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EPA Listening to Your Concerns? Yeah, Right

Jul. 31, 2014

The EPA isn’t even pretending to listen to citizens’ concerns over its proposed regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from evil coal plants (in America, not China, mind you) bent on destroying the planet. The EPA opened its public comment period about the reams of regulation, but it seems they closed the comment period before it even began. EPA chief Gina McCarthy wrote on the EPA blog, “We expect great feedback at these sessions. And unfortunately, we also expect a healthy dose of the same tired, false and worn out criticism that commonsense EPA action is bad for the economy.” Silly us, thinking this country has a representative form of government. McCarthy continued, “These hearings are a critical opportunity for people to speak to their government directly. But to be clear: any comment we receive by October 16, no matter how we get it, will be equally accepted and analyzed.” Except those that are “tired, false and worn out.” More…

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