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Oct. 10, 2001


“I consider it as an indispensable duty to close this last act of my official life by commending the interest of our dearest country to the protection of Almighty God, and those who have the superintendence of them to his holy keeping.” –George Washington


“God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.” –St. Augustine

“Where there is fear of God to keep the house, the enemy can find no way to enter.” –Francis of Assisi

“The concessions of the weak are the concessions of fear.” –Edmund Burke

“When you have nothing left but God…you become aware that God is enough.” –Maude Royden

“The higher the mountains, the more understandable is the glory of Him who made them and who holds them in His hand.” –Francis Schaeffer

“The chief pang of most trials is not so much the actual suffering itself as our own spirit of resistance to it.” –Jean Nicolas Grou

“Be extremely subtle, to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” –Sun-Tsu

“Blessed is any weight, however overwhelming, which God has been so good as to fasten with His own hand upon our shoulders.” –F.W. Faber

“If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking.” –George S. Patton

“Back in the ‘20’s, Will Rogers had an answer for those who believed that strength invited war. He said, 'I’ve never seen anyone insult Jack Dempsey’ (world heavyweight champion at that time).” –Ronald Reagan


“I have no intention of stopping doing what I do. That’s the beauty of this country and that’s the purpose of the announcement, and even though I can’t hear, I can still communicate. So liberals and moderates, beware!” –Rush Limbaugh

“Courage is what happened when the New York firefighters and policemen ran into the burning World Trade Center; cowardice is what set it aflame.” –Gregg Easterbrook

“You don’t have to be a diplomat or a president to keep your compass true.” –A.M. Rosenthal

“For the public, the war on terrorism will probably be about nothing less than national honor, and that is not something that can be finessed or negotiated away in coalition politics.” –Rich Lowry

“At a time like this, the imprudent ones are those who simply want to lop off one tentacle of the terrorist threat, the one that perpetrated Sept. 11. Doing that will give us satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and an entirely false sense of security.” –Charles Krauthammer

“Until we eliminate the rule of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and free the Iraqi people from the terror of their everyday lives, this War on Terror will be incomplete.” –John LeBoutillier

“Audacity mixed with patience will produce victory. Patience has never been a virtue for Americans. This is, after all, the land of fast food, FedEx, and fax machines.” –Alan W. Dowd

“There is an incredible evil in this world and it is not capitalism or a foreign policy that tilts toward Israel or a failure to recognize global warming. No, this evil kills women and children in the name of God and rejects all humane behavior.” –Bill O'Reilly

“There seems little doubt that a tough and determined president could have ridded the world of bin Laden years before he was able to plan and carry out the attacks of Sept. 11.” –Lyn Nofziger

“Tyranny is when the state can – whenever it wants – know where you are, what you’re doing, and from collateral information, what you’re thinking.” –Nat Hentoff

“Government needs power to fight enemies of America, but that power must remain constrained, since it is easily abused by even the best intentioned.” –Doug Bandow

“…[O]ur leaders are confused and have their prime directives screwed up. Those prime directives include protection of the borders of this country and protection of the citizens both from outside invasion and from government abuse itself.” –Diane Alden

“And if we fail to distinguish genuine refugees from economic migrants, we will encourage an uncontrollable outflow of people from poor to rich countries – and effectively abolish national borders.” –John O'Sullivan

“The gun-control lobby prefers hijacked airliners to any role for self-protection.” –Paul Craig Roberts

“Prosperity is not a petty concern but the very pith of what it means to thrive and grow in peace.” -Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

“If talking about problems solved them, America wouldn’t have any. Sometimes it takes a crisis to break a nation out of the rhetorical cycle.” –Linda Bowles

“As for our popular culture in general, what have the attacks forced to the margins? Glibness, for one thing.” –Brent Bozell

“America can be great again; its greatness was never about becoming an empire, rather the reverse. It was about being a place where the job gets done right, and fair play is the norm. We were great when we respected the will of God and had the humility to question our own motives.” –Michael Peirce


“This campaign against terrorism will almost certainly claim additional allied casualties, both military and civilian. Thousands of Americans have first-hand experience with the shattering emptiness that comes from the loss of a loved one. Those terrorists who marked Americans with a red badge of wounding on Sept. 11 may well strike again – in other indiscriminate and horrifying ways. Americans and our Western democratic allies are hated by the Taliban and the bin Ladens of the world precisely because we cherish liberty and freedom. That will not change, so long as the forces of terror stalk the globe. Freedom’s volunteers have now joined the battle. Our thoughts and our prayers are with them. As Mr. Bush said in the benediction of his address, ‘We will not waver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and freedom will prevail’.” –Washington Times


This week’s “Mea Culpa” Award: “Look, George W. Bush is your president, and he’s my president. I feel bad about what I said, and I apologize for saying it.” –Andy Rooney expressing regret he called Mr. Bush “not too smart” for the metaphorical suggestion that landlocked Afghanistan was providing “safe harbor” for terrorists.

