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Bill's Gotta Pay the Bills, Hence the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund

May 5, 2015

In an interview with NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden, Bill Clinton defended the Clinton Foundation. Here’s a sampling of his more outrageous lies and obfuscations:

On following the law: “[W]e’re going to come as close as we can during her presidential campaign to following the rules we followed when she became secretary of state.” So they’re going to be nearly as ethical as they were previously?

“There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any kind of American government policy.” [emphasis added] No, they just create a massive carbon footprint flying around in the jet owned by a $100 million donor whose interests just happen to coincide with theirs.

“[T]he idea that there’s one set of rules for us and another set for everybody else is true.” By which he means the Clintons are held to a tougher standard.

On his organizations’ charitable nature: “There has never been anything like the Clinton Global Initiative [CGI], where you’ve raised over $100 billion worth of stuff that helped 43 million people in 180 countries.” Never mind that just 15% of Clinton Foundation money (which supports the CGI) goes to actual charitable work, or that a charity watch group put the foundation on its “watch list” for being less a charity than a slush fund for the Clintons. Unless you call the Clinton Presidential Library a charity case.

On charging $500,000 per speech: “I gotta pay our bills. And I also give a lot of it to the foundation every year. … I spend a couple of hours a day just doing the research. People like to hear me speak.” From 2001 to 2013, he gave 542 speeches for $105 million — nice work if you can get it, especially when you’re “dead broke.”

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