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Friday Digest


Jul. 20, 2001


In our continuing efforts to provide you the most informative and entertaining e-journal on the Internet, we have instituted some significant changes to our e-mail protocol and formats. Beginning with edition #01-30 next week, The Federalist will be delivered in three parts: Monday Brief, Wednesday Chronicle and Friday Digest. You will still receive the same quantity and quality of news, policy and opinion, but, at the request of many of our readers, divided into more manageable lengths. (All of the quote sections that appeared in Friday’s Digest will be moved to Wednesday’s Chronicle.) Also, at your request, all three parts of each week’s Federalist will be available as HTML and PDF formats from our “printer friendly” page. Additionally, starting with edition #01-31, we will provide a link that will allow you to select which format you want e-mailed to your account: text (no action necessary), HTML or PDF. We hope these improvements meet with your approval and satisfaction.

(P.S. If you have problems reaching our Website, please send your complaints to the Red Chinese directorate IP responsible for the assault on thousands of servers across the nation this week. Our site is almost restored and, notably, it was much easier to recover from this attack than it was from AOL’s blackout!)

Quote of the week…

From the “Hispandering” File: “The president, who never misses an opportunity to demonstrate that his Spanish is better than his English and who only last month ordered the Navy and Marines off their bombing range in Puerto Rico, is trying now to figure out a way to grant legal status to millions of illegal Mexicans without countenancing contempt for the law. …George W., perhaps with an excess of conservative compassion, is unwilling to risk inviting new immigrants here on terms that would be fair to everyone, new immigrants most of all. He could begin by insisting that illegal Mexicans obey the law and learn the language as a condition of staying. By encouraging them to adhere to old-country customs and language, however much fun it may be to show off border-bordello linguistic skills, he dooms them to lonely isolation with scant hope of climbing out of a miserable ghetto of penury and cultural poverty. Such is the price of the pander.” –Wesley Pruden

Open query…

“As the global government trend intensifies, the conflicts between internationalism and sovereign constitutional government will only increase. …UN supporters like to ridicule the notion that the UN represents the beginning of one-world government, but what other label can be applied to an organization that seeks global laws, global courts, centralized legislative power, and a worldwide army?” –Rep. Ron Paul

The BIG lie…

“The gun lobby has been talking for 40 minutes. During that time, 40 people have died from the use of small arms and light weapons in this country. That figure…is further proof that this country is at war.” –“Million Mom March” spokeswoman Mary Leigh Blek criticizing the “gun lobby” defense of Americans’ Second Amendment rights in testimony concerning the UN’s conference on restricting “small arms.” **Apparently Ms. Blek used the same calculator to count gun-related deaths as she does to count Million Mom marchers. Total gun-related deaths in the U.S. average 35,000 annually – not one-per-minute (525,000), as Ms. Blek insists. Of those, about 50% are drug and gang related and 30% are suicides.

News from the swamp…

On the Hill, Rep. Bob Barr, a member of the United States delegation to the United Nations Small Arms Conference, noted his strong opposition to the UN’s proposal to limit legal possession and transfer of lawful small arms. “Despite strong opposition from a number of concerned parties, including the U.S. government, the UN appears to be moving forward with a program of action that is both seriously defective and unacceptable in a number of areas [including] greatly expanded record keeping by the federal government, far beyond that allowed or required under current U.S. domestic law.”

Speaking of record keeping, in further evidence that gun-control is a losing issue for the Left, the House voted 268-161 to back Attorney General John Ashcroft’s plan to reduce the 90 day period the central government currently maintains gun purchase records – to 24 hours.

The Brady Bunch had enlisted the support of perennial gun-control commissar, Demo Rep. James Moran, to advocate keeping the 90 day provision in the infamous Brady Bill.

Understandable why Moran would want to restrict gun ownership. Earlier this year, after neighbors reported screams coming from his fashionable Del Rey home in Alexandria, Virginia, police officers showed up to intervene in a dispute between this thug and his wife, Mary. The next day, she filed for divorce, saying that Moran had a long history of physically abusing her. (Wouldn’t want abused congressional wives – or interns for that matter – to have a handy means of self-defense!)

As previously noted in The Federalist, keeping gun purchase records in central government data bases for 24 hours is still 24 hours too long. To that end, Colorado Rep. Joel Hefley’s bill (H.R. 1460) requires “immediate destruction” of any and all information that might help identify lawful gun buyers. We support H.R. 1460 and Ron Paul’s Second Amendment Protection Act (H.R. 1762), which cleans up the rest of the Brady Bull.

In other news, Mr. Bush’s Faith-Based Initiatives bill, the Community Solutions Act (H.R. 7), passed, 233-198, after being stalled while homosexual activists in Congress attempted to exclude Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act protection for faith-based service providers – which would have forced such organizations receiving central government funding to hire those who do not conform to their faiths’ moral views. (Those proposed “anti-discrimination” amendments were all defeated prior to the bill’s passage.)

