The Patriot Post® · Beyond the Border

By Gary Bauer ·

The problems of illegal immigration and mass migration extend well beyond border communities and deep into the interior of the country. There are tremendous costs imposed on taxpayers everywhere.

Because left-wing judges have ordered asylum seekers to be released pending their court hearings, thousands of people are coming in and are then released into various communities. 

During the Obama years, many unaccompanied minors were transported to New York. One result was a huge explosion in MS-13 gang-related violence. 

Many children of illegal immigrants do not speak English, meaning they are far more expensive to educate. 

Your health care is affected when local emergency rooms are packed with illegal immigrants, adding billions of dollars to the cost of health care every year.

Right now, we’re told that many migrants in the Latin American caravans are women and children just looking for a better life. Many will be accessing welfare benefits that you pay for. 

New data from the Census Bureau find that “63% of noncitizen-headed households got some form of welfare benefit in 2014, compared with 35% for citizens.”

Monday night, we got stories on the network news about how some Americans had to wait in line due to the government shutdown. Notice the selectivity. 

The media want you to know that if you were inconvenienced at the airport it is because Donald Trump shut down the government. 

But if you are waiting hours in the emergency room, no one in the media will say it is due to illegal immigrants straining our health care system. 

If your state or county is raising your taxes, no one in the media will say it is partly due to illegal immigrants accessing public benefits.

It was breathtaking Monday watching the newly elected governor of California declaring that his state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it.” Governor Newsom did not attend Officer Ron Singh’s funeral, but he is already inviting more people like Singh’s murderer to walk into California. 

Democrat Obstructionism

Let’s be clear about why the government shutdown continues to drag on: Democrats are refusing to negotiate. Referring to his weekend meetings with Democrat leadership aides, Vice President Mike Pence Monday told reporters:

“The senior staff for the Democratic leadership … simply informed us that there would be no negotiation until the federal government was open. . . their position has been very clear that they refuse to negotiate until the federal government opens.”

But there’s more. It seems Chuck Schumer doesn’t want the Senate to do anything at all. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to vote on a package of pro-Israel bills, but Senate liberals are vowing to filibuster them and everything else until the government re-opens.

Once again, the left is demonstrating its commitment to the radical open borders agenda. 

If Democrats are serious about opening the government, all they have to do is secure the border. But as the vice president noted, they refuse to even consider it. They would rather keep the borders open than keep the government open.

Ginsburg Absent Again

For the first time in 25 years, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Monday missed oral arguments at the Supreme Court. She was absent again yesterday as she recovers from recent cancer surgery.

The Daily Caller reports that “quiet preparations are underway” at the White House in the event that President Trump is required to fill a third Supreme Court vacancy, which would be an incredible opportunity for a first-term president. 

Alabama Update

In yesterday’s report we told you about the “false flag” operation run by left-wing activists against Judge Roy Moore in the 2017 Alabama Senate race. There is more to the story.

The New York Times reports that a second disinformation campaign was launched that aimed to convince voters Moore’s election would result in a “Dry Alabama” or a return to Prohibition-era bans on alcohol.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is now demanding an investigation by federal elections officials of these Democrat dirty tricks.