violence. Democrats are clearly aiming to scapegoat Trump for the violence, just as they have done with COVID-19. And the mainstream media is more than willing to support the Democrats’ fallacious narrative by promoting images and footage of federal law enforcement agents tangling with “protesters.” See Portland as Exhibit A.

The balancing act for Trump is to on the one hand allow the Democrats running these high-crime cities to politically hang themselves via their own failed policies, while at the same time demonstrating that he is fully committed to protecting innocent, law-abiding Americans from this wave of leftist-orchestrated violence.

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WSJ Journalists Want Opinion Section ‘Fact-Checked’

Thomas Gallatin

In yet another classic example of blind journalistic bias, Wall Street Journal employees sent a letter to the paper’s new publisher, Almar Latour, “calling for a clearer differentiation between news and opinion content online.” The letter, signed by some “280 reporters, editors and other employees,” complained that the lack of “fact-checking and transparency” of the Journal’s opinion section “undermined our readers’ trust and our ability to gain credibility with sources.”

Rhetorical question: Where are all the letters from journalists demanding such stuff from the nation’s legions of leftist editorial pages and newsrooms?

Specifically, the signers point to the Journal’s recently published op-ed by Vice President Mike Pence, “There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave,’” as evidence to underscore their dubious claims that the paper’s opinion section is guilty of disregarding evidence.

This is, of course, eerily similar to what recently transpired over at The New York Times’s opinion section. Last month, the Times ousted its opinion editor after he dared to publish an op-ed by Republican Senator Tom Cotton. Times staff members blasted the Gray Lady for daring to print an opinion piece that didn’t comport with their leftist sensibilities.

A group of left-leaning folks at the Journal’s news division has decided to take a page out of that playbook. Its letter calls for “more prominently labeling editorials and opinion columns” with the line “The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion pages are independent of its newsroom.” If the complaint and requested action had ended there, then this really wouldn’t be much of a story. However, what comes next is where the disturbing connection between the Journal and Times comes into play. The signers suggest taking actions clearly aimed at distancing the opinion section from the news division, while at the same time allowing the news division to criticize and “fact-check” opinion pieces. In other words, to engage in opinion.

Displaying just how far down the “social justice” rabbit hole the Journal employees have fallen, the letter claims that a certain opinion piece that rejected the Left’s “charge of systemic police bias” caused “pain” to many of the Journal’s “employees of color,” which was learned “during company-held discussions surrounding diversity initiatives.” Hello, snowflakes.

How about pulling out a dictionary and learning the definition of such terms as “opinion,” “news,” and “interpretation”?

It appears that a number of “journalists” at the Journal have confused “news” with “narrative.” It also appears that these Journal employees assume the paper’s readers are intellectual imbeciles who can’t distinguish the difference between Opinion and News even though it is clearly delineated at the top of each section.

Finally, here’s an easy solution: If you don’t like what the opinion section publishes, don’t read it.

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For Our Kids’ Sake, Open the Schools

Douglas Andrews

The first two sentences of Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s recent Wall Street Journal op-ed were a masterpiece of straightforward simplicity: “Schools should open in the fall. It’s critical for meeting the educational and social needs of children.”

It’d be hard to improve on those 17 words, and Gottlieb doesn’t. Instead, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration spends the rest of his column walking an epidemiological tightrope — a tightrope that’s suspended just six inches off the ground. We now know that, despite the well-known caveats, schools are the best place for most children, and probably the safest place, too. But beyond Gottlieb’s forceful “Schools should open” viewpoint, he seemed unwilling to take a side in this critical discussion.

Missing from Gottlieb’s piece is the latest news out of the United Kingdom about the risk to teachers of being infected by their students — a risk that at this point seems to be, well, nonexistent. As the Times of London reports, “There has been no recorded case of a teacher catching the coronavirus from a pupil anywhere in the world, according to one of the government’s leading scientific advisers. Mark Woolhouse, a leading epidemiologist and member of the government’s Sage committee, told The Times that it may have been a mistake to close schools in March given the limited role children play in spreading the virus.”

“…anywhere in the world.”

Are there any other parents out there — parents who watched their kids struggle through week after week of sleep-inducing online coursework — who think, like Dr. Woolhouse, “that it may have been a mistake to close schools in March”?

