The Patriot Post® · Caravan Day 2

By Gary Bauer · ·

As we told you yesterday, another migrant caravan is marching north through Central America toward our border. President Trump and Vice President Pence have both warned Central American leaders to stop the new caravan. For the moment at least, it seems they are getting some results.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry issued a statement urging its citizens “taking part in this irregular mobilization not to be used by a movement that is clearly political." Bartolo Fuentes, the march organizer, was arrested by Guatemalan authorities.

I suspect that the Left is hoping that news of the caravan will hurt President Trump and Republican candidates because border security is one of the main reasons people vote Republican.

The president sees it differently, tweeting:

"Hard to believe that with thousands of people from South of the Border, walking unimpeded toward our country in the form of large Caravans, that the Democrats won’t approve legislation that will allow laws for the protection of our country. Great Midterm issue for Republicans!”

Once again, President Trump is absolutely right. The Left’s open-borders agenda is tremendously unpopular.

It is worth stating the obvious: No nation can tolerate open defiance of its laws. Illegal immigration is not an “act of love.” It is mass disrespect for the law.

In addition, we have a constitutional showdown between federal judges and the executive branch. Between the rhetoric of the Left and the rulings of liberal judges, it is remarkable that three million people are not marching on the border instead of 3,000.

Don’t laugh, my friends. That is exactly what happened to Europe.

Between the open-borders policies of the EU and billionaire leftists like George Soros, governments there either were paralyzed or deluded themselves into thinking that two million migrants was a good thing.

I shudder to think what might happen if the Left gets power back this November. But Nancy Pelosi just gave us some idea.

Pelosi’s Promise

Speaking at Harvard, Nancy Pelosi was asked what trade she would make with President Trump in exchange for funding his border wall. She answered “nothing,” and then blasted the wall as “immoral, expensive, and ineffective.”

Let me remind you, my friends, that Donald Trump offered Democrats a great deal for the “Dreamers” in exchange for wall funding. Democrats rejected it. So just to be clear, Pelosi is promising to keep the borders open for more illegal immigration.

But here’s what is truly immoral: ICE arrested 127,000 criminal illegal aliens last year. They were responsible for more than 5,000 sexual assaults and more than 1,800 homicides.

NONE of those crimes should have happened! But thousands suffered because too many of our elites refuse to secure the borders. Now that’s immoral!

What’s expensive is the $135 billion illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers.

What’s ineffective is the Left’s do-nothing, open-border policy that continues to let hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants march across our border every year.

Mueller Report Ready?

Have you noticed that there has been virtually no Robert Mueller news lately? In recent weeks it seemed that there was a leak a day about the special counsel’s investigation.

Bloomberg reports that Mueller is ready to announce his findings on collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice soon after the elections. The Bloomberg report adds that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is telling Mueller to “wrap up the investigation as expeditiously as possible.”

The collusion delusion has fallen apart. British publicist Rob Goldstone, who arranged the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and various Russians, said during a weekend interview that the meeting was just “inane nonsense” about the Magnitsky Act.

Goldstone said he was “embarrassed” by the meeting. As for his email about incriminating information on Hillary, Goldstone admits it was just “puffery” as he was trying to get the attention of Donald Trump, Jr.

And as we have reported, various Russians in the meeting have contacts to Fusion GPS and Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson refused to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, pleading his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Increasingly it seems that the only collusion was between the Clinton campaign and the Deep State against Donald Trump.

One final note on a related matter: The Justice Department charged a senior Treasury official with leaking confidential government reports to the media. The reports were related to Paul Manafort’s financial transactions.

International Pronouns Day?

When I first heard that dozens of American universities were observing International Pronouns Day, I thought, “Wow, finally our schools are taking grammar seriously.” Sadly, its purpose isn’t grammatical clarity but the denial of reality.

Far too many of our misnamed “institutions of higher learning” are unable to teach the reality of America’s founding and how this country has changed the world for the better. But now they are going to teach our kids a bunch of made-up pronouns in order to get rid of supposedly artificial concepts like “he” and “she.”

Apparently, there are dozens of new pronouns to describe all the variations of genders that the Left has invented. They include pronouns such as “E,” “Ze,” “ip,” and “thon.” They’ve even invented a pronoun for people who don’t like being described with a pronoun.

This is insanity!

International Pronouns Day isn’t anything we should be celebrating. It’s just another attempt to browbeat people who believe in normalcy and refuse to embrace the Left’s political agenda.  Only now the Left is weaponizing grammar to accomplish its goals.

By the way, this is a movement that regularly uses the pronoun “it” to describe unborn babies, even though science confirms that unborn babies are human beings whose sex is determined at conception.

Perhaps the First Amendment grants a bunch of leftists the right to refer to one another as “ip” and “thon.” But that same First Amendment grants the rest of us the right not to use these absurd words.

And I can promise him, her, you, and them that I never will!