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Josh Duggar Accepts a New Role at FRC Action

Tony Perkins · Jun. 18, 2013

Josh Duggar has been impressing audiences for his most of his adult life as part of the popular TV show, “19 Kids and Counting.” Now, FRC Action is proud to announce that Josh will have another audience: Capitol Hill. Yesterday on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” we broke the news that Josh and Anna moved to Washington, D.C. to join FRC Action as its new Executive Director. As head of our action arm, the Arkansas native will bring his pro-life and pro-family passions to the political arena, where he will help expand FRCA’s reach as a premier conservative advocacy group.

Josh and his wife have been an inspiration to millions of Americans who regularly tune in to the Duggar family’s show, and we have long appreciated their commitment to the pro-family movement. Under Josh, we look forward to taking our grassroots outreach to the next level and engaging more young people to care about the values so vital to our success as a nation.

In his new capacity, Josh will be carrying on the family’s political legacy – started by his dad, Jim Bob, who served two terms as an Arkansas state representative and was a candidate for U.S. Senate. The eldest of the Duggar kids, Josh showed an interest in public policy early on and founded a part-time consulting firm called Strategic Political Services in 2006. During the 2012 Republican presidential primary, he served as a surrogate for former Senator Rick Santorum.

For now, he, Anna, and their three children look forward to taking the message of faith, family, and freedom to Americans across the country. Join me in welcoming Josh and his family to FRC! To follow Josh’s work at FRC Action, click over to the website.

Baker’s State Desserts Him over Marriage

Baker Jack Phillips won’t be behind the counter much longer if homosexuals get their way – he’ll be behind bars. The Masterpiece Cakes owner, who last year turned down a same-sex “wedding” order, is facing imprisonment simply for agreeing with his state’s definition of marriage! And while the controversy is unfolding in Colorado – not China – the similarities are tough to ignore.

Using totalitarian tactics, homosexual couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig have recruited the state attorney general to treat Phillips like a common criminal, even going so far as to initiate a formal complaint ordering Phillips to “cease and desist.” If Jack refuses, he faces fines and up to a year in jail for each time he refuses to participate in a same-sex ceremony. Back in July of last year, when Phillips’s story first made headlines, the owners stood strong. “We would close down that bakery before we close down our beliefs,” Jack told reporters. Since then, he said, positive feedback outweighs the negative “100 to one.”

Unfortunately, that positive feedback won’t help Phillips if Colorado officials decide to bring the full weight of the law against the 20-year-old shop. Like Arlene’s Flowers in Washington State, Jack has been all too happy to serve homosexuals. He does, however, draw the line at participating in same-sex ceremonies that violate his Christian beliefs. (Beliefs, Fox News announced last week, that a majority of Americans still share.) “At its heart,” said the Phillips’ attorney, “this is a case about conscience. I don’t think we should heighten one person’s beliefs over and above another person’s beliefs.” Ironically, Colorado’s constitution defines marriage the same way Jack does, but its anti-discrimination laws stubbornly refuse to offer religious protections for businesses.

For now, both sides will hold their breath until September, when the state’s Civil Rights Commission will hear the case. If Jack is convicted, “It would force him to choose between his conscience and a paycheck,” his lawyer explained. “I just think that’s an intolerable choice.” Regardless of what happens, Americans everywhere have been warned: Conform on marriage or be punished.

Hagel Gives Women SEAL of Approval

For the first time in five years, 50% of Americans think the President isn’t “honest or trustworthy.” And who can blame them? Backed into a corner with around-the-clock scandal coverage, the White House took its biggest hit last week when Americans learned that their own government was spying on them. The President tried to convince Americans that they had to give up essential rights for “national security.” But the line rang hollow to some, who have watched the same administration undercut the institution created to ensure our security: the U.S. military. If the White House honestly cared about national security, why did it repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” sequester billions of dollars in funding, and most recently, decide to send women into key combat roles? The President is undermining our fighting force at every turn, yet he wants us to believe thatAmerica’s defense is his primary goal.

As recently as this morning, the Obama Pentagon announced its plans to introduce women into elite special operations – over the objections of Congress. As one of his final acts as Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta lifted the Combat Exclusion Rule that exempts women from the front lines – with assurances that several high-risk jobs, including Navy SEALs and the Army’s Rangers would remain closed to female service members.

Today, after obtaining a series of internal documents, the Associated Press told a different story. Under plans just approved by Secretary Chuck Hagel, all branches will start a gradual process of reviewing – and potentially watering down – the requirements for America’s top warrior units. Based on the Pentagon’s estimates, women could enter SEAL training or the Army Ranger school as early as 2015. And as of today, there hasn’t been a single congressional hearing scheduled to examine or debate the issue. Congressional oversight is crucial – not only because of the major impact on military readiness, but the enormous costs attached. As the AP points out, several combat units aren’t equipped with facilities for women, which means that the military (which is already operating with a $40 billion dollar reduction under sequester) would have to allocate significant resources to construction and design changes.

Unfortunately, this is just another triumph of political correctness over common sense. No one is suggesting that women are not capable or have not served their country with distinction. They are and have. But much like the plan to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the risks of this experimentation (physical stamina, emotional stress, sexual assault, pregnancy, adultery, unit readiness, family breakdown) seem secondary to the administration’s liberal agenda. The military isn’t – and never should be – the great societal equalizer. Its mission is to produce the most lethal fighting force in the world – a goal clearly jeopardized by this President’s radical priorities.

This is a publication of the Family Research Council. Mr. Perkins is president of FRC.