The Patriot Post® · DNC Delusions

By Gary Bauer ·

In spite of all the evidence that the “Russia collusion” narrative is collapsing around them (see below), Democrats are doubling down on their delusions. The Democratic National Committee filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday against the president, his campaign, members of his family and Russia.

The lawsuit claims that Russia hacked the DNC’s server in order to harm Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump, “whose policies would benefit the Kremlin.”

The idea that Trump’s policies would benefit Russia is laughable. He is rebuilding our military and pushing our allies to rebuild their militaries. He has been far tougher on Putin than Obama and Clinton ever were.

The Left has never been tough on Russia. If anything, Putin would have preferred another liberal Democrat in the White House.

Remember, my friends, Robert Mueller has already issued indictments against several Russians and Russian entities for their election-related meddling. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made it clear that no American “was a knowing participant in this illegal activity” and nothing the Russians did affected the result of the election.

What could the DNC possibly know that Mueller and Rosenstein don’t know?

Speaking of things we don’t know, the Trump campaign should countersue and demand access to the DNC’s server. Perhaps then we could find out what the DNC was hiding from the FBI!

This lawsuit is an act of utter desperation. It seems to me that Democrats have concluded that Mueller and his team of liberal lawyers are likely to exonerate the president, so they are launching some kind of preemptive publicity stunt to keep their radical base fired up for the elections.

We cannot allow the extreme Left to control Congress.


There are multiple new stories regarding the Mueller investigation, and virtually everything was breaking our away. Here’s my analysis.

McCabe’s Firing

When former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired, Big Media, the NeverTrumpers and the Schumer/Pelosi gang insisted that McCabe was purged due to the White House’s meddling in the Russia investigation.

Some insisted that McCabe’s firing was “evidence of obstruction of justice.” Democrats felt so strongly that McCabe was a victim they even offered to hire him.

But Thursday’s criminal referral against McCabe, by an Obama-appointed inspector general, is a big win for the White House.

It completely destroys the narrative that McCabe was fired because of pressure from the president. He was fired because he is a leaker and a liar — not exactly the qualities we need at the FBI. (More on that below.)

McCabe now faces the same charge that Michael Flynn was accused of. It cannot be that Flynn committed a crime and McCabe did not. McCabe must be prosecuted.

Rosenstein’s Visit

The second win was the news that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered to the president last week. When Rosenstein unexpectedly showed up at the White House last Thursday, it triggered a wave of reports that he was about to be fired. Again, fake news.

We now know Rosenstein told President Trump that he was not a target in the Cohen raid. This appears to be a win for the president too.

But something seems odd here. The amount of material seized from Cohen was enormous. It is doubtful investigators have been able to go through it all. So how could Rosenstein possibly know whether or not the president is or could become a target of the Cohen investigation?

I worry this may be another effort to tempt the president to sit down with Robert Mueller to “clear all this up.” I still think that would be extremely ill-advised.

The Memos

The third win was the release of the memos James Comey wrote in order to memorialize his early conversations with President Trump. Two things jumped out at me.

In a March memo, Comey wrote, “I reminded [Trump] that I had told him we weren’t investigating him and that I had told the Congressional leadership the same thing.” Comey added that the president was pleased and said it would be “great if that could get out.”

It is easy to understand the president’s frustration. The director of the FBI says Trump is not under investigation, but he wouldn’t tell the public that. Meanwhile, the media and the Left were smearing Trump day after day.

In the same exchange, Comey wrote that Trump said, “if there was some satellite [a campaign staffer or other associate] that did something, it would be good to find that out.”

Right there it is clear that President Trump was not trying to shut down the investigation. He simply wanted to get the truth out — that he wasn’t being investigated — in order to end the Left’s non-stop lies and innuendo — that Trump colluded with Russia and is an illegitimate president.

In another memo recounting a White House dinner Comey had with the president, Trump asked Comey if he wanted to stay on as director of the FBI. Comey replied that he did. “I don’t do sneaky things,” Comey assured the president. “I don’t leak. I don’t do weasel moves.”

For a guy who presents himself as so honorable, this was breathtaking! We know now that he did sneaky things. He did leak. He did a lot of weasel moves.

And I am pleased to report that James Comey is now under investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general for leaking classified information.

Comey’s memos prove Trump did not try to obstruct the investigation, that he was not under investigation and that Comey is a sneaky, leaking, lying weasel. That is a big win for the White House.

Rudy to the Rescue

Lastly, it was announced Thursday evening that former federal prosecutor and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was joining the president’s legal team. Giuliani’s appointment is being presented as a short-term assignment to wind down the Mueller investigation. For the good of the country, I certainly hope that is possible.

Meanwhile, the Huber investigation into the Deep State needs to massively ramp up. As political analyst Michael Barone observed:

As the likelihood of the charges of Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia seems headed toward zero, the likelihood of proof of a different form of “collusion” seems headed upward toward certainty.“

Officers Down

While all of us were enjoying our lunches Thursday, two sheriff’s deputies in Florida went into a restaurant to enjoy theirs. As they were sitting down, a man walked up to the window and assassinated them.

Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz described Deputies Noel Ramirez, 30, and Taylor Lindsay, 25, as "the best of the best.” Schultz added, “What do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it’s been demonized?”

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials in New York are on high alert following a credible threat that MS-13 gang members are plotting to assassinate police officers in retaliation for “making too many arrests.”

The gang wants to “take the streets back and take out a cop.” Just one more reason why President Trump’s tough border security policies are so needed.

Please keep the men and women serving and protecting us on the thin Blue Line in your prayers.