The Patriot Post® · PC Run Amok

By Bill Wagner ·

Well, that didn’t take long. I suggested on Tuesday that the Left might bail Trump out of his less than ideal response to Virginia by overplaying their hand. Today I give you ESPN.

Because of the “coincidence of his name” and the possibility that he would be “subject to memes and jokes”, ESPN decided to remove one of its broadcasters, Robert Lee, from calling the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game. ESPN is a charter member of the Leftmedia with a history of turning sports into political statements, and lest we forget, is owned by Disney, whose CEO recently quit Trump’s economic council.

From all appearances, Mr. Lee seems to be a decent enough guy, trying to work his way up the broadcast ladder from play-by-play commentator for the Siena College basketball program, to a national spot at ESPN. There are no records of his being arrested at a Trump rally, there have been no reports of Swastikas found in his office, the white sheets in his home all appear to be merely covering his mattresses, and not only is he not a white supremacist … he’s not even white — he’s Asian-American.

However, according to ESPN, his cardinal sin is that he has the same last name as about 100 million Chinese (okay, that’s not technically true — there are variations in the spelling like Li, but you get the point), and his parents were so politically insensitive that they named him Robert. Rhe snowflakes must be melting. He doesn’t have a middle initial (E or otherwise), even though his nick name is “General” — and no, I’m not making that up.

The interesting thing here is not the utter absurdity of it all, or the galactic disrespect ESPN is displaying for the intelligence of its audience. It’s the idea that a group of real humans actually sat around a table, discussed this issue and came to this conclusion. It was not some off-the-reservation individual whim, but rather the collective wisdom of a major media outlet. The mindset of those who probably are wondering how anyone could think this is ridiculous is almost unfathomable. But sadly, it’s all too common among the bubble protected, group think Left. Still, bring it on. It’s making Trump look like the measured voice of reason by comparison.

This hasn’t been confirmed, but in the wake of ESPN, there are rumors that a number of universities have put trigger warnings on their Webster’s regarding certain potentially offensive words. “Overly” seems to be okay, but “kindly”, “wonderfully” and “nicely” are close to being banned. Stay tuned.