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The New 'Gotcha' Question

Gary Bauer · Dec. 17, 2015

The latest “gotcha” question that is really irritating me is a point being made by the left-wing media and talking heads. The purpose of the question is not to inform anyone, but to shutdown debate. It goes something like this: “You know there are more than 6,000 Muslims serving in the United States military. Don’t you think they are patriots?”

The fact that Muslims are serving in the military is somehow supposed to counter those criticizing radical Islam.

I am sure that the overwhelming majority of Muslims serving in the American military are patriots. But they are not greater patriots than anyone else serving in the military.

More importantly, there have been several examples of Muslims wearing the uniform who turned out to be traitors. The most notorious example is Major Nidal Hasan who killed 12 fellow soldiers, a civilian doctor, an unborn baby and wounded 31 soldiers and a civilian police officer in a jihadist attack at Fort Hood.

The military was unable to figure out that he was a Muslim supremacist. When evidence emerged that Hasan was an extremist, the military could not overcome political correctness to deal with him before he spread so much death and suffering among his fellow soldiers.

Nidal Hasan may be the most notorious Muslim traitor, but he is by no means the only one. Just this week, a former National Guard soldier pled guilty to plotting a massacre at the Joliet Armory.

In 2003, Sgt. Hasan Akbar threw a grenade into a tent, killing two officers and wounding 14 others. There have been cases in Iraq and Afghanistan where Muslims we worked with, after presumably checking for signs of radicalism, turned against us and shot our soldiers in the back.

The point is simply this: We are at war and no branch of our government, from the military to our immigration offices, appears able to discern between the Muslim who is peaceful and supports us in this war and the Muslim supremacist waiting for the opportunity to wage jihad against the infidels.

That is why prudence and common sense suggest that we need a time out on immigration from predominantly Muslim nations until we can strengthen the procedures that can distinguish the jihadists from the peaceful Muslims.

“Keep God First”

This week I told you about how left-wing bureaucrats were forced to retreat and reinstate Christmas in one Brooklyn school. Yes, even in a liberal enclave like New York, victories are still possible!

Here’s another example of how the radical secularism of our cultural and political elites is out-of-touch with most Americans. I want to share with you a few remarks from Alabama running back Derrick Henry, when he accepted this year’s Heisman Trophy:

“I just want to talk to the kids that are looking and watching this on TV today…. Always keep God first. Always pray. Don’t be afraid to pray. He always hears your cry.

"If you have dreams, go chase them… And God will be there every step of the way. I am a living testament, man… I never thought I would be up here. But God is good. And I get on my knees every night and thank Him for everything. So keep God first. Always pray. And always chase your dream.”

Amen to that!

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