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Monday Brief


Aug. 13, 2001


“Common sense will tell us, that the power which hath endeavored to subdue us, is of all others, the most improper to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretense of friendship. And ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be at last cheated into slavery.” –Thomas Paine


“Those who have given themselves the most concern about the happiness of peoples have made their neighbors very miserable.” –Anatole France


“He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” (Proverbs 12:11)

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1)

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” (Revelation 3:17)

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.” (Colossians 4:5)

“The wise in heart accept commands, but a chattering fool comes to ruin.” (Proverbs 10:8)

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” –John 15:13


“Some there are who presume so far on their wits that they think themselves capable of measuring the whole nature of things by their intellect, in that they esteem all things true which they see, and false which they see not. Accordingly, in order that man’s mind might be freed from this presumption, and seek the truth humbly, it was necessary that certain things far surpassing his intellect should be proposed to man by God.” –Thomas Aquinas


“A new report out from the Minority Staff on the House Government Reform Committee finds that 35 percent of nursing homes in the U.S. (5,926 facilities) have been cited for more than 10,000 instances of abuse in the period from January 1999 to January 2001. Of these, it is alleged, more than 1,500 cases were serious enough to cause harm or to place the lives of residents in danger. Instances of elder abuse are on the rise and, sadly, all too predictable in a post-Roe culture that has devalued human life. Liberal Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) is suggesting that the solution is to pour more money into the nursing home industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. The industry has a sad history of fraud and abuse. The solution is to reclaim respect for life at all stages of development – at the beginning of life, at its close, and in between. We must also create additional options for families with elders, including more home and community-based solutions, such as in-home care, adult day care, respite care, and hospice care. Nursing homes should be a last resort, not a first response. Institutionalization of the elderly is a failed experiment. By the way, where are the ‘law and order conservatives’ on this one? Shouldn’t we be putting nursing home personnel who abuse our frail elderly in prison?” –Ken Connor


“To rush in now and establish research practices that deny the sacred value Western civilization has always placed on human life is to head off into a historic epoch that might well put an end to Western civilization and open us to an era that the totalitarians of the 20th century welcomed. Imagine the Nazis’ goals being implemented by American humanists pursuing medical breakthroughs.” –R. Emmett Tyrrell


“It’s called the red tide. And it can be devastating, leading even to death. … poisoning … shellfish in the waters of the North Atlantic…. What brings this to mind is the concept of an undercurrent from another red tide, a hidden sweep toward socialism under the guise of capitalism. Here’s the theory: To preserve a robust capitalist system requires ever-increasing profits and investments. This leads the hunt for inexpensive raw products, inexpensive labor to assemble them and ever-expanding markets in which to sell the finished goods. In turn, that sometimes results in turning a blind eye to dangerous workplace conditions, unfair wages and abuses of the environment. A hue and cry erupts, blaming greedy business practices, and then government steps in to ‘protect’ workers, provide a variety of social services and expand the reach of bureaucracy. Restraints also are placed on businesses and the raw products upon which they depend. This generally opens the door to more socially engineered services, and soon government becomes Big Daddy under the rubric of doing all these things for the good of the people. Sound familiar? It should. It’s called communism or fascism. And it results from erosion by undercurrents of red tide. We must be vigilant to protect our freedom.” –Paul M. Rodriguez


“No doubt privacy aids and abets criminals. But privacy has many positive functions as well, and these functions should not be abolished just in order to better chase after criminals. For example, financial privacy gives voice to many people who live in political jurisdictions where dissent is risky and where wealth is confiscated. (Asset forfeiture laws are making even the United States such a place.) Would political dissidents be as bold if the governments they oppose had a handle on the location of their financial assets? In many countries (Columbia and Brazil, for example), financial privacy is necessary to protect people and family members from becoming targets for kidnappers. In countries with corrupt governments, low-paid government bureaucrats sell the identities of wealthy people to kidnappers. In the United States, the Fourth Amendment restricts search and seizure. Police are not allowed indiscriminate search powers in order to troll for criminals. Individuals can be searched only with probable cause and warrants. Requiring Americans to report their foreign bank accounts to the IRS constitutes blanket, warrantless searches that violates the U.S. Constitution.” –Paul Craig Roberts


“Republicans are trying to build on their strengths only in uncontroversial ways. Take the president’s ‘faith-based initiative.’ Liberals have attacked aspects of it, to be sure. But most Democrats support the basic concept. The White House is apparently planning to extend this approach in the fall with a ‘small-bore’ agenda…. The plan is called ‘Communities of Character.’ …Bush’s initiatives would … legitimize federal activism. …And they help Democrats solve their own problems: They can endorse conservative symbolism favoring ‘good citizenship’ at no cost. Indeed, they will profit when the schools, inevitably, interpret good citizenship to mean letter-writing campaigns to Congress to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The initiative will no doubt provide plenty of ‘good news’ for the media; not for conservatives, or even Republicans.” –National Review


“Good citizenship is vitally important if democracy is to survive and flourish. It means keeping abreast of the important issues of the day and knowing the stakes involved in the great conflicts of our time. It means bearing arms when necessary to fight for your country, for right, and for freedom. Good citizenship and defending democracy means living up to the ideals and values that make this country great.” –Ronald Reagan


