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Grand Bargain Baloney

Arnold Ahlert · Feb. 6, 2013

Maybe it’s just me, but the older I get, the less patience I have for steaming loads of b.s. being presented as either reasonable, or novel, arguments. Few things strain my patience more than the latest bit surrounding the so-called “grand compromise” regarding illegal aliens.

First, note the term “illegal aliens,” by far the most accurate description of those people at the center of this discussion – which is why there has been an unrelenting effort by the American left and their useful idiots in the media to portray that phrase as tantamount to nativist, jingoistic xenophobia, with a little bigotry tossed in for good measure. They prefer the Orwellian term, “undocumented immigrant,” as if people who knowingly broke the law to enter this country are nothing more than victims of some bureaucratic snafu that requires nothing more than a quick paperwork fix, along with a simple adjustment – of the entire American public’s psyche. If you believe that nonsense, you’re a progressive – or an illegal alien.

Next, anything that legalizes illegal aliens in any manner is “amnesty.” It is not a “pathway to citizenship.” America already has a pathway to citizenship known as legal immigration. Perhaps in the current political climate, the legal pathway to citizenship should also be labeled more accurately. “Citizenship for law-abiding suckers” comes immediately to mind. Now understand, I am not disrespectful of those who have done, or are doing, the right thing to become U.S. citizens. It is just that, again for the purposes of genuine accuracy, it is useful to remind those Americans who still believe in the rule of law that the American left is willing to trample all over it for the sake of advancing their agenda.

In this case the agenda is quite clear to everyone, except those Republicans who do their best to make sure the “stupid” in the “Stupid Party” remains as viable as it has ever been. Democrats want to legalize millions of illegal aliens again in order to add to the number of Democrat voters. It is useful to remember that the key word here is “again.” In 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens, based on the promises that border enforcement would be enhanced, and their would be a crack down on businesses that hired illegals. Naturally, since Republicans didn’t become the Stupid Party overnight, they actually believed that Democrats were serious about enforcing provisions two and three, in exchange for giving millions of people the keys to the country.

As of right now, there is absolutely nothing to stop the government from enforcing that law, save for the aforementioned reality that the left has no use for any law that is inimical to their agenda, and the unrelenting timidness of spineless Republicans, who have somehow deluded themselves into believing that legalizing an additional 11 million illegal aliens will somehow endear them, to not only the Hispanics, but to all of the other ethnic minorities that demonstrated their commitment to what I referred to in my last column as the new normal of rampant dim-bulbism when they re-elected the president.

Which brings us to the most important issue of all, and the one where the lie repeated often enough has become the truth, at least for the dim bulbs. That would be the endlessly repeated mantra that there are 11 million illegal aliens in America. Really? How do we know? We can’t even conduct an accurate Census of the American population, and yet, somehow, we’re expected to believe – without question, no less – that 11 million illegals is the indisputable truth.

You know how you know it’s a lie? Because no one in the entire political/media complex has sought to make questioning the accuracy of that number an integral part of the immigration discussion.

Why not? If the political class were getting set to grant a “pathway to citizenship” to, say, 20 million or 30 million illegals, wouldn’t the parameters of the political discussion change just a wee bit? If the so-called “family unification process” that forms the other, equally under-the-radar agenda of the American left, suddenly pushed the number of potential pathway plodders up to 50 million or 100 million people, how would the political discussion look then?

This calculated subterfuge reminds me of the Obamacare “discussions,” the ones where the president rolled out promises about how everyone would get to keep their existing insurance policy, and that healthcare’s going to cost less in the long run, etc., etc. – even as least 32 million people are being added to the insurance rolls, pre-existing conditions and all. And that’s before we grant a pathway to citizenship – and Obamacare – to the additional influx of people. Again, anyone with half a brain knows all of those statements were lies, and promoting such lies became necessary in order to obscure the real progressive agenda, namely the complete transformation to a government-run healthcare system.

Promoting the idea about granting a “reasonable number” of illegal aliens amnesty is equally necessary.

I could go further into the details surrounding the latest Gang of Eight compromise being worked out in the Senate. But as soon as I heard the howler about, “border metrics” – as in Homeland Security honcho Janet Napolitano gets to determine how “secure” the border is in order to trigger the pathway to citizen bit, I figured why bother? Why bother when Republicans are involved in any discussions at all, as opposed to suing this administration in court for the president’s unilateral decision to enact provisions of the DREAM Act, bypassing Congress in the process; the selective enforcement of current immigration law publicly declared by Obama and Napolitano; or the refusal of the Justice Department to enforce immigration laws, even as they sue states like Arizona to prevent them from doing it on their own?

How stupid is the Stupid Party willing to get?

Marco Rubio may be a nice guy, but when I heard him express the idea that we need to do this amnesty bit one more time – for the last time ever – I realized that most of these Republicans are either oblivious to the fundamental bankruptcy that forms the core of the American left – as in, when it comes to advancing their agenda, there is no last time for anything that buttresses it, much less the legalization of millions of new Democrat supporters – or they still can’t stomach the idea of taking the heat that comes from taking principled stands for the good of the nation.

And spare me the “middle ground” crap. Whether we toss respect for the law on the ash heap of history, and fundamentally change the character of the nation, later, rather than sooner, doesn’t matter an iota to me. And spare me even more from the tiresome argument that the “reform” resisters may as well cave, because we can’t deport millions of illegals. That argument usually includes the ridiculous addenda that all-at-once mass deportations, are physically and practically impossible, as if that were the only way to solve the problem. If this nation were serious about enforcing the law, the illegals would deport themselves, because there would be no incentive for them to stay here. Instead, we are doing the exact opposite: we are literally incentivizing mass lawbreaking, by promising people that they did not break the law in vain, and that eventually (read ASAP) they can become American citizens.

One last thing: trust me when I tell you that I know I’m shoveling s*t against the proverbial tide. A nation that has abandoned respect for the law, as well as intellectual rigor, in favor of “feelings, nothing more than feelings” isn’t about to be swayed. When anyone who supports legal immigration, even as they oppose illegal immigration, can be *still labeled a bigot, we’re long past the point where common sense and common decency matter. Yet for some reason I think it’s important that when future historians wonder why America willingly transformed itself from the greatest engine of assimilation on earth, to a balkanized also-ran dominated by Third World instincts, they learn that some of us weren’t willing to go along with the program.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.