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Wednesday Chronicle


Oct. 31, 2001


“The time to guard against corruption and tyranny is before they have gotten hold of us. It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold than to trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he shall have entered.” –Thomas Jefferson


“The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith; and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.” –George Muller

“Our whole duty, for the present, at any rate, is summed up in the motto: American first.” –Woodrow Wilson

“To be grateful is to recognize the love of God in everything He has given us – and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love.” –Thomas Merton

“Freedom from fear and injustice and oppression will be ours only in the measure that men who value such freedom are ready to sustain its possession – to defend it against every thrust from within and without.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

“There is nothing the body suffers the soul may not profit by.” –George Meredith

“God always gives us strength enough, and sense enough, for every thing that He wants us to do.” –John Ruskin (1819-1900)

“One sword keeps another in the sheath.” –George Herbert

“The time is now, my fellow Americans, to recapture our destiny, to take it into our own hands.” –Ronald Reagan


“If we really are at war, let us perhaps have pity upon our doomed enemies. But after what we suffered on September 11, if we are not at war, then we should have pity upon ourselves for what we have become.” –Victor Davis Hanson

“If we are serious about this war on terrorism, Congress ought not only to declare war, but warn that any terrorist caught in the U.S. on a mission of massacre will go before a military tribunal and be put to death quickly and in secret….” –Pat Buchanan

“War is an act of destruction, not urban renewal. We need to steel ourselves to that truth now, or we might find that partway into the battle, even as we remain under catastrophic threat, we lack the stomach to see it through.” –Charles Krauthammer

“Let’s work with our democratic allies first, and turn to friendly tyrannies only as a last resort.” –Michael Ledeen

“It’s important that government protect its citizens. But that shouldn’t be a pretext for growing government.” –Kenneth L. Connor

“American society is a kind of marriage with the law, and infidelity always exacts a price.” –Paul Greenberg

“America is free because it protects dissent. Dissent doesn’t create freedom, but it is an essential byproduct of freedom.” –Debra Saunders

“You’re not paranoid if you think people are persecuting you when they actually are. When you begin to imagine reactions based on fear, that’s a disproportionate reaction. And that’s exactly what the terrorists are counting on – a disproportionate reaction.” –Suzanne Fields

“Civilization has faced ‘the evil ones’ before. Intelligent, resolute action against them has always triumphed.” –R. Emmett Tyrrell

“America could use some confidence-building measures right now.” –Cal Thomas

“…[E]ven the wealthiest of scoundrels cannot buy respectability with their blood money.” –Debbie Schlussel

“If there was ever a time for the American people to understand energy independence, it’s now.” –Rush Limbaugh

“Relentlessly impressed by Clinton’s compassionate poses, daring behavior and glib intellectualism, the many journalists with a soft spot for this rogue missed the point. Bill Clinton was a small man for a small time, a panderer and pollster and not a leader, a man who was not up to the challenge of a major war against terrorism.” –Brent Bozell

“The Internet is the happiest intellectual, journalistic and educational development in history, and the thought of letting the weeds of prehensile government crawl about it struck some as on the order of enforced shutters on sunlight, or taps on waterfalls.” –William F. Buckley, Jr.


“Never mind Monica. Never mind the impeachment. America is living – day to day, and for many years to come – with the former president’s fecklessness regarding international terrorism, too. Clinton promised to track down the architects of bombings at the World Trade Center (1993), Khobar Towers (1996), American embassies in Africa (1998) and USS Cole (2000) – and he didn’t. This sent a signal that U.S. interests at home and abroad were open to attack. The Clinton administration also determined that the CIA should not use sources that had ‘dirty hands’ – i.e., individuals with possible criminal or human rights violations in their past. Soon it had no significant sources at all. In other words, the man’s lack of self-control caused him to ignore his primary responsibility –keeping America and its citizens safe. And the price of that irresponsibility is being paid now.” –New York Post


“The Pentagon as a legitimate target? I actually don’t have an opinion on that.” –ABC President David Westin functioning as a target spotter for Al Qaeda.

“When writing about terrorism, remember to include white supremacists, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.” –Society of Professional Journalists content guidelines for providing “balance” in terror reportage. **What? No mention of Leftist terror acts from eco-nuts and radical gay extremists?

“Perhaps the school systems across the country really should be thinking about renewing a lesson about tolerance.” –NBC reporter Ann Curry on New York schools reinstating the Pledge of Allegiance. **Perhaps journalists should take a “lesson about tolerance” too?

This week’s “Leftmedia Buster” Award: “Anthrax, Part II is an even bigger media production than last week’s frantic celebration of spores and nasal swabs. Sequels often rely on dramatic derivations of old material to lure in an audience, and this week’s coverage is no exception. Bioterrorism has become the vehicle for alarmist drama, cliffhanger mystery, junk science, conspiracy theories, fingerpointing and confusion amid scattered attempts at straightforward journalism.” –Washington Times media observer Jennifer Harper


“Sure, people are angry and upset. I am angry and upset. But that doesn’t mean what you do is go out and immediately fly off and bomb the other side. …It’s a very complicated situation.” –Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Washington) questioning actions on the Afghanistan front in the War on Terrorism.


