The Patriot Post® · Ready to Get Squeezed?

By Gary Bauer ·

As the calendar counts down to 2016, most Americans are focused on New Year’s Eve parties. Some are focused on next year’s campaign to replace President Obama. But what is Barack Obama thinking about? He’s thinking about how much more he can do to forever change America.

In a recent email to his left-wing supporters, Obama offered a preview of what we can expect in the remaining days of his presidency: More assaults on our values and more attempts to end run Congress — as if the past seven years weren’t enough.

Here’s how Obama put it: “I’ve got 12 months left to squeeze every ounce of change I can while I’m still in office. And that’s what I intend to do.”

There was nothing in his message about reaching across the aisle to work with conservatives in Congress. No, he’s going to “squeeze every ounce of change” he can. Allow me to translate: He’s going to twist the Constitution like a wet rag.

What can we expect? More demands for tax increases. More job-killing regulations. More radical judges appointed to the federal courts. More bizarre interpretations from federal bureaucrats forcing extreme social agendas on our children. More politically correct policies putting our country at risk.

Are you ready to be squeezed even more?

ISIS Threatens Israel

Over the weekend, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released his first message to the West in nearly seven months. It was promoted by ISIS as an “alternative Christmas broadcast.”

In addition to urging Saudis to rise up against the ruling house of Saud, al-Baghdadi promised that ISIS would soon attack Israel and establish an Islamic state in Palestine. He said:

“Jews, soon you shall hear from us in Palestine which will become your grave. The Jews thought we forgot Palestine and that they had distracted us from it. Not at all, Jews. We did not forget Palestine for a moment. With the help of Allah, we will not forget it… The pioneers of the jihadist fighters will surround you on a day that you think is distant and we know is close. We are getting closer every day.”

Israel is taking threats from ISIS seriously. ISIS fighters have been approaching the Golan Heights to the north, and they are in the Sinai Peninsula to Israel’s south. The Islamist supremacist group is also competing with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Baghdadi also brushed off the latest offensive by Russia, the U.S. and Iraqi forces, claiming that the caliphate “is doing well” and is purified by war.

The latest CNN poll suggests many Americans agree that ISIS is doing well. Only 18% of Americans say the U.S.-led coalition is winning the war on terrorism, while 40% believe the terrorists are winning. That’s a record high for the terrorists.

Meanwhile, only 17% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the Obama Administration to protect the country from terrorism. That is a record low.