The Patriot Post® · Introducing Tom Dewey to Barack Obama

By Burt Prelutsky ·

By this time, we’re all aware that union thugs, including nurses and school teachers, not only went AWOL from their jobs, but caused over seven million dollars in damage to Wisconsin’s state capitol when they stormed Madison and tried to bully Governor Walker and the state legislators into capitulating to their outlandish demands. What you may not have heard about is that hundreds of goons from the Longshoreman’s Union descended on the Port of Longview (Washington), broke down gates, smashed windows, overpowered security guards, damaged railroad cars, cut brake lines and dumped carloads of grain, in a jurisdictional dispute with a different union.

Speaking of union thugs, Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa welcomed Chairman Obama to a Labor Day celebration by calling on his members to take out Tea Party members. I don’t believe he was suggesting an evening of dinner and slow dancing.

It all leads me to pose the following question: What is the difference between the folks who do the bidding of union bosses and Hitler’s Brown Shirts? Answer: The Nazis had a better dress code.

Watching Barack Obama demand that Congress pass his Jobs Act, a half trillion dollar bill that hasn’t been written and calls for funding with money that doesn’t exist, is a classic case of déjà vu. One can’t help being reminded of ObamaCare, which, as Nancy Pelosi coyly pointed out at the time, required passage as a precursor to our knowing what it said.

It’s obvious that Obama realizes that no Republican is going to agree to raise taxes to finance this latest bit of legislative lunacy. He tosses it out for no other reason than as a way to blame Congress for record unemployment and a disastrous economy as he campaigns for re-election.

Clearly, someone, David Axelrod perhaps, remembered that Harry Truman successfully used Congress as a scapegoat when he won the 1948 election. There are a few important differences, however. One, the opposition party controlled both houses in 1948. In Obama’s case, his own party controlled both houses from 2006-2010 and still controls the Senate.

For another thing, Truman was running against Tom Dewey, who had not only been walloped badly by a nearly comatose FDR in 1944, but had been famously mocked by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Teddy Roosevelt’s socialite daughter, as bearing a striking resemblance to the little man who stands atop wedding cakes. Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney, on the other hand, are not only more photogenic than Obama, but are far less arrogant, annoying and narcissistic.

Finally, Harry Truman had been the man who green-lighted the dropping of A-Bombs on Japan, bringing World War II to an abrupt and joyous conclusion.

Although Obama will try to cast himself as the guy who single-handedly brought down Osama bin Laden, most people will recall how he hogged the credit, making it sound during his victory lap as if he and not the Navy Seals had carried off the mission.

Aside from those parasites feeding off the public trough, the majority of American voters will see him as the nincompoop they associate with the trillion dollar stimulus; ObamaCare; Cash for Clunkers; a fixation on “green” jobs; appointing leftwing dingbats like Kagan and Sottomayor to the Supreme Court; making the racist gun runner Eric Holder head of the Justice Department; kowtowing to Islamics while kicking Israel in the teeth; ignoring the counsel of his military advisors, instead using our young warriors as political pawns; and, lest we forget, lecturing Republicans on civility while turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to his political henchmen when they refer to conservatives as bigots, fascists, hostage-taking terrorists and, most recently, as sons of bitches.

About the only good thing that Obama can take credit for is that he has led millions of people to re-read their Bibles. It’s not that they’re seeking confirmation that he is in fact the Second Coming of the Messiah, a role in which he cast himself in 2008, when he spoke of himself as The One who would see to it that the oceans would recede and the planet would heal and America would, all thanks to him, be radically transformed.

Rather, the faithful are going back to the Good Book in order to better compare biblical plagues to those wrought by Barack Obama.