“This stems from the suspension of his Arkansas law license for giving misleading testimony in the Paula Jones sex case.” –Dan Rather trying to explain why the Supremes announced suspension of Bill Clinton’s practice of law before the nation’s highest court, but without using the “P” word (for perjury). **Still insisting it was just about “sex”!

Sometimes the Leftmedia get it right: “On Sept. 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden and other members of Terror Inc., tried to move the American nation to adopt the kind of racial and religious hatred and indiscriminate fear-mongering they practice. On Oct. 7, 2001, the United States responded with measure and mercy sufficient to the day.” –Washington Post’s Jim Hoagland


“Oh, I am well aware that it is out there. One of the most difficult experiences that I personally had in the White House was during the health care debate, being the object of extraordinary rage. I remember being in Seattle. I was there to make a speech about health care. This was probably August of ‘94. Radio talk show hosts had urged their listeners to come out and yell and scream and carry on and prevent people from hearing me speak. There were threats that were coming in, and certain people didn’t want me to speak, and they started taking weapons off people, and arresting people. I’ve had firsthand looks at this unreasoning anger and hatred that is focused on an individual you don’t know, a cause that you despise – whatever motivates people.” –Sen. Hillary Rodham-Clinton on how opposition to her socialist health care plan was akin to the cold-blooded mass murder of September 11th. **Apparently, she, like hubby Bill, can “feel their pain.”


“The National Coming Out Day is a national event. It is commemorated in communities around the country, so National Coming Out Day will go forward and local communities will decide how to commemorate the day on their own.” –David Smith, communications director for the Human [read “Homosexual] Rights Campaign, on the cancellation of the national celebration because it fell on the one month anniversary of 9-11. Ms. Candace (sister of you -know-who) Gingrich added, "Participants [should remember] the fallen heroes and their families [and] take pride in being out – whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender….” **What a fine gesture of “patriotism”!

“We can make our children safer by reaching out rather than lashing out…. What we can’t do is look like the only action we’re capable of is a military action that will kill people.” –Phil Donohue on “reaching out” to terrorists, who intentionally target children and other defenseless people **Let’s send Phil and Jesse to negotiate in “Kaboom.”

“We understand people are scared, and people are trying to deal with their fears, but bringing a handgun into their home is making that home more dangerous. People would be a lot better off going and talking to a counselor, a minister, a priest or a rabbi, because what people are looking for is peace of mind and security, and you won’t find that in a gun.” –Desmond Riley, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence **Our recipe for “peace of mind and security” is a little of both, like the World War I ditty, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”….

“We know the legacy of Columbus. The legacy of Columbus is something Indian people live with every day: the federal laws, the loss of 96 percent of our land base.” –Glenn Morris, Denver college professor and member of the American Indian Movement **News flash… If you were born here, you are “Native American.” Even the so-called “American Indians” migrated here from somewhere else….


“Osama bin Laden’s followers are obsessed with the promise of an afterlife in paradise and the 74 virgins who wait there to serve them. (The fanatics apparently have not considered the grim fact that for every waiting virgin there’s a prospective mother-in-law).” –Wes Pruden

“We aren’t running out of targets – Afghanistan is.” –Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Tuesday in assessing the progress of the military strikes against Jihadistan

“A prattler can be a murderer or a murderer can also be a prattler.” –Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres on Osama bin Laden

“If you go out and recruit choir boys to do undercover work, your information is going to dry up very quickly.” –Dr. Stanley Bedlington, a former counterterrorism analyst for the CIA

“Well, we gave peace a chance, and they blew up the World Trade Center. Now it’s time to give war a chance, and over 90% of Americans agree.” –Jonah Goldberg

“Talk about ironic: the same people always urging us to not blame the victim in rape cases are now saying Uncle Sam wore a short skirt and asked for it.” –Jonathan Alter on the “antiwar” intelligentsia

