The Patriot Post® · Yes, Kamala Harris Is a DEI Hire

By Ian Haworth ·

Part of the chaos that is the Biden administration — and their sudden panic over the obvious fact that Joe Biden is mentally unwell — surrounds his replacement in the unlikely event the 81-year-old part-time occupant of the White House decides to hang up his slippers and slide into … a more comfortable pair of slippers.

In a repeat of their synthetic excitement routine of 2020, the legacy media have declared that Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, is a front-runner in the most depressing race of all time. The New York Post reported on this horrendous potential outcome, with one op-ed explaining: “America may soon be subjected to the country’s first DEI president: Kamala Harris.”

Apparently, you are not allowed to say this.

CNN’s Dean Obeidallah said that such a suggestion is “despicable,” that it “reeks of the white supremacist myth that people of color are inherently inferior to white people,” and that “DEI hire” is the new N-word.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Gavin Newsom — who can’t hide his sheer glee at the opportunity to swoop in moments before the election in November — was one of the loudest voices decrying this as “straight up racist.”

There’s just one problem. Sure, rejecting the success of all Black women as diversity hires is racist. But what about individuals who — regardless of their race or gender — are abjectly unqualified who — because of their race and gender — are hired regardless?

In other words, what about people who are literally diversity hires?

DEI stands for “diversity, equity and inclusion,” pillars of identity politics and intersectionality that explain precisely why Harris became vice president of the United States of America … despite her implying that Joe Biden is a racist sexual abuser.

During the 2020 race, Joe Biden openly pledged to select a woman as his running mate (as well as promising to nominate a Black woman on the Supreme Court), and even bent the knee to the nation’s most prolific race hustler, Al Sharpton, who called for him to choose a Black woman.

Harris — a Black woman — was later chosen, despite dropping out of the Democratic Party primary race after her polling numbers collapsed like Joe Biden on a bicycle in a light breeze. In fact, her poll numbers were highest after tearing into her future employer, Joe Biden, for his past views on busing and work with segregationists.

Why is it racist to simply point this out?

Of course, fan(s) of Harris will declare that she was beyond qualified for the role and that her race and/or gender was immaterial, despite Biden’s statements to the contrary.

Well, if that’s the case, surely her political career would leave her competitors in the dust?

In truth, her entire political career was catapulted into existence by an affair with future San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, a married man 31 years her senior. While the lovebirds were dating in 1994, Brown — who was speaker of the California Assembly at the time — appointed Harris to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, a position that paid $97,088 per year. Six months later, he added Harris to the California Medical Assistance Commission, which came with a $72,000 annual salary.

Some people express their love with roses and candy. Willie Brown does it with lucrative government jobs.

So, let’s recap: Harris is a Black woman who has no problem reminding us that she is a Black woman. In fact, we are told that she must be celebrated as “historic” solely because she is a Black woman.

Next, Harris is a Black woman whose entire career was built on an affair with a powerful married man old enough to be her father. Had she been an equally qualified unattractive white man, would she have had the same opportunities?

Finally, Harris is a Black woman whose presidential campaign was such a disaster she failed to outshine Pete Buttigieg (another political figure who happily leverages his minority identity status as a proxy for ability or experience).

If Harris was a man, or even a white woman, with the same career history, the same background and the same history of electoral failure, there is simply no way Joe Biden would have chosen her as his running mate.

As vice president, Biden openly chose Harris (at the very least, in part) because of her race and gender. By definition, she is a DEI hire.

Why is “DEI hire” only a slur once DEI hires get the job?