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By Arnold Ahlert ·

Let’s be crystal clear about what happened one day before America commemorated the 14th anniversary of the worst domestic attack in our nation’s history: The Party of Treason aided and abetted by the Party of Cowardice made Obama’s despicable deal with Iran a reality. Even more insulting, the process took place in defiance of the law as written and without a vote. In short, the effort to accommodate Iran, accurately described as the world’s foremost sponsor of state terror, represents one of the darkest days in American history.

The Party of Cowardice and its execrable leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), is utterly bereft of character. Led by the equally despicable Bob Corker (R-TN), its first capitulation occurred last May when the "Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act,“ aka the Corker Bill, was approved by a 98-1 margin in the Senate. "The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act offers the best chance for our constituents, through the Congress they elect, to weigh in on the White House’s negotiations with Iran,” crowed McConnell at the time. “And make no mistake, they need to have that opportunity.”

Not exactly, Mitch. What this garbage legislation did was officially sanction Obama’s absurd contention that a seven-nation military agreement between the P5+1 and one of America’s primary enemies — as defined by Iran — was not a treaty. In conjunction with removing that “obstacle” from the equation, the treaty clause of the Constitution requiring a two-third vote of approval by the Senate for passage was promptly turned on its head, meaning Obama only had to corral 34 Democrat traitors to sustain a presidential veto. From the moment the bill was signed by Obama, that part of the equation was a done deal, all the calculated theatrics of a “conscience-bound” Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) refusal to endorse the deal notwithstanding.

Yet that done deal was insufficient for a president looking to further embarrass the GOP. Thus Obama corralled eight more Democrat crapweasels led by Harry Reid (D-NV) to make sure Republicans could not reach the 60-vote threshold to invoke cloture and force a vote on the issue. And the utterly spineless McConnell, who could have used the very same nuclear option invoked by former Senate leader Harry Reid when it suited his purposes, lowering the threshold to kill a filibuster to 51 votes, nonetheless took a pass when it mattered the most.

Apparently the need for the public to weigh in on the most important foreign policy initiative in recent memory no longer mattered — right, Mitch?

Yet even that was not the most despicable part of the GOP’s capitulation. The most despicable part was the reality they had to ignore the requirements set forth in the Coker bill to do so. That bill required Obama to submit all aspects of the Iranian deal to Congress, including the side deals between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Until that requirement was met, the 60-day time limit for debate imposed by the Corker bill could not begin to wind down. Regardless, Republicans acted as if the clock was winding down.

Thus Republicans have not only completely surrendered to Obama and Democrats, they broke the law in the process. Remember that the next time you hear McConnell bemoaning our “lawless” president.

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy explains that it is not too late for McConnell to “propose and push through a resolution declaring that Obama’s default renders the Corker review process moot.” Yet even he is forced to admit reality. “That Senator McConnell has stubbornly refused to do this boggles the mind,” McCarthy states.

No, it doesn’t. McConnell is as invested in appeasing Obama and Democrats as Obama and Democrats are invested in appeasing Iran, and has been for quite some time.

And make no mistake: McConnell isn’t through yet. He has already gone on the record with the contention that there will be no government shutdown to be used as leverage for conservative interests when it comes time this month to once again raise America’s debt ceiling. Thus the headlong rush towards national bankruptcy can proceed apace. Moreover, the Establishment GOP will ensure the butchers at Planned Parenthood remain tethered to the government teat because, let’s face it, no organization can survive solely on the sale of lungs, livers and other parts culled from aborted babies.

And then there’s the other burning issue of the day, namely immigration. Republicans are as in hock to their campaign-contributing masters in big business who want cheap labor as Democrats are to their pro-amnesty constituents who want cheap votes. And even as Democrats remain busy looking for ways to produce a “pathway to citizenship” for the millions of illegals already here and still coming, Republicans have been hell bent on expanding the H1-B visa program that puts American STEM workers on the unemployment line — but only after many of them have trained their foreign replacements who’ll work for cheaper wages.

