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The Hearings Begin

Gary Bauer · Jan. 11, 2017

Confirmation hearings for key members of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet got underway [yesterday] in the GOP-controlled Senate. And after the past eight years, that is a beautiful sentence indeed!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is vowing to get Trump’s national security team confirmed as quickly as possible and in place by Inauguration Day. As we noted recently, as many as seven Obama appointees were confirmed by Inauguration Day in 2009.

Democrats, however, are not cooperating. They have made it clear that they plan to fight Trump’s nominations tooth and nail. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, nominated to be attorney general, is their first major target.

The attack is the same old smear that is trotted out against every conservative: Sessions is a racist. The charge goes something like this: “He’s white, he’s conservative, he’s from Alabama. What more do you need? How about his name?”

And I thought Democrats were against stereotyping!

Leading the charge is Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, who is going to testify against Sessions. Yes, that’s right — one senator is testifying against another senator.

There is no shortage of liberals eager to take on Sessions. But for Democrats to have one of their own leading the charge is extraordinary. Even CNN says this is an “unprecedented move.”

Democrats are throwing decorum and all sense of tradition out the window in their desperation to derail Jeff Sessions. They care about Senate traditions only when it serves their purposes.

Predictably, left-wing activists were on hand and they put on quite a show. The hearings were interrupted repeatedly by protestors, some of whom were dressed in KKK costumes.

The charges against Sessions are bogus. You can read more here. But here are just a few points to keep in mind as you hear the Left hyperventilating in the days ahead.

Sessions assisted with the prosecution of a member of the KKK, ensuring a death penalty conviction in the case. After he was elected attorney general of Alabama, Sessions pursued a $7 million civil judgment against the Klan in order to bankrupt the racist organization.

In 2015, Sessions marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, hand-in-hand with civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).

Law enforcement organizations are supporting Sen. Sessions.

The first black senator elected in the South since Reconstruction is supporting Jeff Sessions.

Several black civil rights leaders in Alabama are supporting Sen. Sessions. I trust that they know him better than the senator from New Jersey.

CUFI Coming to Washington

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is bringing hundreds of grassroots activists to Washington, DC, this week. As you may know, I am director of Christians United for Israel Action Fund, the Washington, DC, lobbying arm of CUFI. We have appointments with more than 80 Senate offices [today] and we are coming together at a time of immense concern for Israel.

Last month, Obama broke decades of tradition when he failed to veto a disgustingly biased anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations Security Council. In 2011, he vetoed a nearly identical resolution. But this year — just before Chanukah and Christmas Eve — Obama stabbed Israel in the back and let it pass.

[Today], senators are going to hear from their pro-Israel constituents in person. We are advocating three things:

  • Support for a resolution condemning the December UN vote and urging the president to resist doing anything else to hurt Israel in the next ten days;

  • Quick confirmation of David Friedman, Donald Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to Israel; and

  • Support for new legislation to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and public backing of the president-elect’s intentions to do just that.

Anarchists to Disrupt DC

The Left just refuses to accept the fact that Donald Trump will be America’s next president in ten days. Radical anarchists are planning to disrupt inaugural events throughout Washington, DC, perhaps even shutting down the city entirely.

The Washington Examiner reports that #DisruptJ20 — January 20th being Inauguration Day — plans to block the major highways and trains coming into Washington, DC, on the morning of the inauguration. It also plans to block access to various events.

A leader of the group concedes that they can’t stop Trump’s inauguration. But they do hope to “ruin the notion that this is a peaceful transition of power.”

I hope Washington officials are ready. There will be at least 3,000 additional police officers from around the country here to assist, along with 7,000 National Guard troops. But they will be vastly outnumbered.

In addition to #DisruptJ20, the Examiner reports that the far-left ANSWER Coalition has received a permit for 10,000 protestors. And radical feminist groups are planning a major protest march the day after.

Brace yourselves, my friends. The fight goes on.

More Clinton Scandals?

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal may not be over. On Fox Business [Monday] night, Judge Andrew Napolitano told Lou Dobbs that a Friday document dump by the FBI contains a “smoking gun” against Clinton.

Judge Napolitano says that we now know that confidential emails Hillary sent to a third party outside of the government (likely Sydney Blumenthal) were hacked by Russia and China, as well as Israel.

Israel doesn’t bother me so much. It is a staunch ally, and had every reason to be interested in what Obama was up to, especially given his nuclear deal with Iran — a nation that has vowed to destroy Israel. And let’s not forget that Obama was spying on Angela Merkel.

But the idea that Clinton’s carelessness allowed Russia and China to access our secrets is indefensible. Judge Napolitano speculates that FBI agents who disagreed with Director Comey’s decision not to charge Clinton may be responsible for this latest posting, saying that this new information “ramps up the case for [Clinton’s] prosecution.”

For his part, Sen. Sessions said at his confirmation hearing [yesterday] that he would recuse himself from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton given that some of his remarks during the campaign “could place my objectivity in question.”

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