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Pompeo Deserves Promotion

Gary Bauer · Apr. 20, 2018

Our businessman president, who has not made his life in Washington, DC, managed to get North Korea to the negotiating table without bribes, the way previous administrations did. In fact, Trump did the opposite.

He imposed tough sanctions and pushed back against Kim Jong Un’s outrageous behavior. (Have you noticed that Kim’s threats have stopped?) Trump also nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a tough realist, to be secretary of state.

But something else happened that we are just now learning about. While most of us were celebrating Easter and Passover, Pompeo went on a secret trip to North Korea. His meeting with Kim Jong Un paved the way for a summit that could solve a huge problem — North Korea’s rogue nuclear program.

Given Pompeo’s initial success, you would think that his confirmation for secretary of state would be a cake walk. But it isn’t.

Why? Because the “Resistance” is more interested in damaging President Trump and scoring points with ideological extremists than it is in dealing with North Korea’s nukes.

During Pompeo’s confirmation hearing, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey grilled the secretary of state nominee over his views on same-sex marriage. Pompeo is a Christian who opposes same-sex marriage. Booker has announced that he will not vote for Pompeo as a result. It is no secret that Booker wants to be the next Obama and is planning a presidential run in 2020.

Can you imagine what Mike Pompeo must be thinking?

One moment he is on a highly classified trip to negotiate with a man threatening American cities with nuclear annihilation. Two weeks later, he is sitting in a Senate confirmation hearing being questioned about men “marrying” other men.

I can’t believe we are even having this debate. We are in the middle of negotiations with a nuclear-armed fanatic in North Korea and a radical regime in Iran, and some politicians are obsessing over same-sex marriage!

TAKE ACTION: Call your senators now at 202-224-3121. Tell them to vote for Mike Pompeo’s confirmation to become secretary of state.

California Resistance Grows

More cities in California are joining the conservative resistance to the state’s radical sanctuary laws. So far, more than a dozen jurisdictions are demanding that our laws be respected and that illegal immigration be resisted.

By the way, a recent poll by a left-wing think tank finds that 59% of Californians believe it is important to increase deportations of illegal immigrants.

We have occasionally reported on this encouraging movement, and I want to take a moment to thank all of our friends and supporters in California for making it happen.

Sadly, the state that gave America Ronald Reagan now appears to be firmly in the grip of the Left. We have seen what happens to people in California who stand up for conservative ideas. It can cost you your job, and even runs the risk of physical violence.

But the good people of California have had enough. They are standing up and demanding respect for the rule of law.

If conservatives under siege in California can push back, surely conservatives in Nashville, Bismarck, Cincinnati, Orlando, Billings, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids and Charleston can do their part.

There is no excuse for conservatives living in red states not to show up in droves 200 days from now to save the House and expand our margins in the Senate.

Speaking of California Crazies…

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call to contact Fresno State University yesterday. It is being reported that Randa Jarrar, the radical professor who viciously attacked and demonized Barbara Bush after her death, is canceling public appearances and is currently on leave for the remainder of the semester.

That’s a good start, but don’t let up, my friends. Sadly, Jarrar’s disgusting comments about Barbara Bush were nothing unusual. She is a prime example of the hate-filled leftists who make civil discourse impossible.

Please contact Fresno State President Joseph Castro. Tell him that the university must demonstrate its commitment to civility and tolerance by holding Jarrar accountable for her hateful remarks.

Prison Progressives

Let’s move on from the California crazies to the progressive mayor of New York City.

In a tweet this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced, “In New York City, we believe transgender rights are human rights. And we’ll fight to protect those rights in city jails as well.”

In other words, a man who says he is a woman can now be housed in a jail with real women. What could possibly go wrong?

Why We Need a Wall

In spite of opposition from the radical Left and some in the GOP establishment, President Trump is doing everything he can to secure our borders. And he is right to do so. Border security is national security.

A front-page story in yesterday’s Washington Times explains why we need a border wall. Just consider the title: “Bangladeshis Jump Border At Alarming Rate.”

The article notes that the number of Bangladeshis crossing the border illegally has doubled, and it appears to be happening with the help of transnational criminal organizations.

If illegal immigrants from as far away as Bangladesh are being smuggled across the border with the help of transnational gangs, we are clearly a long way from securing the border. And it would be foolish to assume that our enemies are not exploiting this obvious weakness.

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