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World Burns, Obama Yawns

Jan. 27, 2015

Political analyst Charles Krauthammer looks at the world and sees trouble. He also sees a president entirely uninterested and unconcerned. “The president’s equanimity on this is rather interesting,” Krauthammer explained. “He tells us all the things he is doing when when you look around – this is the man who promised and whose mission is to end the wars. And he seems to believe that they were ending or are ending and yet when you look at what has happened you’ve got al-Qaida revived with a vengeance. We saw what happened in Paris. We’ve got ISIS having doubled the territory controlled since Obama declared war on it. And with Iran – which is sort of the third jihadist leader in the world – extending its influence in Iraq and its hegemony in Syria, in Lebanon and now in Yemen. That is a pretty sorry performance. And the president seems rather unimpressed by what is happening on his watch.” And we’re rather unimpressed with the president.

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