James Freeman, also writing in The Wall Street Journal, poses an excellent question in his headline: “Do teachers have an excuse for missing class?” Freeman also cites the UK study, and then he adds, “Around the world, citizens have perhaps become more wary lately of the claims of epidemiologists. But at a minimum this report puts new pressure on lockdown advocates to produce evidence of alleged harms to justify school closures. This also creates a rather awkward moment for U.S. teachers unions and their media friends.”

Awkward, indeed, because the unions and their media enablers have been disingenuously prattling on about the safety of “the children,” when the science seems to say otherwise. If we didn’t know better, we’d swear this cabal wasn’t concerned about the kids at all; that it was instead sowing chaos and confusion within American families all across the nation in an effort to hurt Donald Trump and help Joe Biden. Call it the Left’s BIG Lie about getting back to school.

The president, meanwhile, has made his position perfectly clear. And he’s willing to put his family’s skin in the game.

Of course, the president is not alone here. In an NBC News interview last week, “five top pediatricians across the country” were unanimous on this point: “The benefits of being in the classroom far outweigh the risk of getting the disease.” And when asked directly about letting their own children go back to school, they responded: “I will. My kids are looking forward to it.” “Yes, period.” “Absolutely. As much as I can. Without a hesitation, yes.” “I have no concerns about sending my child to school in the fall.” “I would let my kids go back to school.”

As for the larger medical community, the American Academy of Pediatrics has seen enough of online learning to know what’s best for the kids. Recently, it issued this clinical guidance: “The AAP strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school. The importance of in-person learning is well-documented, and there is already evidence of the negative impacts on children because of school closures in the spring of 2020.”

With each passing day, the Left’s anti-science stance becomes less tenable and less family-friendly. Remember this on November 3.

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No More (Color) Blind Auditions?

Nate Jackson

Auditions for seats in a symphony orchestra are among the most fair and utterly merit-based job applications you can imagine. The auditionee sits behind a screen to play for a panel of judges who can’t see him or her and don’t know his or her name. You see where this is going…

That’s not good enough for the social justice warriors. Anthony Tommasini, the New York Times’s head classical-music critic, recently demanded that orchestras “end blind auditions” in order to “make orchestras more diverse.”

He begins by recounting how two black musicians accused the New York Philharmonic of discrimination back in 1969, which then led to the widespread practice of blind auditions. That yielded results, Tommasini says, including boosting the percentage of woman and minorities in orchestras all over the country.

“But not enough,” he complains. “In a 2014 study, only 1.8 percent of the players in top ensembles were Black; just 2.5 percent were Latino.” And, as in 1969, the Philharmonic still has just one black musician.

Therefore, Tommasini declares, it’s time to end blind auditions and implement some sort of affirmative action to ensure that “the musicians onstage … better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.”

It may seem obvious that one whining article from one pompous media critic isn’t going to immediately change an industry dominated by a powerful union, but there’s also something different about the current cultural zeitgeist. In other words, don’t be surprised if this is just the first domino and that orchestras do start playing the tune of the social justice warriors instead of standing by the passé idea that talent and hard work pay off.

We’d suggest a more novel approach: Fix the pipeline of music education so that children of all colors are given the opportunity to learn and grow and aspire to symphony jobs. Maybe if inner cities were more worried about truly educating kids than just struggling to keep them out of gangs, then playing violin, clarinet, or horn would be more appealing to students.

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The Lincoln Project Is Red on the Inside

Harold Hutchison

To hear it from those behind The Lincoln Project, they’re merely placing country over party by opposing the excesses of Donald Trump. Thus, they support Joe Biden only for the purpose of removing Trump. But rest assured, they tell us: They’re still conservatives and Republicans.

Well, here are some data points that we can use to evaluate their claims:

  • The project’s leader, John Weaver, has declared that the group will go after Republicans who oppose Biden’s far-left agenda.

  • The Lincoln Project is also targeting moderate Republican senators in swing seats with the express goal of flipping the Senate.

  • The content of the group’s attacks on those senators repeats progressive canards, including the discredited “kids in cages” lie.

Just a quick look makes one want to blurt out an eight-letter word that starts with “bull.” But a closer look causes us to rethink whether the Lincoln Project’s top figures were ever really that conservative — or interested in advancing conservative policies and principles — in the first place.

