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The Ford Farce?

Gary Bauer · Sep. 20, 2018

The Kavanaugh controversy is rapidly becoming the Ford farce.

As you may have heard, Dr. Christine Ford, the woman making charges against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is now saying that she is unwilling to testify until an FBI investigation has been conducted. Lisa Banks, another of Ford’s attorneys, told CNN, “Any talk of a hearing on Monday frankly is premature." 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • As I noted in yesterday’s report, the Left has one goal — to run out the clock. Progressives believe they can retake the Senate in November, and they know a Schumer-controlled Senate will not confirm Brett Kavanaugh or any conservative to the Supreme Court.

  • The idea of an FBI investigation of a vague charge from 36 years ago is laughable. That is not the FBI’s job, and the bureau is rightly refusing to investigate it. Ford is offering almost no details. The accusation, which amounts to character assassination, is unproven and unprovable.

  • Yet another alleged witness, Patrick J. Smyth, has come forward to say he has no recollection of the event Ford has described.

  • Judge Kavanaugh is clearly guilty — of being a judicial conservative. That is what this is all about. Just ask Clarence Thomas.

  • Senators Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Bob Corker (R-TN), who initially slammed the brakes on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, have now issued statements expressing support for a vote as scheduled if Ford refuses to testify.

  • Democrats even appear to be losing left-wing MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, who said this morning that if Ford won’t testify, then Republicans should be expected to proceed with a vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Is this whole thing just another "insurance policy”? I believe it is.

Of course, I am referring to deep-state FBI conspirators Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. While they were convinced that Trump would not be elected, they nevertheless concluded that too much was at stake. So they needed an insurance policy to destroy his presidency, just in case. That was a fake narrative of Russian collusion.

I believe this uproar over a 36-year-old accusation is evidence of another “insurance policy.”

Democrats lied about what Kavanaugh said. They leaked information. They encouraged thugs to disrupt the hearings. Now, when all else has failed, they come up with a decades-old charge to besmirch a good man and embarrass his family.


Deep-State Resistance

Intelligence officials are reportedly shocked by the president’s order to declassify certain documents related to the Russian collusion investigation.


Congressional Republicans have been urging the president to do this for months. The president has publicly suggested he was considering it. And he’s done it before.

Meanwhile, former CIA Director John Brennan is suggesting that “individuals of conscience” should resist the president’s order, and congressional Democrats are encouraging the resistance to the president’s request for additional transparency.

That’s amusing. After Trump’s election, the left-wing Washington Post adopted the motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

You would think that real journalists would be eager for this kind of information to be released. After all, The Washington Post became famous for its role in publishing the Pentagon Papers. They even made a movie about it last year.

But now that Democrats and the deep state are so desperate to keep the American people in the dark, the media no longer seem interested in transparency.

Something to Think About…

Every day we get another example of the fevered, leftist mindset. Here’s the latest example. Donald Trump has nothing to do with what is building up to be a historic economic expansion, but he is somehow responsible for hurricanes. Just ponder that.

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