The Patriot Post® · It's Autumn and the Nazis are in Bloom

By Burt Prelutsky ·

Oddly enough, it’s generally those on the Left who like to quote George Santayana, even if they don’t know they’re quoting him or who he was, for that matter. But if his estate collected a nickel every time a liberal said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, his heirs would be sitting pretty, if slightly uncomfortably, on a Mount Everest of nickels.

What makes it so odd is that they are the same people who keep insisting that socialism is superior to capitalism in spite of the fact that socialism has failed miserably wherever it’s been tried.

Unfortunately, things are not likely to improve anytime soon because the study of History has been replaced on college campuses by an assortment of grievance courses such as Black Studies, Gender Studies, Latino Studies and Lesbian Studies, curriculums that lead only to careers as members of street mobs and the wearing of black masks or pink caps, and a paycheck from George Soros.

If the kids hadn’t been so easily brainwashed by agenda-driven propagandists posing as professors, they might have learned that what began as a campaign of terror waged against German Jews in the early 30s eventually and inevitably was expanded to victimize Catholics; Communists; homosexuals; mental and physical defectives; intellectuals; and those who simply refused to knuckle under to the bullies and perverts out to steal their freedoms and enslave them.

Once a nation, any nation, loses its moral compass, insanity ensues.

Even here in the United States, we have already seen the parallels to Nazi Germany. Hitler had his Brown Shirts, armed bullies he could call on to break the shop windows of Jewish merchants, beat up homosexuals and burn the books that reminded people of their common humanity and their God-given rights.

Today, we have Antifa and campus bullies who intimidate students and professors who refuse to knuckle under to the Left. When craven college administrators refuse to suspend, expel or even have the police arrest members of the mob, they are behaving exactly the way their currish colleagues behaved 85 years ago.

What’s more, many people believe that the Nazis didn’t have laws or courts, but that’s not true. There were judges and laws, but they were Nazi judges and Nazi laws. That meant that once accused, people were presumed to be guilty, even if their accusers couldn’t provide evidence or corroborating witnesses. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, ask Brett Kavanaugh and I’m sure he’ll be able to fill in the blanks.

Yet another parallel to the bad old days can be found in the media. When, the day after Brett Kavanaugh defended himself against the lies of such scoundrels as Christine Ford, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono and Richard Blumenthal, it’s no accident that you could pick up a copy of the NY Times, the Washington Post or turn on most of the cable news shows and read or hear about Kavanaugh’s lack of “judicial temperament.”

I believe it was Stalin who said that an obvious lie, so long as it’s repeated often enough, will eventually be taken for the truth. But whoever said it first, it’s common knowledge to the brutes. In the same way, they know all about identity politics. Their favorite sport is playing Us off against Them. In Germany, “them” were the Jews, at least to begin with. Jewish traitors, according to Hitler and Goebbels, were the reason that Germany had lost World War I and the reason that, long before modern Venezuela suffered from one million percent inflation, Germans had to transport money in wheelbarrows in order to purchase a loaf of bread, if they could track down a loaf of bread.

In America, Jew-hatred takes the form of the Arab and Muslim-driven divestment movement targeting Israel. But the Left has expanded the divisions to include rich versus poor, black versus white, female versus male, atheist versus believer, old versus young and citizen against illegal alien.

Things have become so totally loony that the one group that is openly despised consists of white people, particularly old white men. Things have gotten so weird that you will even hear white people, including old white men, trashing them. People like Joe Biden, Joy Behar, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, don’t even think twice before charging white people with the sins of the world. Apparently, they seem to think that so long as they’re the ones leveling the insults, that automatically makes them exceptions to the rule.

No doubt that’s what some German Jews thought in 1933 when they sat around the dinner table and said things like: “Hitler’s not all wrong. We all know Jews like the ones he’s talking about. Good riddance, I say.”

When Howard Last, the pride of Cheyenne, wrote to say that the FISA Courts are a violation of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments, I replied: “Apparently, you didn’t get the memo about the Bill of Rights having been expunged from the Constitution. It’s a much faster read these days.”

Someone else sent me a picture of President Trump with the caption: “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Dan Parker reminded me that shortly after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, he predicted that most Americans would put the attack behind them within six months. He wished that the government would have used TV to constantly replay the nightmarish attack.

I didn’t disagree, although I thought there was the chance that constant repetition would have numbed us to the heartache we all felt that day.

“On the other hand,” I wrote back, “I still can’t over the fact that a scant seven years after the cold-blooded murder of 3,000 Americans, we elected someone named Barack Hussein Obama, who expressed more sympathy to the Islamic killers than to their American victims.”

By contrast, seven years after Pearl Harbor, we elected a man named Harry Truman, not Haru Takahashi.

Because I’m not one of those slack-jawed morons on the Senate Judiciary Committee worried that I might offend female voters, I’ll come clean and admit I didn’t find Christine Ford a credible witness.

It’s not just that I didn’t believe that, even at 17, Brett Kavanaugh was a loathsome creature. It wasn’t even that the three people she insisted had been at the party denied her allegations in sworn statements. It’s that she came across like a crazy woman. Between her somewhat manic eyes, her flyaway hair and her obvious lies about having been traumatized to such an extent she couldn’t bring herself to board a plane, she was my idea of a loon. I suspect that if Jennifer Lawrence was cast as a crazy women in some movie, she would prepare for her role by asking to spend a few days hanging around with Mrs. Ford.

I did find myself wondering if the woman was paid by Coca-Cola to keep one of their bottles next to her on national television for more than three hours. Companies are known to pay movie studios huge sums of money for what is called product placement in the trade, and I’m sure they would have been happy to reward her for what had to amount to several million dollars of otherwise free advertising.

As for Judge Kavanaugh, you can’t help feeling sorry for him. When he was interviewed along with his wife by Martha MacCallum, some people claimed he came across as too bottled up, even robotic. But when, at the hearing, after weeks of having his family trashed by the Democrats and their thugs in the media, he let his emotions show, the left-wingers claimed they could easily imagine him as a nasty teenager who’d try to deflower the first virgin unlucky enough to cross his drunken path.

He’s like the guy who gets pranked by the stupidest lout in his college fraternity and when he doesn’t laugh at the sight of his car filled with manure or his clothes strewn across the front lawn, is branded a poor sport lacking a sense of humor.

Frankly, I think Kavanaugh, who probably runs second only to Donald Trump in the hearts of Republicans, should give up on the Supreme Court and run for the Senate, thus lining up to run for President in 2024.

No matter who the Democrats pick, with Kavanaugh in the race, it would be a real life morality play, with good squaring off against evil.