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Damn Yankees!

Joe Bastardi · Oct. 7, 2014

I knew it. There is another reason the Yankees are referred to as the “Evil Empire” by so many people that follow baseball, and it’s now obvious – global warming.

The chart below shows the so-called “link” between global temperatures and CO2. The CO2 is in parts per million, and you can see it is marching up. But temperatures in the United States over the last century? Well not so much…

A closeup of the global temperatures since 1997 vs. CO2 reveals this:

Clearly CO2 levels are rising but global temperatures are not. Additionally, notice that spike in 1998.

Keeping this in mind, look at the Evil Empires’ (AKA New York Yankees’) winning percentage.

Look at that steady climb through the ‘90s to its height coinciding with the temperature peak, and the leveling off the last 18 or so years.

The linkage is far stronger than CO2 the past 20 years.

As someone who is a Yankees fan and hears the taunts of many blaming the Yankees for everything that is wrong with baseball (the Steinbrenners are roughly the baseball equal of the Koch brothers), it breaks my heart to see this link. For now I know that, if there is a return to the glory days of almost .700 baseball, it means that earth will start warming again.

More ammo for the masses seeking to destroy the balance in the baseball universe that can only come about when the Yankees win the World Series year after year.

Sometimes to fight the absurd, you must use the absurd.

Joe Bastardi is chief forecaster at WeatherBELL Analytics, a meteorological consulting firm.

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