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The New Normal of Rampant Dim-Bulbism

Arnold Ahlert · Jan. 29, 2013

So I’m reading the Peggy Noonan, George Will and other conservative writers pitching the idea that Obama and the rest of his Marxist/socialist bunch have overplayed their hands, and it’s just a matter of time until conservatism comes roaring back. Snap out of it, guys. Exhibits A, B, and C, aka the three biggest news stories that have captured the attention of the American electorate over the past three weeks, reveals the truth.

Exhibit A is the Lance Armstrong/Oprah Winfrey confession-fest. A couple of multimillionaires getting down and dirty on Oprah’s OWN TV network, complete with a tears-on-cue bit from the bicyclist, and a lot of pre-show promotion by the “Queen of Daytime TV” about how Lance was going “bring it.” The only thing the Big O was looking for Lance to “bring” was decent TV ratings for her foundering network. Close, but no cigar. The numbers were impressive, but Lance the Liar finished second to Oprah’s interview with deceased singer Whitney Houston’s family members. One thing is certain: America has a fascination with drug addicts. And despite the semi-meager numbers, Lance was Topic A for the mainstream media.

But let’s give the electorate some “credit” here. Lance is not the only distraction in the bread and circuses nation we’ve become. Here’s some perspective from website “The Wrap” which tracks American TV appetites, via the ratings: “The Armstrong numbers were good but by no means spectacular. By comparison, the recent TLC special ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: A Very Boo Halloween’ earned 3.1 million [viewers]. On the same night, Jan. 6, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ had its highest-rated episode of the season with 3.7 million.”

Exhibit B? Manti Te'o, a Notre Dame linebacker and his made-up girl friend. Another sob-story that turned out to be a hoax. In a better nation, this one would have as much staying power as a 60-year old who lost his bottle of Viagra. In America, this one is still going, strong a full month-and-a half after it happened. Compare that to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s already-getting-stale testimony on Benghazi. Anyone want to bet on which story most Americans are more up to speed? Perhaps Hillary herself put it best: when it comes to four dead Americans, “what difference, at this point, does it make?” Hillary did answer one question beyond the shadow of a doubt, however. When it comes to that so-called 3AM phone call, and who’s going to take it – bet your life it’s an answering machine.

Exhibit C is yet another low-IQ riveter: Beyonce Knowles lip-synching the National Anthem. No doubt the only viable alternative for this semi-talented songstress would have been reading the words from a tele-prompter as she sang. I have little doubt that most of the Americans upset by this pseudo-spectacle would need a lyric sheet for our national anthem as well. Again in a better nation, standard operating procedure for a pop music industry where this kind of stuff goes on all the time, would have been a ho-hum. In America, you’ve got a president who can tell the crowd that “preserving our individual freedom ultimately requires collective action,” and they can swallow what amounts to the complete antithesis of American exceptionalism, giving Obama a round of applause to boot. Beyonce Knowles lip-synching the National Anthem? A national scandal that must be talked about for days.

Now I ask you, does that sound anything like the kind of nation that will even know, much less care, when this president has overplayed his hand? Sorry conservatives, but self-inflicted Dim-Bulbism is the “new normal.” It is the new normal for a media whose collective leg-tingling leaves them willfully oblivious to the corruption of this administration, as their non-coverage of serious scandals have shown. It is the new normal for the American electorate, the majority of which is now comprised of dumbed-down, self-absorbed semi-literate nitwits, their government keepers, and a cabal of crony capitalists, one of whom can apparently remain above persecution, even after his firm lost $1.5 billion of customer funds.

It is the new normal where among other things, requiring picture ID for voting constitutes “voter suppression,” four dead Americans in Benghazi and three more in Algeria constitutes terror “on the run,” and almost $17 trillion of national debt means, according to the president, “America doesn’t have a spending problem.”

That’s today’s America, my fellow conservatives. Waiting for the president to overplay his hand is delusional. Here’s a better idea: get some thoughtful attorneys to focus on ground zero, namely the public school system. I believe it’s possible to challenge liberal dogma, that currently remains unchallenged in our schools, using a new approach. Every time progressives attempt to foist ideology that cannot be verified either scientifically or historically on gullible school children, file class-action lawsuits demanding that the separation of church and state liberals themselves demand, be enforced. Make the argument in court that unproven dogma is tantamount to religion, and should be handled in the public schools exactly as religion has been. When kids can learn as much about the G0D as they do about Gaia – or nothing about either in our schools – the nation may come to its senses.