The Patriot Post® · Media Malpractice

By Gary Bauer ·

The fake news media are at it again. Yesterday’s Washington Post has a disturbing report that attempts to smear the courageous men and women of the Border Patrol. Check out this headline:

“7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Taken Into Border Patrol Custody Dies Of Dehydration, Exhaustion.”

Unfortunately, many people won’t bother to read the article. They will see that headline and assume the worst — that the Border Patrol is responsible for the girl’s death.

Those who quickly skim the article will find left-wing rhetoric that reinforces the media’s bias, such as this line:

The child’s death is likely to intensify scrutiny of detention conditions at Border Patrol stations and CBP facilities that are increasingly overwhelmed by large numbers of families seeking asylum in the United States.

At least the Post concedes that our Border Patrol agents and facilities are “increasingly overwhelmed.” That’s why we need a border wall.

The ACLU, of course, is jumping to the worst possible conclusions, blasting the Border Patrol for an alleged “lack of accountability, and a culture of cruelty.” Predictably, many open-borders Democrats are also piling on.

This child’s death is a terrible tragedy. But the Border Patrol is not responsible.

Her father, who was with her, is responsible for taking her on the dangerous journey from Guatemala all the way through Mexico and into the New Mexico desert. Her father, not the Border Patrol, is responsible for the fact that she “reportedly had not eaten or consumed water for several days.”

And the left is responsible too.

This child died as a result of the left’s radical open borders agenda, which encourages migrants to take such incredible risks. The left simply refuses to secure the border and supports idiotic policies like “catch and release” that function as de facto amnesties.

How is that compassionate?

Still Dreaming

Speaking of the Post, its editors wrote this week that President Trump and congressional Democrats should be able to reach a deal on the border wall. In exchange for Democrats funding his border wall, Trump, the Post writes, “should offer a path to legal status or citizenship for more than 1 million ‘dreamers.’”

There’s only one problem … Trump already offered Democrats a bigger deal for the so-called “dreamers,” and Democrats rejected it.

Once again, President Trump is not the problem. It’s the left that absolutely refuses to compromise on its extreme agenda.

Mocking Pence’s Faith

Here we go again. Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith is once again a punching bag for the left.

During Tuesday’s raucous Oval Office meeting between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Vice President Pence sat there quietly, probably because he thought the president wanted to handle the situation.

At one point, Pence closed his eyes for a brief moment. Perhaps he got a headache listening to Chuck and Nancy squabbling. Perhaps he was praying. That wouldn’t surprise me, given that the vice president is a man of deep faith.

But what did surprise me was the reaction of Ilhan Omar, one of two Muslim women just elected to Congress. Omar tweeted a picture of Pence with his eyes closed with the caption, “Jesus take the wheel!”

Omar has some credibility issues. She’s deceived voters in her home state of Minnesota about her view on Israel.

Before her election, Omar said she opposed the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions effort that seeks to punish Israel. After her election, she suddenly declared her support for the BDS movement.

And now she seems to think it’s a great idea to mock the Christian faith of the vice president.

Just imagine the media’s reaction if Mike Pence or some conservative member of Congress had posted a picture of Representative-elect Omar praying with the caption “Allah take the wheel!”

Of course, that would be no laughing matter. Sadly, hundreds of people have been killed by jihadists who were shouting praise to Allah while at the wheel of trucks and vans in Israel, in Europe and even here in the United States.

Is Planned Parenthood Anti-Semitic?

We’ve reported in the past about growing anti-Semitism within the progressive movement. Exhibit A is the Women’s March.

Its main leaders, co-presidents Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, are supporters of Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan. And the group’s relationship to the Nation of Islam evidently goes much deeper than that. Activists within the Women’s March allege that the Nation of Islam provides security for the organization.

As scrutiny of the Women’s March has mounted in recent weeks, a number of well-known feminists have denounced the organization and called for its leaders to resign. But the radical pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood is sticking with them.

The communications director for Planned Parenthood issued a statement, declaring:

The Women’s March has become a symbol of our collective resistance to [the Trump Administration] and Planned Parenthood is proud to once again, join our progressive partners … to protect and advance the progress we’ve made as a movement dedicated to equity and justice for all people.

But that’s exactly the problem — anti-Semitism and the Nation of Islam are antithetical to the very ideas of “equity and justice for all people.”

As Mercy Morganfield, who used to lead Women’s March DC, put it, “Tamika and Linda have betrayed all women by their subservience to radical religious beliefs that do not believe in equal rights for women.”