“We are foolishly escalating our ongoing 11 year war with the Iraqi government. Bombing raids are acts of war, and the Constitution requires a congressional declaration of war before such strikes legally can be commenced. In (the airstrikes launched by U.S. and British forces on Friday) the commander did not even bother to get presidential authorization for the mission, nor is there any indication that the action was done at the behest of NATO or the UN. It’s time for Congress to put an end to these unilateral and unconstitutional acts of aggression.” –Rep. Ron Paul


“The 500,000-member United Brotherhood of Carpenters has left the AFL-CIO, feeding ‘mounting internal doubts about the federation’s ability to reverse the labor movement’s decline,’ John B. Judis reports in The New Republic. The Carpenters president, Douglas McCarron, explained to members in a letter, ‘It’s a matter of principle. It now costs $4 million a year of your dues money to belong to that association. The AFL-CIO and many affiliated unions, including some of the other trades, have talked about change, but made few real changes. For example, while we were cutting staff and putting our resources in the field, spending on headquarters staff at the AFL-CIO alone almost doubled.’ The 125,000-member United Transportation Union has also left the labor federation, Judis reports.” –National Review Online


“The [‘centrist’ Democratic Leadership Council] DLC gained enormous credibility within the party when two of its members, Bill Clinton and Al Gore, took back the White House. They are now making the case that presidential candidate Al Gore lost the election because he deserted the political center and set up camp on the wrong side of America’s cultural divide. It is an easy case to make. Gore called on one group of Americans to declare war on other Americans. He promised to lead the fight to protect: the people from the powerful, workers from bosses, old people from greedy pharmaceutical companies, the noble poor from the filthy rich, criminals from brutal cops, the sexually different from the Boy Scouts, pregnant teenagers from their parents, teachers from accountability, atheists from prayer, environmental extremists from reality, school children from God, sinners from Jerry Falwell, minorities from a level playing field, trial lawyers from those who would ban legal extortion, women from men, children from parents, government workers from tax cuts, politicians from the law, everyone from the judgment of others, and the Democrat Party from the Constitution. …Oops! The DLC has a problem. A woman’s right to kill her unborn child is losing popular support as science makes folly of the proposition that human life does not begin until birth; the abuse of civil rights legislation, double standards, and remedial bigotry against whites have created a massive backlash; and the current push by Democrats to force a radical homosexual agenda on society represents a challenge to freedom of association, an infringement of the right of moral discernment, and an overt assault on the values and moral positions of every major religion in the world. Unless Democrats rejoin the moral mainstream, or do a really superb job of selling their ‘reinvented’ selves, there is not a prayer they can bridge the cultural divide.” –Linda Bowles


“President Bush will not allow any federal funds for: (1) the derivation or use of stem cell lines derived from newly destroyed embryos; (2) the creation of any human embryos for research purposes; or (3) the cloning of human embryos for any purpose. Furthermore, federal funds will only be available for the 60 existing stem cell lines which are believed to meet three criteria: (1) the informed consent of the donors; (2) from excess embryos created solely for reproductive purposes; and (3) without any financial inducements to the donors. President Bush also believes that great scientific progress can be made through aggressive federal funding of research on umbilical cord placenta, adult, and animal stem cells that do not involve the same moral dilemma. As a result, President Bush announced that this year the government will spend $250 million on this important research.” –RNC news release

(**Still can’t find that section of the Constitution authorizing any of our tax dollars for this purpose….)


“Regarding the report that Kim Jong-Il’s ‘Heavenly Cow’ recipe is made from donkey - it is said ‘You are what you eat…’”

“I believe your error is to be found within the commentary concerning home schooling. After establishing that home schooled children exhibit much better academic performance than government schooled children, I believe the correct spelling for ‘Gubmint Skewld’ is ‘Gummint Skooled’!”

“I don’t agree that President Bush ‘crossed the line’ in his stem cell proposal. I too would have preferred to have heard ‘no federal funds for any research related to embryonic stem cells.’ But Bush made what I think is a very politically astute distinction. He acknowledged that some embryos have already been ‘sacrificed,’ using private funding.”
Editor’s Reply: We will check the organ donor cards for those embryos and get back to you.

“President Bush’s decision on stem cell research amounts to turning over victims of the holocaust to the lampshade factory. Now he wants to give federal funding to help the factories build.”

“Insights of The Federalist variety rarely make it to the masses – couch potatoes who are largely dyed-in-the-will Leftists, fattened on a 40-year diet of pop culture served up by the media – and don’t even know it!”
Editor’s Reply: So, hit that e-mail “forward” button.


“Bill Clinton has at last agreed
To write what all of us should read,
The fiction story of his life,
Of war and peace, mistress and wife,
About his times from A to Z,
From Hillary to Lewinsky,
And how his days and years were spent
From boyhood through to president.
About his schooling K through Yale,
About those times he didn’t inhale,
And how he dodged the Army draft
So someone else would get the shaft,
About the girls he took to bed
Or stashed beneath his desk instead,
Or copped at least a feel or two
As Clinton boys are wont to do,
And how there ever came to be
A vast right-wing conspiracy
That tried real hard to bring him down
But failed to run him out of town.
So much there is we want to know
That only Bill can say what’s so
Yes. Only Bill. And so we wait
For Bill to tell us why he’s great.
His book will come out in ‘03
A book the Dems can’t wait to see.
But still it will be no surprise
If Bill has writ a book of lies.”

–Lyn Nofziger (AKA Joy Skilmer)

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