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Greater GOP Senate Control Means Long-Term Victories

Rebecca Hagelin · Nov. 9, 2018

Regardless of the composition of the House, there is still great hope for the restoration of America’s exceptional constitutional and cultural heritage because of the current makeup of the Supreme Court and what a Trump-supportive Senate can do to further fill judicial vacancies with judges and justices who seek to restore constitutional law.

The two gravest errors in American jurisprudence may soon be corrected due to the addition of the two seated justices nominated by President Trump.

Homosexual marriage and legal abortion were sanctioned in America in our lifetime by a few arrogant justices who sought to defy God and our Constitution, plunging us into the darkness of an American Pagan Era.

Homosexual marriage and legal abortion: How is it that two things so mutually exclusive of the other would have so much in common? How is it that they are intimately connected on a spiritual level?

The shrill voices of those who demand each have an unholy alliance. Why would homosexual marriage activists care about keeping abortion legal when homosexual couples, by definition, cannot procreate in the first place? And why do abortion proponents embrace homosexuality?

Because the pagan practices of both homosexuality and abortion share common sins: they defy who God says He is and who we are as beings created in His image. They epitomize mankind’s vain attempt to be equal to God himself.

God created man and woman as two distinct genders. Two genders that together reflect the image of God. Two genders that together are co-creators of human life with God.

Think about that for a moment: We are co-creators of human life with God. No other thing in all of nature can make a human life. Not throughout history, nor anywhere in the vast universe, nor through the wonders of science can a human life be formed by any means other than a human sperm from a man fertilizing a human egg from a woman. God blessed mankind alone with this sacred, spiritual act designed to occur in a sacred, spiritual relationship called marriage — defined since the beginning of time as the union between one man and one woman.

Yes, there are infertile married couples. But only in recent years, when a few justices decided that they had the power to ordain what God has not, has America sanctioned a definition of marriage that says one gender is entirely disposable and concocted a definition that makes the creation of human life impossible.

And legal abortion rips at the sacredness of life itself. It says that human beings are disposable, to be discarded at will. It says that we, like God, have the right to end human life at our own choosing. Legalized abortion sanctions the ability of one human to snuff out the life of an innocent with no trial, no jury, no reason at all.

Homosexual marriage proclaims that the creation of life has no value in marriage. It says that satisfying sexual desires — no matter how perverted they are from the created purpose — is all that matters. Abortion says the same thing: Human life has no intrinsic value, and satisfying one’s own desires is paramount.

Why do homosexual marriage and abortion evoke such visceral defenses from those who promote them? Why do their practitioners spew anger and hatred and flaunt their lifestyles of self-aggrandizement?

Because as they elevate their human will above God’s will, they find no peace. When they proclaim the lie that man is equal to God, their hearts become hardened. Inner torment is the natural result of exchanging the truth of God for the lie.

Although the High Court may soon restore our Judeo-Christian heritage and obliterate the worst of judicial activist decisions, America’s soul also needs restoring. Individuals who believe the lie need the healing and joy that is found only through the grace, forgiveness, and redemption offered by Christ.

Dr. Peter Jones, one of the greatest theologians of our time, founded TruthXChange.com, a ministry that explores how we were made in the very image of the loving Creator who gave us life. TruthXChange explores such universal questions as, “Are we alone in this vast impersonal cosmos, making our own rules, evolving, we hope, for the good of all? Or, are we part of a vast, intelligently made universe that is the work of a personal, distinct and glorious Creator, who has reached down in the redeeming love of Jesus to rescue us from ourselves?”

While we await the restoration of our nation’s laws, take time to engage with TruthXChange.com to find the answers that can liberate people from pagan bondage and allow us to become the beloved children of God that he created us to be.

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