In short, America needs a second political party.

That’s not a typo. There has never been a time in American history when the disconnect between the ruling class and the people they ostensibly serve has been more profound than it is right now. And while the media would like to frame that disconnect as conservative discontent, it becomes impossible to reconcile that with a few inconvenient realities. Like a Survey USA poll revealing 25 percent of black respondents indicate they would vote for Donald Trump. Or polls showing Bernie Sanders hammering Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa. Or Trump and Carson whacking the GOP Establishment’s tiresome trio of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or John Kasich.

Yet discontent is insufficient, and the public intuitively knows it. No matter who becomes president, it is virtually certain at least 40 percent of the electorate will remain completely unrepresented in Washington, D.C. Most Americans despise the Iran deal, are threatened by unrestrained legal and illegal immigration that accommodates the immigrants themselves, rather than the nation, and would likely be more than willing to defund Planned Parenthood if the media did its job and put the gut-wrenching videos compiled by the Center for Medical Progress front and center where they belong.

The ruling class wants none of it, despite all its posturing. That’s because the real divide in this nation is between a transnationalist-minded ruling class more than willing to abide the demands of Wall Street, multi-national corporations and other big buck donors who hold the concept of national sovereignty in contempt, versus Americans who still believe in borders, language, customs, culture and that “quaint” document known as the Constitution. And while some may point to the legions of socialist-minded followers that root for Sanders as a flaw in this analysis, they might want to consider that many of those followers are really against the crony capitalism they mistake for free market capitalism. Free market capitalism being crushed by a ruling class determined to pick economic winners and losers of its own choosing.

Again, I understand the reflexive despair that most Americans attach to the idea of a third party: It can’t be put together in any meaningful way, it will assure Democrats of a victory, reform can be accomplished within the current two-party system, etc. etc.

Yet take a good look at each other, my fellow Americans. What do you see? Anger. Massive frustration. A sense of despair attending the idea that we the people are nothing more than pawns with no control over our own destiny. In fact, you don’t even have to see it. You can feel it, to the point where no amount of media spin can diminish it.

As I said in a previous column, it was absolutely imperative to get Donald Trump to pledge his allegiance to the GOP because the possibility existed that his running as an independent might show him polling above a GOP candidate. And how many Americans even know Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, but a registered Independent? How many Americans would be willing to support a group of leaders willing to take on the odious status quo with a clear agenda that puts America for all Americans first and foremost?

I firmly believe a paradigm shift is much closer to reality than many people imagine. One that will transcend the onslaught of media propagandists who purport themselves as the purveyors of the “conventional wisdom” that assumes such a shift is a fool’s errand.

Fool’s errand? The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. Again, as I’ve said before, the rise of Barack Obama would have been impossible had he not followed George W. Bush and the unconscionable spending spree perpetrated by the so-called party of “limited government” that betrayed every principle for which it ostensibly stood. Hope and change has also been a monumental failure, attended by an even worse spending spree and an ever further expansion of liberty-crushing statism.

Despite everything the media propagandists tell you, it isn’t just old white guys who want their country back. It’s millions upon millions of Americans who want a decent economic future, the rule of law applied equally, and a national security apparatus with the proper mix of vigilance and respect for liberty. They want to be able to speak freely without having to filter their ideas through the cheese cloth of political correctness. They want a nation that is a shining example of decency, industriousness and innovation on the world stage, one that fights the inevitable battles with the evil actors of the world in a judicious and effective manner. They want to exile the legions of America-bashers for whom this nation’s glass is perpetually half empty to an island of irrelevance they so richly deserve.

In short, they want to once again dream the dreams that made this nation the envy of the world.

Our political oligarchs and their allies are determined to squeeze the can-do spirit of Americans right out of existence. If we let them do it, we have no one but ourselves to blame. We are one genuine leader and one genuine opposition party away from an outpouring of pride and patriotism that could be unstoppable. The moment is there to be seized, more so than any other time in modern history.

Who will seize it?

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