The Patriot Post® · Schumer's Sham

By Gary Bauer ·

Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats made a total sham out of the Senate Wednesday.
Rather than take seriously their oaths to uphold the Constitution and seriously consider the articles of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives against Homeland Insecurity Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Schumer and every other Democrat simply dismissed them.
It was the first time in the history of our Republic that the Senate refused its constitutional obligation to act as a court of trial in an impeachment case.
Let’s be clear about the significance of this unprecedented action.
Senate Democrats made it perfectly clear that they do not care about the invasion taking place at the southern border. They aren’t willing to do anything about it.
They do not care that the Biden administration is ignoring our immigration laws. They won’t do anything about it.
They do not care about the victims of illegal immigration, including Laken Riley. They won’t do anything to stop Biden’s migrant crime wave.
Every single Senate Democrat made it absolutely clear that they support open borders. None of them are willing to do anything to secure our borders and enforce our laws. That’s the bottom-line explanation for what happened Wednesday.
I understand why Schumer and the Democrats did this. They don’t want any public discussion of the invasion at the border. So, once again, they did what the totalitarian left always does — they shut down the debate.
It’s another example of how one party is always playing by the rules, while the left doesn’t give a “fig” about the rules. I can’t say this enough — they’re in it to win. They don’t care about traditions or the damage they are doing to the country.
Incredibly, some GOP senators were in a tizzy about impeaching Mayorkas in the first place. Our country is being invaded! The American people know it.
Any senator who isn’t outraged by this blatant disregard for our laws and violation of our sovereignty and who isn’t determined to stop it is part of the problem.
In the aftermath of Schumer’s exercise of raw political power, some Republicans will say, “Well, we’re not going to do what they did.” Democrats know that, and that’s why they’ll keep doing it because they know the “Stupid Party” won’t fight back.
Growing Anti-Semitism
The Anti-Defamation League released a shocking report this week. Anti-Semitic incidents jumped 140% last year compared to 2022. Even worse, there were more anti-Semitic incidents in 2023 than the past three years combined, with most of the increase in acts of Jew-hatred occurring after the October 7th massacre in Israel.
That Jew-hatred has been on full display over the past 48 hours at Columbia University, as President Nemat Shafik was on Capitol Hill testifying about the explosion of anti-Semitism on her campus.
Hundreds of anti-Israel student protesters occupied the university’s main lawn and set up the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.” Their chants are disgusting. Some protesters are proudly declaring their support for Hamas — you know, the terrorists who murdered 1,200 Israelis.
There are nearly 5,000 Jewish students at Columbia. Is there no one at Columbia, no one in the New York City government, and no one in the hate crime industry (which works overtime to turn conservative ideas into hate speech) who is able to confront this?
Biden Does It Again
Joe Biden is once again telling truly bizarre stories.
He’s told us that his son, Beau, died in Iraq. He didn’t. Biden said he was once a truck driver. He wasn’t. He said his first job offer came from a lumber mill … in Idaho. Nope.
His house nearly burned down. It didn’t. He rode the rails over the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Never happened. He was a professor. Yeah, right! He must have a doctorate in lying.
Now, “Crazy Joe” is telling us that his uncle was eaten by cannibals. Not exactly.
While Biden was campaigning in Pennsylvania this week, he was confronted by protesters. Some were angry about Bidenomics, others were from the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party. (See next item.)
Somewhere along the way, Biden told a reporter, “I made it clear to the Israelis — don’t move on Haifa.” Well, too late. Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel. So, the Israelis are already there.
What he meant to say is, “I made it clear to the Israelis — don’t move on Rafah.”
Who knows, maybe he really did mean Haifa. That would explain why the Israeli war cabinet is so puzzled by all the mixed messages coming out of Washington.
The average American isn’t expected to know the difference between Haifa and Rafah. But the president, especially one who is supposedly a “foreign policy expert,” is expected to know the difference.
Speaking of the Hamas Wing…
Some think it’s over-the-top for me to call some politicians members of the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party. Well, the House of Representatives just voted on a resolution condemning the genocidal chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
The river referred to is the Jordan River. It doesn’t go anywhere near Gaza. The sea mentioned is the Mediterranean Sea. The land between the “river” and the “sea” is the Jewish state of Israel.
Everyone knows what the chant means — it’s a call for genocide, the erasing of Israel and replacing it with another radical Islamic nation. Kudos to the GOP House leadership for bringing up this resolution to condemn that bigoted, anti-Semitic statement.
The resolution passed 377 to 44, with Democrats making up 43 of the “No” votes. Those 43 members are the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party. This is no small matter — they’re 20% of all House Democrats!
Faith Under Siege
For more than 50 years, a private club in Albany, California, has had a 28-foot cross on a plot of privately owned land. The club would light up the cross on holidays like Easter and Christmas, and in more recent years on 9/11. But intolerant leftists forced the club to take the cross down.
Progressive politicians said the cross represented “privilege,” was disrespectful to the city’s “diverse communities,” and “reminiscent of the KKK.” They were also “dismayed” by the lighting of the cross on 9/11, claiming it was “nationalistic.”
The club is fighting back with help from our friends at the Pacific Justice Institute. God bless them.
But this is yet another skirmish in the neo-Marxist left’s ongoing culture war in America to erase our religious heritage and to smear Americans who love Jesus and who love America as monsters that must be restrained.
The Abortion Dilemma
A new Rasmussen poll highlights the challenge confronting those of us in the pro-life movement. While the poll found strong support for restrictions on abortion, only 37% of Americans consider themselves generally pro-life, and 53% consider themselves generally pro-choice.
Even among those who say they are pro-life, only 29% believe all abortions should be banned. But 66% of voters do not support abortion past the first trimester, which is basically 12 to 13 weeks.
So, the further into the pregnancy you go, the more the public is with us. But the earlier into the pregnancy, the less support we have for abortion restrictions.
Unfortunately, I have also seen polling that indicates most Americans believe pro-life conservatives want to ban all abortions. And they do not believe that the pro-abortion side wants unrestricted abortions all the way to birth.
In other words, the left’s messaging and rhetoric have taken root, and the public still doesn’t recognize the extremism of the pro-abortion left. This dynamic largely explains why our side has not won a single major ballot initiative since Roe v. Wade was overturned.
That’s a big problem. But it’s not a problem caused by Donald Trump, who got Roe overturned.
Defending Faith, Family, & Freedom
In this week’s Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom podcast for the James Dobson Family Institute, I discuss Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel and the Biden administration’s shocking response. Rather than supporting Israel in a strategic military strike in response to this unprecedented Iranian act of war, President Biden told our Israeli allies, “You’re on your own.”