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Why So Worried?

Gary Bauer · Aug. 18, 2018

There have been some curious developments in the investigation into the deep state’s meddling in the 2016 election.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter notes that ex-British spy Christopher Steele sent a frantic message to Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr in March 2017 — just as then-FBI Director James Comey was about to testify before Congress. Steele’s message: “We’re a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at Congress… Hoping that important firewalls will hold.”

Thursday, Fox News reported that congressional investigators also have found this note from Ohr regarding Steele’s concerns after Comey was fired: “very concerned (abt) about Comey’s firing — afraid they will be exposed.”

Granted, there is considerable context missing here. But Steele and Ohr certainly do not sound like two government officials who are hoping the truth about their work becomes known. What exactly did they do that has them so worried about exposure and firewalls?

Cuomo’s Ticket Out

After his remark this week questioning America’s greatness, New York GOP officials bought Gov. Andrew Cuomo a one-way bus ticket to Canada. Not a bad investment for $55.

I love the impulse. Hopefully, Donald Trump’s fighting spirit is beginning to catch on with the rest of the party.

But why Canada? Why not send Cuomo to some place where he could gain a better appreciation for how great America truly is?

How about Cuba, where socialism often leads to shortages … of toilet paper among other things.

Or perhaps Venezuela, where the “Maduro Diet” — that would be starvation as a result of socialism — is helping to fight the obesity epidemic in the West.

Since he’s so concerned about helping women achieve their “full potential,” maybe we should send Mr. Cuomo to Iran — where women are persecuted for refusing to wear the veil.

But I have a better idea. Being an eternal optimist, I think Mr. Cuomo might still be redeemable. (Unlike Hillary and the rest of the intolerant Left, I don’t want to write off half the country.)

I suggest we sponsor a guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery. There Mr. Cuomo can see many, many names of men and women who had no doubt about America’s greatness when they laid down their lives for our country.


You may have missed a big story out of England this week. It got some coverage here, but was quickly eclipsed by frenzied reports of secret tapes and a canceled security clearance.

A man in London duplicated the attacks we have seen throughout much of Europe lately when he attempted to drive his car into a crowd of pedestrians and through the barriers that protect the British Houses of Parliament.

Initially our media, including Fox News, reported that “a man” carried out the attack. Some British media reported that a chap “from the Midlands” — that’s like saying the “Midwest” here — carried out the attack. (Really helpful.)

It took a few days, but we now know that the “man” is named Salih Khater. He is a Sudanese refugee, and he lives in Birmingham — a hotbed of jihadism.

There is no doubt about what this was, but the denial in the West is getting worse. Unfortunately, the reaction to the attack is just as bizarre.

In gun-controlled London, thugs who can’t get guns are using knives. There has been a massive number of knifings. In fact, London’s murder rate is worse than New York City’s as a result of the “surge of stabbings.” Another horrifying trend across England has been acid attacks. They are now happening daily.

But, after this week’s terror attack, London Mayor Sadiq Khan had the really “brilliant” idea of … banning cars!

The only ban that might actually work would be to ban people on the terrorist watch list. But you should really ignore the word “watch.” The list is so large that no government in Europe could possible watch them all.

But let’s bring this back to America. Just this week, we have learned that:

  • One of the Muslim extremists at the New Mexico compound has been living in the U.S. illegally for 20 years.

  • A Texas jury sentenced a Jordanian man to death for the “honor-killing” of his daughter’s Christian husband and her best friend.

  • Iranian-backed Hezbollah “sleeper cells” are operating in the U.S.

  • An ISIS fighter was arrested in the “sanctuary state” of California. He came to this country as a refugee in 2014. (ISIS told us it was using the refugee system to smuggle fighters into the West. It’s a serious problem in Europe too.)

You would think that the arrest of an ISIS fighter who entered the country through the refugee program would be big news. Any of these stories should be big news.

But, of course, Big Media isn’t interested because they don’t want to admit that President Trump might be right about the need for extreme vetting, border security, and serious immigration reform.

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