“We’ve heard this song before, right? In the fifties there was a blacklist, and it ruined lives. If you’re anything like me, when you watch any of the dozens of films that have been made about the blacklist, you look at that and think, my God, if I could only transport myself back in time to this period and knock a couple of heads together and say, are you out of your mind? Well, we’re there, right now. It’s happening all over again. I think it’s right now when it’s most important that there be dissent. When the patriotism police should be kept at bay and that people understand that Bill Maher is every bit as much an American as you or I and let’s remember the values that we are protecting in the first place. My feeling is that those of us who aren’t going to be driving the tanks in Afghanistan really what we can do for the war effort is to make sure that if you don’t like what Bill Maher has to say, change the channel. Write him a letter. But he shouldn’t be taken off the air. White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer should not get up and say Americans need to watch what they say….” –Hollywonk producer Aaron Sorkin with recommendations for Hollywood war efforts. **Apparently, the “patriotism police” have also made it more difficult for producers of Leftist propaganda like “West Wing” to get their drug contraband through airport security.

“Does anybody make a connection between the 2000 election and the events of Sept. 11? …The new world order is about order and control. This attack was pure chaos, and chaos is energy. All great changes have come from people or events that were initially misunderstood, and seemed frightening, like madmen.” –Hollywonk Oliver Stone on our misunderstanding of Osama bin Laden.

From the “Village Academic Curriculum” File: “The ad clearly crosses the line between reasoned debate and inflammatory hate mongering.” –Text from leaflets left replacing over 1,000 stolen copies of the University of California, Berkeley, student newspaper The Daily Californian, after politically correct Leftists objected to an Ayn Rand Institute sponsored advertisement in the papers. The ad was titled, “End States Who Sponsor Terrorism,” urging elimination of “terrorist sanctuaries” in Iran, as “What Germany was to Nazism in the 1940s, Iran is to terrorism today.”


“A thought: Why don’t we spray Osama bin Ladin’s hideouts with anthrax?” –Lyn Nofziger **Because we might infect an “alCoran News Network” reporter.

“CNN’s pledge of allegiance is to the Nielsen ratings.” –Brent Bozell

“What we are witnessing is the Gary Conditization of the most important story of our time.” –Arianna Huffington

“Anthrax has infected the cable networks 24/7.” –Cal Thomas

“You would think high school football was already enough of a religion in these latitudes without throwing the prayer issue into the mix.” –Paul Greenberg

“Then it hit me…. Beam ‘Monday Night Football’ to the countries that hate us so we can find common ground in just hating Dennis Miller as a color commentator.” –Wiley Miller in the comic strip “Non Sequitur”

“In a disturbing development today, the average IQ was surpassed by the average number of available cable channels.” –Bob Thaves in the comic strip “Frank & Ernest”

“The Book of Phrases – Old-timer: A grandfather’s clock.” –Johnny Hart in the comic strip “B.C.”

Night Lines:

Jay Leno…. Do you remember the good old days when flight attendants handed out magazines like “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Good Housekeeping”? Now they hand out stuff like “Soldier of Fortune” and “Guns and Ammo.” …. Police officers are so occupied with extra security details that cops in New Jersey are now asking black people to pull themselves over. …. I had a prostate exam today – not at the doctor, that’s just the tight security here at NBC. …. President Bush’s approval ratings continue to be high. His current rating is 99.999 percent – now if only Barbra Streisand and Al Gore would jump on the bandwagon. …. All of the Taliban leaders you see on TV, they all smoke, all of them. The ones that don’t smoke – they will be soon.

David Letterman…. This is a good day! I woke up, took my Cipro, then I irradiated my mail. Your e-mail isn’t safe either! I logged on my computer this morning and the AOL guy said, “Welcome, you’ve got anthrax”! …. More and more is coming out about Osama bin Laden. They say he could have as many as five wives. Figures – a guy in a cave is doing better than I am.

Argus Hamilton…. Tony Blair admitted the war in Afghanistan isn’t going the way we thought it would. The bad news is, the Taliban is still in business. The good news is, the Red Cross has offered to meet us aboard the USS Missouri if we’ll stop bombing them. …. Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld held a press conference in Washington last week and admitted that Osama bin Laden could get away. That’s true. Even if we capture him there’s always the risk he could hire O.J. Simpson as a jury consultant. …. U.S. Rangers were seen alongside rebel Northern Alliance forces on Saturday. The Pentagon assured the press the Americans are there only in an advisory capacity. Just last night, U.S. Navy planes dropped six hundred tons of advice on the Taliban. …. President Bush received 92 percent approval in the latest poll. He’s such a leader. Last week, he asked the country to return to normal and within days, the Yankees were in the World Series and O.J. was found not guilty. …. President Bush flew to Baltimore to visit the Dixie Printing & Packaging company and talk about the value of small businesses. It’s a lesson for us all. With a 92 percent approval rating, you can stand up for Dixie and no one will boycott you. …. Democrats introduced a stimulus package they say was designed to aid the war effort. They’re getting the hang of this. Their new agenda is the National Security Minimum Wage Increase and the National Security Universal Health Care Plan. …. Al Gore flew to New Hampshire … where he met with Democratic chairmen. There’s no question he’s thinking about running for president again. During an interview with a local newspaper editor, he let it slip that he invented Cipro. …. Bill Clinton received a package containing salmonella bacteria at his Harlem office three weeks ago. He was never in any real danger. However, this is the last time he asks his pals at Tyson Chicken to send him a care package in the mail.

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