For starters, let’s break down the threat to go after Republicans who oppose Biden’s far-left agenda. This means, essentially, that to stay in the good graces of The Lincoln Project, a Republican must tolerate abortion on demand, sweeping gun control, packing the Supreme Court, ending the Senate filibuster, hiking taxes, and the hard Left’s scheme to destroy the suburbs. What, then, are the “policy differences” they claim to have with Biden? They don’t say.

Next, these same “Republicans” want to flip the Senate to the Democrats. If they’re successful, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer could nuke the filibuster and then follow it with legislation to pack the Supreme Court, for example. That would undo important First Amendment protections for campaign speech and religious freedom. But other items would soon follow. If the problem had been only with Trump, The Lincoln Project would be working to reelect the likes of Maine Senator Susan Collins. Again, if these activists truly had policy differences with Biden, wouldn’t they want a Republican Senate to check Biden and a Nancy Pelosi-led House?

As for their attack ads, they include the usual left-wing canards. Again, if they merely wanted to stop Trump, they wouldn’t repeat the lies that no self-respecting Republican or conservative would ever condone. It’s almost as if they believe smears like the ones John Lewis spewed about John McCain and Biden told about Mitt Romney.

In all these matters, Lincoln Project actors are acting like doctrinaire Democrats. At some point, many grassroots Patriots depended on men thought to be conservatives — “leaders” like Romney, John Kasich, Jeff Flake, and Paul Ryan — to advance the cause of Liberty. They trusted media figures like George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Amanda Carpenter, and others to have their backs. After what appeared to be unilateral political disarmament at best, incompetence in other cases, and deliberate weakness at worst, these Patriots understandably looked elsewhere for people who would fight for them and for policies that they believed would benefit the whole country.

In fact, it should be noted, Lincoln Project “conservatives” are leveling far more vitriol at Trump, who is actually pursuing a conservative agenda — whether it’s securing the border, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, taking on the genocidal Iranian regime, getting tough with China, and turning the economy around — than they are at those who smeared conservatives.

This is why The Lincoln Project wants to destroy conservatism to “save” it. Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential race exposed the group’s hoodwinkers as failures at best, and frauds at worst. That is what really bothers them, and that’s why they need to destroy him. Because as long as Trump is around, they and their turncoat ilk will be rightly ignored.

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Single Mom Donates Lottery Winnings to Officer Shot in Line of Duty

“Police in Missouri are helping a local mother who donated her lottery winnings to an officer who was shot in the head earlier this month. Shetera Sims said she’s no stranger to hard times. With only $7 in her pocket, she recently tried a scratch-off ticket and won $100.

"Sims said her daughter, Rakiya, came up with the idea of how to spend it. ‘I said, "We should donate it to the police officer that got shot for his family,”’ Rakiya said. ‘It was her idea, and I went along with it,’ Sims said. ‘She’s a special child.’

“Kansas City police, in turn, helped set up a GoFundMe account for Sims. More than $9,500 had been raised as of Monday night. …

"The officer whom Sims helped was shot and left in critical condition on July 2. Sims and her daughter felt for the officer — and police in general — for personal reasons. Sims’ daughter, Karyia, was murdered in 2012. Sims said police solved the case and were supportive the whole time.”

Read more at WKRN.

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • “Senate Republicans announced Wednesday evening that they have ‘reached a fundamental agreement’ with White House negotiators on how to move forward with a coronavirus relief bill,” NBC News reports, adding, “The legislation remains fluid, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has indicated that he wants to keep the price tag at $1 trillion.” Unfortunately, The Hill further notes: “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Thursday indicated that a payroll tax cut won’t be in the coronavirus relief bill that Senate Republicans are expected to start unveiling shortly.”

  • NBC News also reveals: “The House approved legislation Wednesday to rid the U.S. Capitol of statues of Confederates and a bust of Roger B. Taney, the chief justice who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that said Black people couldn’t be citizens. The bill overwhelmingly passed on a vote of 305-113 .The legislation would direct the architect of the Capitol to remove the bust of Taney, which sits outside the Old Supreme Court Chamber at the Capitol, and replace it with one of Thurgood Marshall, the first Black justice on the high court. … The bill easily cleared the Democratic-controlled House, but it’s unclear whether Republicans will take it up in the Senate. Even if Congress passes the measure, President Donald Trump would have to sign it, and the president has repeatedly defended Confederate memorials.”

