The Patriot Post® · Nazis at Columbia

By Gary Bauer ·

New York City Police had just barely finished clearing out the pro-Hamas encampment at Columbia University last week when the radical anti-Semites and America-haters returned with reinforcements.
We can’t just shrug our shoulders at this. What is happening at Columbia transcends foreign policy and partisan politics. It is not your typical leftist college protest over some obscure cause no one has ever heard of.
What is happening at our elite universities has nothing to do with Israel. It’s raw anti-Semitism. It is blatant Jew-hatred by Hitler’s ideological heirs, who are yearning for another Holocaust.
Radical Muslim students and their Hamas-sympathizing “prog” (progressive) allies are attacking Jewish students on campus. They are threatening them and calling them “Zionist pigs.” They are yelling, “We are all Hamas!”
The conditions at Columbia are so bad that the campus rabbi is now urging Jewish students to go home because the campus isn’t safe. I understand his advice. But history has taught that you can’t run from evil.
These are not Israeli foreign exchange students attending classes at Columbia. These are American Jews. The war in the Middle East does not give anyone a license to attack Jews because the only Jewish state in the world is at war with radical Islamists.
Suggesting that all Jews are collectively responsible for what some other Jew does is the very essence of anti-Semitism.
Sadly, these vile protests are spreading. Police in riot gear stormed Yale University yesterday morning.
The First Amendment Excuse
University presidents insist they believe in free speech. So, when it comes to outbursts of anti-Semitism, their hands are tied. Really? 
Our FBI director routinely says we are facing unprecedented threats from communist China. Now ask yourself this: If angry crowds at Columbia or Yale were threatening Chinese students, what would the national reaction be?
Do you think Biden would be sending out his deputy press secretary to condemn the behavior if this was happening to Chinese students and not Jewish students? Of course, not.  Biden would be addressing the nation.
The university presidents would be saying, “I will not tolerate this hate on my campus! I will personally escort Chinese students to class if necessary.”
We are seeing with our own eyes how the hatred of Jews has infected the most educated elites in America.
And what does Joe Biden wake up every day thinking about? It’s not, “How do I get this Jew-hatred out of our best schools?”
No, he’s thinking, “What can I do to make sure I don’t lose their votes in November?”
A Moral Low
You probably missed it with everything else going on, but the Biden administration is imposing sanctions on a specific unit of the Israel Defense Forces over an operation that took place in Judea and Samaria. Our government is trying to punish IDF soldiers while our ally Israel is at war.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted Biden’s sanctions as “the height of absurdity and a moral low,” vowing to “fight this with all my powers.”
This is yet another outrageous betrayal of Israel by the Biden White House. Even worse, the standard Biden is using will allow other foreign governments to sanction units of the U.S. military.
Israel is at war with death-worshipping jihadists, and these morons in the White House are sitting around playing ACLU games while second-guessing the IDF and sitting in judgment of Israel’s coalition government.
America Last
As you know, the House of Representatives approved another $60 billion for Ukraine this weekend.  A majority of House Republicans voted against the bill. Kudos to them. They kept their promise to not vote for additional money to secure Ukraine’s borders unless the Democrats agreed to really secure America’s border.
The country is split on whether we should continue giving more money to Ukraine. But the polling is clear. When you ask voters whether additional funding for Ukraine should be approved without securing America’s border, the answer is a resounding “NO!
The other thing that really irritated me was the behavior of House Democrats.  After the bill passed, they pulled out Ukrainian flags and waved them on the House floor. Were they elected to represent Ukraine or the United States?
This is the same party whose supporters say they are frightened when they see people flying American flags.  (Here and here.) 
The world is upside-down.
Oh, Canada!
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest budget provides $150 million to promote the “2SLGBTQI+” agenda in Canada and around the world. This is happening throughout Western Civilization.
The Biden administration is doing it, and so are governments in Western Europe. In addition, they are punishing nations that refuse to go along.
Obviously, communist China is an enemy. Obviously, Iran is an enemy. We’ve got big problems with Vladimir Putin. But the biggest problem facing Western Judeo-Christian Civilization is that it is being destroyed by elites who despise faith, family, and freedom.
They get up every morning dedicated to promoting perversions while they wage war on parents who are trying to protect their children.
Hillary’s Projection
While appearing on a recent podcast, Hillary Clinton made this shocking statement: “Trump is like gaga over Putin because Putin does what he would like to do: Kill his opposition, imprison his opposition, drive journalists and others into exile, rule without any check or balance. That’s what Trump really wants.”
She is the “first lady” of the Democrat Party. She’s right up there with Michelle Obama and Native American Elizabeth Warren. I have not heard one Democrat leader denounce her disgusting statement. There’s silence from the Biden White House.
Every elected Republican ought to be demanding a statement from the White House condemning that outrageous comment from Hillary Clinton.
Everything she said is exactly what the left is doing in America today, and what they would like to see happen. (See next item.)
Trump’s Trial
Donald Trump’s trial on trumped up bookkeeping charges got underway yesterday. I am not going to follow this trial hour-by-hour. It is worse than a sham. The trial itself is a threat to our constitutional republic.
Every day of this trial will convince more and more Americans that this is no longer America.
Every day of this trial will make it less likely that we will ever be able to heal our divisions.
Every day of this trial will lead us to conclude correctly that the 2024 election has already been interfered with in a way that is beyond the pale.
Every day of this trial shows that it is the left that wants to imitate dictators and “fundamentally transform” America into a nation like communist China or Putin’s Russia or Maduro’s Venezuela where political opponents are torn to pieces in kangaroo courtrooms and Stalinist show trials that are camouflaged as places of justice.
The Trump crowds in 2016 chanting “Lock her up!” were poking fun at Hillary’s obvious corruption. The media went nuts saying, “That’s not what we do in America. We don’t criminalize politics.”
But now that same media and the same critics are cheering every day as the left literally tries its best to lock Trump up. It’s not a campaign slogan. It is a real effort to ensure he dies in jail.
Chag Sameach — A Joyous Festival
Last night, Jews all over the world celebrated the miracle of Passover, commemorating the liberation of their people from ancient Egypt.
The Book of Exodus tells us that Moses was sent by God to tell Pharaoh, “Let my people go.” When Pharaoh refused, a series of plagues were inflicted on the Egyptian people. Through it all, Pharaoh’s heart hardened, and he still refused to end the bondage of the Jews.
The final plague that God used to free the Jews from Pharaoh and Egyptian captivity was to kill all the firstborn males. Forewarned by God, Jews marked their doors with the blood of a lamb, and, as a result, He passed over their homes.
Pharaoh finally relented and released the Hebrew people. (Exodus, Chapter 12.) God told the Jewish people to mark the day as a memorial day and to observe it as a feast to the Lord forever.
God was with His people then, as He liberated the Jews of Egypt and led them to the promised land of Israel. He is with them now.
To all of our Jewish friends: Chag Sameach, a joyous festival!