The Patriot Post® · Clueless Before, After and Now

By Gary Bauer ·

On Thursday, President Obama said this about ISIS: “We have contained them. I don’t think they’re gaining strength.” Twenty-four hours later, ISIS massacred and wounded hundreds of people in Paris.

At 5:45 ET Friday evening, Obama took to the airwaves again and said this about the supposedly contained ISIS: “This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

He was fundamentally wrong again. The world does not share values. When Americans mourned the September 11th attacks, Palestinians danced in the streets and gave their children candy in celebration. Millions of people across the globe want the United States, Israel, Europe and our allies destroyed.

The Paris attack was not an attack on universal values. It was an attack on the values of Western Civilization.

The Islamist attackers and the millions of people who support them have their own set of beliefs — beliefs they intend to impose on us through any means necessary because Allah commands it.

As columnist Mark Steyn put it: “There is a large pool of people who, they don’t want to kill people, they don’t want to bomb people, they don’t want to blow people up. But they provide a comfort zone within which this virus [radical Islam] incubates.”

We don’t have to guess at what their triumph would look like. Nor do we have to guess about what would happen to women, religious minorities, freedom of speech, freedom of dissent and the values we cherish.

Our enemy knows what it wants and it is sure of its cause. Too many of our leaders are unable or unwilling to do what must be done to defeat that enemy.

Consider this: The disgusting attack on French civilians will likely strengthen ISIS and draw more recruits to its ranks. “American blood is best and we will taste it soon,” said one of the main ISIS web sites today as it promised an attack on Washington, D.C. The Islamists mean it.

Rethinking The Refugee Crisis

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the debate over relocating more Syrian Muslim refugees to the U.S. and Europe has intensified. Several governors such as Robert Bentley of Alabama, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Mike Pence of Indiana, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Rick Snyder of Michigan and Greg Abbott of Texas are raising the issue and demanding that we rethink our approach to the refugee crisis.

Their rationale is very simple. There is no real way to vet or do background checks on the refugees.

Eight individuals executed the Paris attacks. If the U.S. takes in 100,000 refugees and just one-tenth of one percent of those refugees are ISIS jihadists, we’ve just let in 100 people who could implement Paris-style attacks in the U.S.

This isn’t idle speculation. We were warned months ago that ISIS was infiltrating the refugees with battle-hardened terrorists.

Many liberal politicians in Congress are getting nervous. But the American left, which is dedicated to open borders and amnesty, is doubling down. President Obama held a press conference in Turkey [Monday]. There were only two occasions when he appeared angry.

The first was when CNN’s Jim Acosta questioned Obama’s strategy for dealing with ISIS. The second time was when he attacked conservatives who questioned his plan to bring in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees.

At least one of the Paris attackers, and possibly two, is believed to have been a refugee, rescued from a sinking boat just a few weeks ago. Europeans welcomed him. They were repaid for their mercy with the massacre in Paris. President Obama seems oblivious to this fact.

At his press conference [Monday], Obama said he didn’t want to put U.S. soldiers on the ground because they could get killed and their families would suffer. But his proposed increased Muslim refugee plans will in fact put American civilians in harm’s way.

Insanity On The Left

The carnage in Paris had not been fully realized before the insanity that clouds many minds on the left went on full display.

What is one to say about a presidential debate where a current senator, former secretary of state and former governor tie themselves into rhetorical pretzels trying not to call the attacks “Islamic terrorism”? Or when progressives insist that climate change is linked to terrorism?

The self-absorbed leftists in training at the University of Missouri were tweeting about the attacks while they were still in progress. They weren’t outraged over the violence. They didn’t condemn the jihadists.

No, they were expressing their fear and frustration that the carnage would distract the public’s attention from the “oppression” they were feeling at the university because they are not being shielded from “triggering events” that give them bad dreams. (Will some adult please come get these children?)

Then there was the Obama administration doubling down on plans to bring more Syrian refugees to the U.S., while it is releasing more detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the Middle East. What could possibly go wrong with that combination?

Honorable mention in the “King of Stupidity” contest goes to a candidate for the Minnesota legislature who tried to argue that ISIS “isn’t necessarily evil.” He has since dropped out of the race.