Government & Politics

  • More than 280 Wall Street Journal cancel-culture warriors sign a letter protesting “misinformation” in the paper’s conservative opinion pieces (UK Daily Mail)

  • Senator Tom Cotton — whose New York Times op-ed absurdly culminated in firings and reassignments — rips the Times for running China scientist’s op-ed slamming U.S. virus response (Fox News)

  • House Democrats futilely vote to repeal Trump travel ban, as Senate is unlikely to vote on it (The Hill)

  • Joe Biden either forgets or ignores history, says Trump is America’s first “racist” president (National Review)

  • Joe Biden’s Bernie Sanders’s plans near $10 trillion price tag (Fox News)

  • Is Kamala Harris planting evidence on her VP rivals? (The Washington Free Beacon)

National Security

  • President Trump announces a federal “surge” against violent crime wave in blue cities (National Review)

  • Houston, we have a problem: Chinese consulate closed by Trump administration was “a hot bed of spying” (UK Daily Mail)

  • Meanwhile, China is harboring military-linked biologist fugitive at San Francisco consulate (Fox News)

  • Taiwan fears growing threat of attack by China (Washington Examiner)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • U.S. deaths surpass 1,000 for second straight day (USA Today)

  • California, with 421,000 total cases, surpasses New York, though the latter has 24,000 more deaths (Reuters)

  • For the record: The big surge in coronavirus deaths is a media-fed myth (Issues & Insights)

  • Most major schools are heading toward online classes (USA Today)

Business & Economy

  • Weekly jobless claims turn higher: 1.416 million file for unemployment benefits (CNBC)

  • One-third of U.S. museums — which average 850 million visitors annually — may not survive the year, survey finds (NPR)

  • Gun purchases are up an unprecedented 95%, ammo 139% (Washington Examiner)

Culture & Heartland

  • Where’s the Leftmedia outrage? Charges pending for black man accused of kneeling on white two-year-old’s neck in social media photo (WHIO)

  • Portland mayor joins protest only to get protested against (Fox News)

  • Predictably, gender-confused woman sues Catholic hospital for refusing to remove her uterus (Washington Examiner)

Other Notables

  • Patricia Mccloskey’s gun didn’t work, so a prosecutor ordered it reassembled and then declared it lethal (Hot Air)

  • The Sierra Club is disowning its cofounder over racist comments he made over 100 years ago (The Daily Caller)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Liberty, government, and the preservation of civil society: The state can properly do more to assist American voluntary associations — including struggling private schools (City Journal)

  • Policy: The climate virus: Hysteria needs to shelter in place (Issues & Insights)

  • Humor: Portland moms finally pick up their kids from their little antifa protest (Genesius Times)

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Humor: How to Create Your Own Autonomous Zone — Step 1: Live in the U.S., where you have constitutional rights.


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Observations: “Today, radicals are not protesting against 1950s conservatism but rather against the radicals of the 1960s, who as old liberals now hold power. Now, many of the current enforcers — blue-state governors, mayors and police chiefs — are from the left. Unlike Democratic Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley in the ‘60s, today’s progressive civic leaders often sympathize with the protesters. The '60s protests were for racial assimilation and integration to reify Martin Luther King Jr.’s agenda of making race incidental, not essential, to the American mindset. Not so with today’s cultural revolution. It seeks to ensure that racial difference is the foundation of American life, dividing the country between supposed non-white victims and purported white victimizers, past and present.” —Victor Davis Hanson

For the record: “Today, there are more Black elected officials in Mississippi (the state where three civil rights workers were brutally murdered in 1964) than in any other state in America.” —Larry Elder

Upright: “This past week, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced it is renaming the Margaret Sanger Health Center in Manhattan and Margaret Sanger Square, where the building sits, as 'a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color.’ One cheer for Planned Parenthood. That’s like renaming Auschwitz but keeping the ovens. … We will never achieve a truly compassionate and egalitarian society unless we abandon the selfishness that got us here. Abortion is proof. In a society where unborn lives do not matter, no lives matter.” —Laura Hollis

Race bait: “Trump wants to instigate a race war. So he can rise up and say, ‘I’m the real grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and I’m the President. Reelect me.’ That’s what he’s trying to do.” —Rep. Bobby Rush

Non compos mentis: “The way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening. No sitting president has ever done this. Never, never, never. No Republican president has done this. No Democratic president. We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.” —Joe Biden, who’s plenty old enough to know better

And last… “Today’s far left is not interested in winning debates with better arguments — they prefer to shut down debate altogether.” —Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

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