“What is the use of threatening fanatics with violence? What is it about the word 'suicide’ we don’t understand? …The most stunning crime in modern memory seems to have been accomplished with knives and box-cutters.” –Joseph Sobran

“A large swathe of the Western elites has settled into an endless dopey roundelay, a vast Schnitzlerian carousel where every abstract noun is carrying on like Anthony Quinn on Viagra. Instability breeds resentment, resentment breeds inertia, inertia breeds generalities, generalities breed clichés, clichés breed lame metaphors, until we reach the pitiful state of the peacenik opinion columns where, to modify the old Eyewitness News formula, if it breeds it leads.” –Mark Steyn

“Bin Laden thinks Yankees are bad / And calls for a holy jihad. But he’ll learn too late / That he shouldn’t tempt fate / By making those Yankees real mad.” –Lyn Nofziger

“Some people seem to think that the answer to all of life’s imperfections is to create a government agency to correct them. If that is your approach, then go straight to totalitarianism. Do not pass ‘Go.’ Do not collect $200.” –Thomas Sowell

“Only government can put regulations in place that allow a few barely armed men to hijack airliners and crash them into buildings while, on the other hand, spending 30 years maximizing the population’s vulnerability to germ warfare.” –Paul Craig Roberts

Night Lines:

Jay Leno…. Did everyone have a nice Columbus Day? The Taliban found out they have something in common with Columbus, today they both have discovered America! As you know it’s now the “Tali-BOOM”! We had our B-1’s and B-2’s, the Tomcats, all the fighters out yesterday. I guess we showed them that Americans aren’t afraid to fly! Do you know what the number one reality show in Afghanistan is? The Flintstones! …. The Emmy Awards have now been cancelled for the second time and might not be scheduled now until next year. When the Redskins heard about this they said, “You can do that?” …. Bill Clinton is selling his diary tapes from the Oval Office. There are 80 tapes in all. I hear they cost $4.99 the first minute and $1.99 each additional minute. …. Al Gore spent all last weekend in Iowa driving around in a brown Taurus visiting supporters, stopping here and there and staying in hotels. The whole time he was there he didn’t sell one encyclopedia.

David Letterman…. Letterman’s Top Messages Left On Miss America’s Answering Machine: “I think I dialed the wrong number – I was calling for Miss Armenia” “It’s your next door neighbor – long story short, my dog swallowed your tiara” “Your boss at The Gap checking in. We’ll see you back in about a year” “This is Carl America. You’re not Doris America’s daughter, are you?” “Wow, I didn’t think you’d be listed under ‘Miss America’” “Hi… If Donald Trump is there, can you have him call his secretary?” “If you’re ever in Chappaqua, feel free to drop by…”

Argus Hamilton…. President Bush received an 89 percent job approval rating on Thursday. He’s really starting to impress people. Between Mideast war, recession, and layoffs, he’s doing the best impression of his father since Dana Carvey left Saturday Night Live. …. Reverend Jesse Jackson visited a Los Angeles mosque on Friday and criticized American policy in the Middle East. Last week, the White House refused to allow Jesse Jackson to visit Afghanistan. It turns out, we’re not that mad at the Taliban. …. The CIA showed evidence Friday that hijacker Mohammed Atta trained at Osama bin Laden’s training camp. Satellite photos reveal the camp to contain opium fields, gun ranges and monkey bars. It’s looks like any grade school in Los Angeles. …. NBC’s West Wing staged a terrorist attack on the White House as a device to lecture the nation on ethnic tolerance. It figures. According to Hollywood, no race is inherently evil unless it’s held in a Southern city and sponsored by Winston. …. Health Secretary Tommy Thompson urged Americans not to panic about anthrax. He said the country has enough antibiotics to treat 2 million people for 60 days. Maybe the president’s annual math test should be given to Cabinet secretaries. …. Hillary Clinton told the New Yorker she knows how Arab-Americans feel now that everyone’s angry at them for the World Trade Center attack. She says she experienced the same anger during the 1994 health care debate. The difference is, there’s no way to know how many Americans would have died from her health care plan. …. The Supreme Court Monday suspended Bill Clinton from practicing law before the Supreme Court. It’s all so sad. His expertise in pants-dropping will be sorely missed if Belt versus Suspenders ever makes it all the way to the High Court. …. California Governor Gray Davis urged Americans to do something patriotic and take a vacation. His timing is just perfect. Now that everyone on the East Coast has bought a gas mask, they’ve got everything they need to vacation in Los Angeles.

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