The Patriot Post® · The Enemy Within

By Gary Bauer ·

Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello is back in the news. He made headlines in December when he tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide.” By the way, Ciccariello is white. Drexel said he was being sarcastic and refused to fire him.

Here’s the latest from the learned professor. While on a flight last weekend, he tweeted: “Some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.”

In 132 characters, Professor Ciccariello provides us a perfect summary of what is wrong with the far Left.

He hates the men and women who wear the uniform of this country. He hates those who appreciate them and their sacrifice and service. He hates what America is. This is why he and other leftists like him are so intent on “fundamentally transforming” this country.

Unfortunately, what is wrong with the extreme Left is largely to blame for so much of what is going wrong in America today.

Drexel University is an elite institution that costs approximately $67,000 a year to attend. Parents save for years to send their children to this school so they can be educated and have a better life. And then they are taught — no, indoctrinated — by ideological idiots.

Sadly, this intellectual rot has infected all levels of academia. Far too often we are teaching our children anti-American history.

Meanwhile, we are under siege by radical Islamists who are committing genocide against Christians and who seek a second Holocaust of the Jews. They enslave women, butcher prisoners and execute homosexuals. And while this war rages, many of our institutions of higher learning are teaching our children that Western Civilization is evil and that America is morally corrupt.

The anti-American radicals who dominate academia are, in the long run, just as dangerous to the well-being and security of this country as are the barbarians of ISIS. They are the enemy within, undermining our confidence as a culture and people, making our nation weak.

In a healthy society, Professor Ciccariello would be fired. Instead, the Drexel administration will defend his freedom of speech, just as it did after his “white genocide” tweet.

In a healthy society, disabled veterans and parents holding pictures of their deceased military family members would protest outside of his office every day until he resigns. Instead, he will be honored by the other kooky faculty members who share his disgusting views.

Farkas Fracas II

The Evelyn Farkas MSNBC interview we mentioned yesterday got more attention on Fox & Friends. Other conservative media outlets are asking questions too.

During her appearance on “Moring Joe,” this former Obama Pentagon official talks about how she and her colleagues were trying to get intelligence information regarding Donald Trump out to as many places as possible last year and that’s why there were so many leaks.

Perhaps even more significantly, Farkas had already left the administration by that time. In fact, well before that time. She left the Pentagon in 2015 and was foreign policy advisor on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

With that in mind, how did Farkas have access to intelligence information from 2016? Her comments clearly sound as if Clinton campaign operatives had access to classified information about the Trump campaign. How did that happen?

Farkas should be called before congressional intelligence committees and put under oath immediately.

More Mysteries

Newsweek is reporting that FBI Director James Comey wanted to go public last June with evidence of Russia’s interference in the election. (Comey’s concerns had nothing to do with possible collusion with the Trump campaign.)

Comey wrote an outline of a letter to the editor that he wanted to publish in a major newspaper and he explained the idea during a meeting with Obama cabinet members. They turned him down.

Now that seems really odd. If Russian interference in the election was such a big deal in June that the FBI director wanted to let the American people know, why would the Obama White House want to keep it quiet?

Perhaps it was afraid that Republicans and Donald Trump would demand tough action against Russia. But the past eight years had demonstrated that Obama would not take tough action against Russia. Maybe Obama was just trying to maintain his “flexibility.”

Maybe if Comey had released his letter, the Russians would have changed their behavior, potentially compromising secret surveillance that was underway at the time. Or perhaps the Obama administration was conducting other election-related surveillance that it did not want exposed.

Democrats Kill Bipartisanship

There is a lot of nostalgia across America for the days when Democrats and Republicans could get along, when Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill could fight over policy and still enjoy a drink together. While the media like to blame “unyielding, right-wing extremists” for the demise of bipartisanship, it is the Left that is poisoning the well.

There is a tradition in Washington of the president inviting senators to the White House for non-political receptions, offering leaders a chance to get to know one another “outside of the office.” Wednesday night, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted such an event at the White House. Sadly, most Senate Democrats did not attend.

While Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer was there, many members of the Democrat leadership were not, including Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who serves as “Outreach Chairman” for the Democrat caucus.

Senator Rand Paul told The Washington Times, “I went every time I was invited by President Obama.” Sadly, there is very little outreach coming from the Left.

The party’s radical base will not tolerate anything that hints of bipartisanship or compromise today. “Resist” is its mantra. That is why the Left threatens to challenge any Democrat who “normalizes” Donald Trump. That is why they are filibustering Neil Gorsuch.

My point is simply this: The Democrat Party of JFK is dead. The radicals have taken over. For all the media’s talk about how Ronald Reagan could not be nominated in today’s Republican Party, Bill Clinton could not be nominated in today’s Democrat Party.