Now, it’s on to the Senate, where Demo-gogue Daschle predicts, “I can’t imagine that we could pass any bill that would tolerate slipping back into a level of tolerance that would be unacceptable in today’s society.” Daschle will not bring the up for a vote until next year.

Additionally, the House, in a vote of 424-6, laughed off Red China’s request for a million dollars compensation after “hosting” a Navy surveillance plane forced to land in China after an overzealous Red Baron collided with the lumbering EC-3. Majority Whip Tom DeLay noted of this “deluded daydream of a despotic regime” that “the brazen audacity of some demands can almost take on a kind of comic grandeur.”

Republican Sen. Bill Frist, a heart surgeon, became the latest “pro-life” member of Congress to announce his support for taxpayer support of embryonic stem-cell research. “I am pro-life,” Frist said, but “as a physician, my sole purpose has been to preserve and improve the quality of life.” He did not bother to say when he thinks life begins.

Biochemists, physicians and other scientists claim that if Congress declines to fund embryonic stem-cell research, it will not prevent further research. (Maybe, but it will prevent the confiscation of conservatives’ income to fund this affront to life created in the image of God!)

Legislation still in the wings: Mr. Bush’s so-called “Education Reform” Bill is still in debate – as Leftists attempt to pad additional provisions to shore up the NEA’s control over the worldview of the next generation of voters.

The Sociocrats…

From the “Shyster Sharpton” Files, Rev. Al announced he will sue the U.S. Navy for $1 million, claiming maltreatment after his arrest at the Vieques bombing range. Sharpton claims he was strip-searched, handcuffed for more than four hours, and ordered to lie down near motor vehicles, where he inhaled “pollution and fumes.” (Surely the agent charged with strip-searching Sharpton could sue him for “post traumatic strip disorder.”) Sharpton is completing his 90-day prison sentence in a Brooklyn detention center.

From the National Socialist Workers Party, U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler issued an injunction blocking the release of the Federal Election Commission’s report on its investigation of financial shenanigans between the Democratic National Committee and the AFL-CIO. Associated Press’ reporter Larry Margasak, says he has seen the report and notes, “While labor’s support of Democrats is well known, the documents show labor leaders had veto power over Democratic Party plans in 1996 by virtue of their large donations and seats on the steering committees in each state.”

Judicial Benchmarks…

In the halls of justice on the right, Attorney General John Ashcroft, fresh from his assault on the Brady Bill, is having the Justice Department draft a finding to codify the Second Amendment’s establishment of an “individual” right to possess arms – as clearly intended by our Founders – as opposed to the Leftjudiciary’s more recent interpretation of a “collective” right to bear arms.

The Commissars…

From the “Bolshoi Bureaucracy” Files, it’s too late for Oregon’s Klamath Basin farmers to get crops underway, after the government cut off their annual water supply, claiming sucker fish habitat might suffer. However, consistent with the “law of unintended consequences,” it now appears that California’s Tulelake Wildlife Refuge will suffer from the irrigation shutoff, and biologists for the area now estimate that up to a thousand American Bald Eagles and 25,000 waterfowl will perish due to disease and starvation.

From the “Bureaucrooks” Files, a report from FBI officials has outlined a list of 183 laptops, 449 weapons including submachine guns, and at least one laptop containing classified information that (are you ready?) have been lost or stolen. “To have laptops missing that could have national security information on them would be atrocious,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, a longtime FBI critic. “For the FBI to have lost firearms and failed to account for them is inexcusable.”

Memo to the FBI: Check in secret bunker under Robert Hanssen’s back yard.

Regarding your IRS overpayment…

From the “Confiscated Income” files, “Members of the House and the Senate – Republicans and Democrats – have tagged little projects for their home districts and their home states which about total $280 BILLION dollars. That’s a two and an eight followed by 10 zeros. The 2000 census puts the US population at about 280 million. That comes to $1,000 for every single person in the country. If the Congress has found an additional thousand dollars per person to spend, why isn’t there an additional thousand dollars per person available for an IMMEDIATE tax cut?” –Rich Galen

From the department of military readiness…

The Pentagon scored a direct hit last Saturday when an ICBM missile defense interceptor from the tiny Pacific island of Kwajalein destroyed a modified Minuteman II intercontinental-range missile equipped with a mock warhead launched 21 minutes earlier, 4,800 miles away at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

Commenting on the success, Heritage Foundation’s Baker Spring said, “The most formidable barriers to deployment of missile defense are not technological, but rather the policy decisions of the past eight years. A lack of political will, a failure of leadership, a destructive arms control policy, an overly bureaucratic acquisitions and management process, and a failure to pay attention to the seriousness of the missile threat have seriously obstructed progress.”

Speaking of “hits,” a recent study reveals that “substance abuse appears to be on the increase in the military.” The report references an Air Force memo indicating courts martial on drug charges have spiked 21% percent in the last 12 months. Apparently some airmen have taken the motto “Aim high” a bit too literally.

