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The Groves of Fascism

Burt Prelutsky · Feb. 11, 2017

Not to be outdone by the California crazies in Berkeley, the day after the Soros-financed “liberals” trashed and burned UC Berkeley, the loons at NYU did the same thing on their campus.

What is so bewildering about these outbursts is that the people involved regard themselves as the keepers of the flame when it comes to tolerance and open mindedness.

I mean, if they attacked Trump because he’s rich, that would at least be logical. Class warfare, after all, has been with mankind for a very long time, for at least as long as one group of people have envied another group. I seem to recall that Cain was envious of Abel, although that might have had more to do with sibling rivalry than class distinction.

But instead of attacking Trump because he’s worth billions and has funny hair, they accuse him of being a Nazi or a fascist. But if that’s the problem, one can’t help but wonder why they insist on behaving like Nazis and fascists? After all, violence was always the stock in trade of Hitler and Mussolini. The only apparent difference between our bullies and those goons who prowled the streets of Germany and Italy in the ‘20s and '30s is that the European thugs dressed a lot better.

What set off the boobs in Berkeley was that Milo Yiannopoulos, a flamboyantly gay conservative-libertarian, had been invited on campus to address a Republican student group. Even though the group had agreed to pay for the extra security, the campus cops along with the Berkeley police stood by and let the scumbags set fires and break windows, chasing Yiannopoulos from the premises. I trust the young Republicans got back their security deposit.

One of the depressing, but not surprising, facts of the Berkeley riot was that college professors were among the attack dogs. Frankly, it’s way past time that student nihilists and their “cool” professors started getting the boot.

The other day, when Judge Gorsuch spoke at the White House, he said that if a judge is always happy with his decisions, he’s probably a bad judge. He was acknowledging that judges are not robots in robes. They have partisan and personal feelings just like other people, but a judge has to put all that aside because his decisions must be dictated by the law — and for a Supreme Court justice, by the actual text of the Constitution.

In the same way, I would suggest that any professor regarded as a “cool dude” and “one of us” by his students is ignoring his responsibility. It’s not his job to be liked, but to teach, to hold his students to high standards, and to encourage, not stifle, free discussion.

I would go so far as to venture that if at the end of the course, a student can say with certainty that his professor is a liberal or a conservative, the professor should be given his walking papers, because he’s clearly propagandizing, not living up to his job description.

What I do know is that in the unlikely event that I’m ever invited to speak on a college campus, I’d hire these chumps to greet me the way they greeted Yiannopoulos. My book publisher would have to run the presses 24/7 to handle the demand. The day after the Berkeley brouhaha, Milo’s “Dangerous” had already gone to #1 at Amazon, while my own delightful memoir lingers in 278,795th place.

Some Republicans are saying that President Trump shouldn’t publicly advise Sen. Mitch McConnell to use the nuclear option if the Democrats try to filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s ascendency to the Supreme Court. They say that it would be better if Trump didn’t appear to be dictating to the U.S. Senate. I wonder just how long it’s going to take these rubes to understand that his name isn’t Donald J. Bush.

After all, Schumer and his Senate stooges already declared that they would oppose any one of the 21 judges that were on Trump’s list of potential justices. Couple that with the fact that the Democrats have used everything but dynamite to keep Trump’s Cabinet choices from being confirmed, and you have a state of war existing in the nation’s capital. In war, you do whatever it takes to win. At least you do if your name is Donald J. Trump.

While he’s at it, Trump should advise McConnell to make certain that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have the least relevant committee assignments in the Senate. After all, if they’re going to take their marching orders from the teachers’ unions and vote against Betsy DeVos becoming the Secretary of Education, McConnell should present them with dunce caps and make them sit in the corner until the voters in Maine and Alaska can retire them permanently.

Dave Williams, a Colorado state representative, has proposed legislation that would allow those who have been victimized by illegal aliens — or, where murder has been committed, their survivors — to sue the politicians who run sanctuary cities. It’s a swell idea, and I only wish that the Attorney General would indict those left-wing politicians who insist on flouting federal law.

Even trial lawyers, who would normally be in favor of anything that would increase civil litigation and fatten their wallets, oppose this commonsense bill because they fear antagonizing liberal hacks who have decided to tie their political fortunes to Hispanic voters, whom they assume, rightly or wrongly, favor open borders.

Speaking of political hacks, New York’s Mayor DiBlasio has voiced opposition to deporting illegal aliens who have been convicted of drunk driving, which he deemed a minor offense. I am now anticipating that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) will be ripping the a—hole a new a—hole.

When one of my regular correspondents, Randall Slafsky, heard that Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog, spotted his own shadow, meaning an additional six weeks of winter, he guessed it came as no surprise to the leftists who had predicted it would be a cold day in hell if Trump was ever elected.

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