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Trump's Oddly Successful 500 Days

Burt Prelutsky · Jun. 25, 2018

Considering the flood of bile that has been directed at President Trump by the media and the lack of support he has received from major Republican figures in Congress, his track record over the last 17 months has been nearly as miraculous as his victory over Hillary Clinton.

By cutting taxes and regulations, he has sent the stock market and employment soaring. By showing more backbone than the past three administrations did in a cumulative 8,760 days, he has defeated ISIS, placed Iran on a very short leash, and gotten Kim Jong-un to release three American hostages and at least discuss turning his nuclear plants into plowshare factories.

Trump also kept a promise made by his three predecessors to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Imagine how much more he could have done if the corrupt officials at the FBI, the Justice Department, federal judges and Robert Mueller didn’t keep distracting him with behavior that doesn’t pass the smell test.

It would also be beneficial for not only the country but the GOP if guys like John McCain, Jeff Flake, Rand Paul and Bob Corker displayed half the loyalty towards Trump that every Democrat showed Barack Obama.

Whatever comes of the Singapore meeting, none of the nattering nabobs at CNN and MSNBC will have a good word to say about Trump. If the summit doesn’t end as we all hope with a denuclearized North Korea, thanks to Kim Jong-un’s duplicity, they will say that the president was played for a sucker, even if he doesn’t send them a pint of oil or a grain of wheat.

If things go well, the jackasses will say that anyone could have done it — without pointing out that Clinton, Bush and Obama had 24 years in which to get it done, but didn’t.

It was particularly galling to hear the cable news ignoramuses rending their garments over the Stars and Stripes sharing space in Singapore with the North Korean flags.

Somehow, the mere proximity of the two national symbols threw them into paroxysms of patriotic outrage. Keep in mind that these same meatballs turned Colin Kaepernick and the rest of his low IQ colleagues into folk heroes when they openly displayed their unadulterated contempt for that other patriotic symbol, the national anthem.

Fresh off his F-bomb address at the Tony Awards, Robert DeNiro showed up in Toronto to apologize to Canada and Justin Trudeau for President Trump’s — wait for it! — boorishness!

I thought there was supposed to be some sort of unwritten rule about knocking America or an American president when on foreign turf, but apparently that doesn’t apply if you happen to be Robert DeNiro or Barack Obama.

For my part, I’m still waiting for DeNiro to apologize for “Anger Management,” “Killer Elite,” “Analyze That” and “Dirty Grandpa.”

The National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (you know — the good old NBCFAE) not only managed to get the Obama administration to purge the hiring rolls for potential air traffic controllers of military veterans and experienced pilots because the group insisted it was overloaded with white people, but then further corrupted the system by providing black applicants with answers to the test.

Although that sounds so insane you probably think I’m making it up, I’m only repeating what a frequent guest of Tucker Carlson’s, Michael Pearson, has been saying for weeks.

Pearson, a former air traffic controller, is currently a lawyer suing the Federal Aviation Administration for knuckling under to this racist pressure group and, thus, endangering the lives of millions of airline passengers.

It occurs to me that if Donald Trump ever put together an enemies list the way that Richard Nixon did back in the ‘70s, it would include more names than the New York City phone book.

In case you’re too young to remember or too old to recall, Nixon kept a list of names of his political opponents. According to Nixon’s sleazy lawyer, John Dean, who was the first rat off the sinking ship in 1976, their intention “was to use the federal machinery to screw our political enemies.”

One of the ways was to have the IRS hit them with tax audits. It seems the IRS is always ready to do the dirty bidding of any president, so there was precedent for Obama to use the tax collectors to make life hell for conservative groups and individuals 40 years later.

Speaking of Trump’s enemies, one of the things that he and we should be grateful for is that they are so stupid. I hate to pick on the feeble-minded, but if Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters ever sat down to play strip poker with Donald Trump, an hour later six of the ugliest people in Washington, DC, would be running down Pennsylvania Avenue in their skivvies.

A source of constant frustration for me is when I hear some of the conservative commentators at Fox debating the idiots who insist that Trump is in Putin’s pocket and they fail to even mention Obama’s promise to be more flexible after the 2012 election; Hillary Clinton’s giggling when she pressed the reset button with her Russian counterpart; or her signing off on America’s uranium to Russia in exchange for Bill’s receiving a $500,000 speaking fee in Moscow and their family Foundation receiving a $135 million bribe from the Russians.

There is also the $10 million Hillary and the DMC paid a British sleazebag to deliver a phony dossier cobbled together by the Russians.

It’s not as if any of that is ancient history in the way that, for instance, FDR’s selling out Eastern Europe to his comrade, Joseph Stalin, at Yalta was, way back in 1945.

In a recent article, I mistakenly referred to Gen. John Kelly as possibly being in line for a presidential pardon, depending on how the Mueller witch hunt plays out.

A few people were kind enough (gnashing of my teeth) to suggest I probably meant Gen. Mike Flynn. Well, sure enough, that’s the guy I meant.

Ever ready to spring to my own defense, I’d first point out that I’m really, really old and rarely get as much sleep as I’d like.

I would also suggest that before Herr Mueller hangs up his pitchfork, Gen. Kelly, along with Melania Trump and all the Trump kids, including Baron, might require presidential pardons.

And finally, it’s a mistake anyone could make. It’s easy to confuse those tough Irish-American generals.

A friend passed along an article claiming that homosexuals are being targeted for murder. The article said these hate-induced homicides are averaging one a week. When I read on, the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was frequently referred to.

As you may recall, jihadist Omar Mateen killed 49 gays in a single evening. That led me to realize that 49 victims could be said to average one a week for a year if a propagandist felt a need to gin up sympathy for a specific group of people.

It was a tragic event for the Florida victims, as well as their friends and families. But it’s just as absurd to pretend that, in 2018, homosexuals are being persecuted by society as it is for blacks to carry on as if it’s still 1818.

A reader, Stephen Hanover of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, mentioned that I had referenced Hillary Clinton’s boozing in the past and wondered, one, how did I know about it and, two, why it wasn’t more widely known.

Strictly speaking, I don’t know it for a fact. But, for one thing, she is, like most political wives, very unhappily married.

The group of political wives who have often taken to drink or pills includes Mamie Eisenhower, Pat Nixon, Mrs. Ted Kennedy, Mrs. Michael Dukakis and Betty Ford. For another thing, Mrs. Clinton has frequently stumbled in public, most famously during her campaign, when she would have taken a header while getting into her SUV if not for the strong arms and quick reflexes of her bodyguards.

As to why her drinking isn’t more widely known, it’s because of who she is, a prominent Democrat, and what the media is, 95% left-wing. I can guarantee that if it were Melania Trump who was the boozer, it would be front-page news. Heck, the first lady entered the hospital for a kidney operation and the media went nuts, attributing the hospital stay to everything from plastic surgery to domestic violence.

These days, it is far better to base your opinions on common sense and circumstantial evidence than on the news media. Just consider what a great job the left-wingers did covering up the sexual shenanigans of the Kennedys, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and Harvey Weinstein. The Left definitely takes care of its own.

Mr. Hanover granted that he was aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton had once hurled a lamp at her husband in the White House and figured that could have been the result of her getting sloshed.

“No,” I corrected him, “that was one of those rare occasions when she was cold sober.”

Stan Young, the pride of Raleigh, North Carolina, aware of the importance of pithiness when it comes to humor, sent long the following: “I picked up a hitchhiker last night. He thanked me but asked me how I knew he wasn’t a serial killer. I told him that the chances of two serial killers being in the same car were astronomical.”

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