The Patriot Post® · The Left vs. Law Enforcement

By Gary Bauer · ·

I was struck this weekend by how overt and comprehensive the Left’s attack on law enforcement has become. For example, preseason NFL games started last week and the kneelers were out in force. 

The media present this as a battle between the NFL and President Trump, but it is really a battle between the kneelers and the police, and the police know that. The Broward County Police Benevolent Association is calling for a boycott of the Miami Dolphins after three players protested during the national anthem. 

Last week, two police officers were ambushed in New Jersey as they were stopped at a red light. More than three dozen law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty this year, but these spoiled millionaire athletes are still berating law enforcement. 

Of all the things affecting the black community, the police are not the problem. According to the Washington Post’s database, 109 black men have been shot and killed by police so far in 2018, with the overwhelming majority being justified shootings. Compare to that the 197 black men who have been homicide victims so far this year just in Chicago!

During a speech last week at a historically black college, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren condemned the entire criminal justice system, saying, “The hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist … I mean front to back.”

After fierce criticism from law enforcement officials in Massachusetts, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Warren tried to walk back her remarks, saying she was not referring to individuals, just “an entire system." 

That’s a ludicrous excuse. The entire system is made up of individuals — individual police officers, individual prosecutors, individual judges, individual prison guards, individual parole officers, etc. 

It is the worst possible message to be sending when there are such tensions between police and minority communities.

And, of course, the Left’s latest cause célèbre has been the demand to abolish ICE — the agency responsible for arresting more than 127,000 criminal illegal immigrants last year.

Protest Against the Police

There was a big protest in Washington, DC, Sunday. A few dozen white nationalists came to the nation’s capital to hold a demonstration and they were met by thousands of left-wing protestors, members of antifa and the so-called "black bloc." 

The black bloc has nothing to do with race. The name refers to the black clothing worn by violent, left-wing anarchists, many of whom are white.

The left-wing protestors supposedly turned out to demonstrate against the white nationalists. What happened instead was a disgusting protest against the police. Watch this video of one white leftist screaming at black DC police officers.

In other videos, antifa members can been heard chanting, "No borders! No walls! No U.S.A. at all!” Other “progressives” gladly went on the record threatening to assault or kill President Trump.

Hundreds of demonstrators were wearing masks to cover their faces. Why? Because they were prepared to engage in violence and they didn’t want to be identified. 

There were reports that some in the crowd were cutting the cords on news cameras, and antifa demonstrators in Charlottesville physically attacked the NBC news crew. Just more evidence that the radical Left is no friend of the First Amendment and the freedoms of speech and the press.

The great irony here is that there are laws on the books in many states prohibiting the wearing of masks at demonstrations or while someone is committing a crime. Those laws were passed in the early 20th century to combat the KKK. 

By the way, after all the disgusting and outrageous things that we did see Sunday, the one thing that you did not see was “responsible” progressive leaders speaking out against the Left’s anti-law enforcement rhetoric.

Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should condemn the demonstrators who cursed at police officers as well as those who threatened to murder the president of the United States.

What the Lefts Stands For

Last week, I told you about the New York Times photographer who got upset seeing children at Trump rallies. But what people chant at rallies is very telling about what is in their hearts.

At Trump rallies you hear chants of “USA! USA! USA!” But popular left-wing chants today are, “No borders! No walls! No USA at all!” and “Cops and the Klan go hand in hand.”

Whether it’s the NFL kneelers or the antifa mobs, the Left is increasingly defined by its anti-law enforcement and anti-American attitudes.

Sadly, as we have documented, the Left’s radicalism is aggressively expanding into the mainstream of the Democrat Party. The rise of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no accident. The Left is serious about “fundamentally transforming” America because it doesn’t like America.

Here’s the latest evidence: According to a new Gallup poll, only 37% of Americans view socialism positively. Fifty-six percent have a positive view of capitalism. 

But in stark contrast, a majority of Democrats (57%) now hold a positive view of socialism, while just 47% of Democrats view capitalism positively. 

So the Left wants socialism in America while it also demands that refugees from socialism be allowed to enter the country illegally. 

The Democrat Party is fast becoming the party of anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism.

Better Late Than Never

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired Friday afternoon. As we reported, Strzok had been demoted and was escorted out of the FBI’s headquarters in June as part of a 60-day suspension. Strzok’s lawyer claims that FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich ordered Strzok’s firing.

Reacting the news, President Trump tweeted:

“Agent Peter Strzok was just fired from the FBI — finally. The list of bad players in the FBI & DOJ gets longer & longer. Based on the fact that Strzok was in charge of the Witch Hunt [Russia collusion investigation], will it be dropped? It is a total Hoax. No Collusion, No Obstruction — I just fight back!”