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Parents Fight Pornographic Sex-Ed Policy for Grade-Schoolers

Todd Starnes · Jun. 9, 2018

San Diego parents are disgusted over what they are calling pornographic lessons that are part of the school district’s new state-mandated sex education program.

The California Healthy Youth Act has been described as “the most robust comprehensive sexual health law in the country.” Click here to read some of the graphic material.

“The materials they’re teaching are graphic and pornographic and go well beyond the law,” attorney Dean Broyles told the San Diego Union Tribune.

“Parents are shocked,” Karin De Jauregui told ABC San Diego. “Parents are appalled by this curriculum. The law states that parents have the ultimate authority in impacting values to their children, not the schools.”

The curriculum teaches sixth-graders about sexual pleasure and promotes sexual experimentation.

“I don’t think you need to give kids more explicit content in order for them to make good choices. We just want it to be age appropriate,” one parent told ABC News. “We don’t think talking about oral, anal, and vaginal sex in the sixth grade is entirely appropriate or telling middle-schoolers you can use a flavored condom.”

The outrage captured the attention of Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“There’s an agenda in California and every other state to target the minds and hearts of children. The agenda is to lure them into promiscuity and condition their minds to accept lifestyles that are against the teaching of God’s Word,” Graham wrote in a Facebook post.

“Using smutty language and imagery to taint the minds of elementary school children — or any age students for that matter — is wrong,” he wrote. “Teaching 6th graders about sexual pleasure and how to go to websites to learn to ‘ask for consent in a sexy way’ should not be happening.”

NBC News San Diego reported that some of the material meant for children was too racy to be shown on television. They literally had to pixilate some of the images.

“The curriculum talks about things like self-pleasuring. So to have an adult cross that line and talk to children about pleasure [is] highly inappropriate,” parent Ashley Bever told the television station.

However, not everyone is opposed to the graphic sex-education program. The San Diego LGBT Community Center praised the curriculum.
 “Our LGBT youth deserve schools that are safe, and they deserve schools that give the comprehensive information they need to make healthy choices now and in their bright futures,” spokesperson Caroline Dessert told the Union Tribune.

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