From the states…

In the People’s Republic of California, the Assembly’s Education Committee recently passed twin bills designed to further the homosexual assault on families and traditional values. Randy Thomasson, director of Campaign for California Families queries, “What parent wants her daughter to be in a steamy locker room, undressing alongside someone who is sexually attracted to her? What parent wants his son to be influenced by a transsexual role model?” The first bill to pass committee muster, SB 225, forces both government and private schools to adopt “non-discrimination policies that support ‘sexual orientation,’ or face the prospect of being banned from the California Interscholastic Federation. The second bill, SB 257, would make it illegal for any student or teacher in a California school to say anything opposing homosexuality.”

In the wake of Tennesseans’ successful protest against an income tax last week, of note is the fact that RINO Gov. Don Sundquist’s proposed budget would have exceeded constitutionally mandated spending limits by $600 million. (Apparently Sundquist learned something about spending during his tenure as a member of Congress.) Though Sundquist claims there is nothing else to be cut from the state’s budget, the National Governors Association’s Fiscal Survey of States reports that in the most recent year, Tennessee’s spending grew 9.7% – the second fastest growth rate Southeastern states, which averaged 6.4% growth.

A U.S. District Court judge in Massachusetts will conduct an open hearing concerning the North American Man-Boy Love Association liability in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley, who was raped and murdered by two homosexuals in 1997. The child’s parents claim the torture and murder of their son was inspired by information from the Man-Boy Love Association.

The “Dumb and Dumber” Department…

“What’s wrong with the most successful people putting one-quarter of their wealth back into the place that made their wealth and success possible?” –William Gates, Sr., lamenting the phaseout of the estate tax, which, last time we checked, takes almost one half of previously taxed family estates.

Court Jesters…

From the “Department of Injustice,” Andrew McBurnett, a man who tossed a dog to its death in a bout of road rage last year was sentenced to three years in prison for animal cruelty. His wife, Sara McBurnett, testified: “For me it was my child. He killed my baby right in front of me.”

Meanwhile, in Wichita, Kansas, police have barricaded a late-term abortion clinic to defend a mother’s “right to choose” partial-birth abortion.

In economic news…

Industrial output dropped 0.7% in June, the ninth monthly decline, prompting analysts to predict a second quarter decline. (No wonder Congress spent that “surplus” so fast. Based on the contracting economy, if they had waited another year, there would be no surplus. As it is, expect the word “deficit” to creep back into next years budget lexicon.)

In business news…

So you think that recent research “finding” that legalized abortion is responsible for reduced crime rates was a bit over the line…. This week, we reviewed a report from the Czech Republic that asserts tobacco users, who die prematurely, create a financial “benefit” in the form of savings the government would otherwise have expended to pay for geriatric medical care. The study claims the Czech Republic “saved” $30 million in 1999.

And you will NEVER guess who paid for the study!

Philip Morris.

Culture comment…

In news from the “Gay 90s,” following the return to heterosexuality of high profile celebs Anne Heche (Ellen DeGeneres’s old flame) and Sinead O'Connor (reportedly a singer), now comes word that Julie Cypher (Melissa Etheridge’s old flame) is going normal. She told Etheridge, “I’ve tried these last couple of years, and I’m just not gay.” What is the world coming to?

Faith Matters…

In news from the “Village Church” bulletin, across the northern border, members of the Church of God in Alymer, Ontario, including 26 mothers with 74 children, fled from the country last week amid fears that government social workers were making plans to dispossess parents of their children in response to reports that the parents were spanking their children “using sticks and belts.”

Memo to the Canadian National Socialist government, we checked, and: “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” (Proverbs 13:24); “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you beat him with a rod, he will not die.” (Proverbs 23:13) “The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.” (Proverbs 29:15)

Around the world…

From the East block, Russia and Red China inked a “friendship” treaty Monday, intended to overtake the perceived “hyperpower hegemony” of the U.S., promoting what the signers deemed a “just and rational new international order.” This treaty remakes a 1949 Sino-Soviet Communist pact, which disintegrated in the 1960s, allowing President Richard Nixon’s infamous “opening to Red China.” While stopping short of explicit military alliance, the pact nevertheless promises “good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation,” and “consultation” under “extraordinary” circumstances. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Red Chinese President Jiang Zemin also issued a separate declaration emphasizing their commitment to the 1972 Soviet-U.S. Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, as the “cornerstone of strategic stability and the basis for reducing offensive weapons.” And Wednesday in Moscow Putin called for scrapping NATO, or restructuring that military alliance to include Russia.

And last, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh renewed his eight year contract with Premiere Radio Networks for $250 million – with a $35 million signing bonus. “Limbaugh’s earnings now pace him ahead of the annual salaries for Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Barbara Walters – combined!” says Matt Drudge. “The deal represents a stunning triumph over the establishment by an outsider who connected with and captured the spirit of the nation’s heartland.”

Memo to Rush: Would you consider connecting with and renewing your annual support for The Federalist – perhaps even upgrading from the Advocate level ($100) to the Founder level ($250)?

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