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Obama: The Enemy Within

Burt Prelutsky · Apr. 9, 2016

As legacies go, Obama’s is right up there with that of any tinhorn dictator of a banana republic. In a year, when we look back on his accomplishments, we’ll have a list that includes, but is not limited to, Cash for Clunkers; Operation Fast and Furious; the billion dollar stimulus that stimulated nothing; the billion dollars wasted on green projects such as Solyndra; the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; the uprising of ISIS; the sellout deal to Iran that provided them with $150 billion dollars, the deed to Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq; the total capitulation to Putin in Crimea, Ukraine and the Middle East; dividing Americans along racial, religious, class, gender and partisan lines; lying about what took place in Benghazi; and, most recently, giving the Castros everything they wanted in exchange for letting Obama watch a baseball game in Havana.

Apparently, Obama was so thrilled with the way things turned out with Iran, he decided to repeat the negotiating strategy when it came to Cuba.

There have been a number of shameful moments in American history. Many of them are associated with slavery and the days of Jim Crow. But more recently, I would include the heartbreaking photo of that last helicopter lifting off the rooftop in Vietnam, while our South Vietnamese allies begged in vain to be rescued. Instead, we left them to be slaughtered by the North Vietnamese communists.

Now we have the picture of Obama standing proudly in front of a Havana wall covered by the smirking face of Che Guevara, the favorite pin up boy of the American left. For those who only know Guevara from the t-shirts and posters of young pinheads, he was the sadist who handled the killing and torturing of Cubans for Fidel Castro.

Obama has seen to it that March 21st will forever be a day of infamy for America and the Cuban patriots.

I realize there are those who think Obama was right to end the decades-long boycott of Cuba, that it was finally time to take Fidel and Raul Castro off America’s shit list. They happen to be the same dunces who thought Reagan should have called off the Cold War. The fact is this was the very worst time to come to Cuba’s aid because with the falling oil prices, Russia and Venezuela were no longer in a position to prop up Cuba’s negligible economy.

So far as the Castros were concerned, Obama represented the cavalry in all those old John Ford westerns. In exchange, Obama didn’t even try to make Cuba release American fugitives, including a cop killer, who had received sanctuary in Havana. But it was a white cop, after all, and we know how Obama feels about them.

I woke up the other day to hear that Muslims had murdered and maimed a great many Belgians. So what else is new? The question is how much longer the U.S. and Europe will continue to pretend that we aren’t involved in an existential battle with Islam. The Muslims continue to butcher us, and leaders in the West continue to insist that violence is an aberration of Islam when honest people recognize it to be the centerpiece of the religion.

Here in the U.S., we still have politicians, even 15 years after 9/11, bending over backwards to welcome increasing numbers of Muslims into our country, pretending that we can never have too many mosques or too many cab drivers.

Speaking of which, in recent months, Muslims working as uber and lyft drivers have assaulted and raped a large number of young women in Jacksonville, Dallas, Philadelphia, Anaheim and East Lansing. If you haven’t read about it in your local papers, you can blame political correctness in the media, which tends to ignore crime and violence in America, unless, of course, it’s committed by white people.

There is so much bad news swirling around the courts these days that I’m happy to be able to report on a small miracle. In Massachusetts, the state’s high court upheld the conviction of a woman, Jamie Caetano, who had purchased a stun gun to protect herself from an abusive ex-boyfriend.

No, that’s not the good news. Read on.

They had based their cuckoo decision on the absurd grounds that because stun guns didn’t exist in colonial times, they weren’t protected by the Second Amendment. As Bernie Goldberg noted: “The Massachusetts court might,” on those absurd grounds, “have decided that broadcast journalists are not protected by the First Amendment because radio and TV didn’t exist back in those days.”

The good news is that the U.S. Supreme Court, in a rare unanimous decision, struck down the Massachusetts ruling.

Before we move on, why is it that when women have good reason to require either guns or a court order to protect them from psychos, the psychos aren’t in jail?

Unfortunately, when it comes to our legal system, for every piece of good news, it is inevitably balanced by a piece of terrible news. Just recently, a six-year-old girl was wrenched from the only home she had ever known. And even though her foster parents had been trying to adopt her for over two years, the court and social services decided she belonged with strangers in a different state. The reason? It seems the child is one percent Choctaw, and there is a loony law on the books that requires that such children be raised in the home of a Choctaw family.

Since when does a drop of blood trump the love of two parents and the emotional well-being of a child? I thought this business of basing an individual’s identity om blood went out with Jim Crow and the Nazis.

I know we’re supposed to kowtow to Indians as our moral superiors simply because they weren’t able to defend their land a few hundred years ago, but enough is enough already. Either they’re Americans just like the rest of us or they’re not. If they’re not, it’s time to move them off the reservations and take back the casinos because they’re trespassing.

Although I don’t support Donald Trump’s candidacy, I keep feeling the need to defend him against people I like even less. It’s bad enough when he gets blamed because the fans of Bernie Sanders and other left-wing hooligans start brawls at his gatherings, but the other day CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him, one American to another, if he would consider cutting down on his heated rhetoric.

Frankly, I’m not crazy about a lot of the stuff Trump says. But when has anyone in the media asked a Democrat to watch his language? When Joe Biden told a black audience that Mitt Romney was going to put them back in chains, I didn’t hear Tapper call him out on it.

When the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, said that Republicans calling for photo IDs at election time, was their way of bringing back the poll tax, did anyone in the media slap her down for engaging in hate speech?

When Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Hillary Clinton, at various times, dismissed Tea Party conservatives as un-American or compared those who opposed the nuclear deal with Iran to terrorists, if Tapper or any of his colleagues condemned them, I must have missed it.

For that matter, I am still waiting to hear Barack Obama refer to Muslims as those who cling to their religion and their bombs.

When it comes to religion, Hollywood producers tend to either ignore it or use it as a subject for ridicule. On the rare occasions that Hollywood tackles faith, it generally panders so clumsily that the final product is as simplistic as a child’s fairy tale. That is why I very nearly gave “Miracles from Heaven” a pass.

I’m glad I didn’t. Even though it’s only March, I doubt if I’m likely to see a better or more touching movie in 2016. It just might make you think that Frank Capra was alive and well and back working in Hollywood. The only problem I had with the movie is that the advertising gives away too much of the plot.

If your faith in the human race is fading as quickly as my own, this movie could be just the thing to jump-start it. At least for a couple of hours.

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