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By Gary Bauer ·

Obama’s Guest List

President Obama met with Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler at the White House [Thursday]. It’s about time. Skarlatos, Stone and Sadler are the American heroes who tackled a radical Islamist on a French train four weeks ago, saving scores of lives.

While Obama praised their courage, his statement completely ignored the attacker’s motives. Never once did the words “radical Islam” or “jihad” cross his lips.

Nevertheless, it was a good a photo-op, which the White House needs given the brewing controversy with the Vatican.

As you know, Pope Francis is coming to America next week. On Wednesday, the White House will host a welcoming ceremony for the pope. Have you heard Obama’s guest list for the papal reception? It features a homosexual bishop, transgender activists and a pro-abortion nun.

Whether it’s climate change, income inequality or immigration, this White House shamelessly touts its common ground with the pope. Yet that’s not good enough.

The president is determined to use the bully pulpit to push an extreme agenda. In fact, one White House aide had the audacity to admit that they are using the pope’s “moral authority” to “advance many of the items that [are] very high on our policy agenda.”

When the president met with the king of Saudi Arabia recently, did it occur to anyone at the White House to greet his majesty with a delegation of gays and feminists? Why not?

But with the leader of the world’s Catholics, someone deliberately tried to be offensive. And the Vatican is objecting.

Also at the White House [Thursday], members of the Black Lives Matter movement met with the most powerful person in Washington, D.C. No, not Barack Obama — Valerie Jarrett.

The Day’s News

We are living in the middle of absolute insanity!

But what is dominating the news today? Is it Obama’s disrespect for the Catholic Church?

Is it that he waited weeks to meet with American heroes and refused to say they took down a radical Islamist? Is it the British reporter who exposed how easy it is for ISIS fighters to get fake Syrian passports?

No. The big news today is that someone in New Hampshire called Obama a Muslim and asked about the growing dangers in the U.S., and the media are piling on Donald Trump for not condemning the questioner.

By the way, a CNN poll this week shows that after seven years in office only 39% of Americans think Obama is a Christian. Fifteen percent of Democrats and 14% of liberals think Obama is a Muslim. Why is there such confusion?

Here are my suggestions for the president to put this controversy to rest once and for all.

First, make it easier for Christian refugees to come to America.

Second, at next year’s National Prayer Breakfast, don’t make excuses for the violence within Islam today by attacking the Crusades, which took place 900 years ago.

Third, stop rewriting history with suggestions that Islam was woven into our founding, and start acknowledging that the roots of the American founding spring from the rich soil of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Rewarding China

I keep running into good people in Washington who are surprised by the grassroots anger aimed at the political establishment. They just don’t understand why so many Americans feel that so few of our leaders are looking out for America first.

Here’s a good example of why people are so angry. It was announced [Friday] morning that a major Chinese company has been awarded the contract to build a high speed rail line from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This announcement comes on the eve of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to America.

Not only is the Obama Administration refusing to confront the Chinese leadership for the massive cyberattack, its aggressive military action in the Pacific and its persecution of Christians, but it is also giving them a plum award.

A major Chinese goal is to make their bullet train technology the standard all over the world. They are competing with companies in Japan. In what world is it smart to award a major contract to an enemy instead of an ally?

More importantly, how did we get to the point where our only choices are Chinese or Japanese companies?

By the way, new figures out this week show that median family income is down and poverty is up. According to the Census Bureau, “Median income remains lower than it was in 2007.”

No wonder people are upset with Washington.