The Patriot Post® · Collusion Delusion

By Gary Bauer ·

Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Thursday that after two years of investigation and testimony from more than 200 witnesses, his committee has found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Just in case you missed it on the evening news, Burr said:

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Burr also implied that his investigation would wrap up soon, saying, “We know we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel because there are not new questions that we’re searching for answers to.”

So that gets us back to the motivation of the deep state and why the Obama FBI and Justice Department were spying on the Trump campaign in the first place. Is anyone investigating that?

Deal Coming Soon?

Washington is buzzing with rumors that congressional negotiators may be close to a deal on border security. As President Trump said, “We’ll see what happens.” The devil is always in the details.

And this Washington Post headline tells you everything you need to know: “Congressional Negotiators Narrow Differences To Border Barriers, Detention Beds.”

The sticking points have come down to this: Not only are left-wing members of Congress resisting effective barriers at the border, they are also demanding less money for beds at detention centers. The Post writes, “Democrats are trying to limit the Trump administration’s ability to detain border crossers.”

It wasn’t that long ago when Democrats were outraged to find that illegal immigrants were forced to sleep on floors at our overrun detention facilities. They claimed the conditions were “cruel and inhumane.” Yet now they refuse to fund more beds?

Think of what that combination means: Democrats want illegal immigrants to pour into the country and they want the government to be unable to detain them.

In other words, Democrats are trying to force Trump to reinstate the failed “catch and release” policy – a de facto amnesty that allowed illegal immigrants to disappear into the interior of the country.

There is only one logical conclusion: The left is using the battle over the border to demographically and ideologically transform the country. They want to let in millions of people who will demand big government socialism and who are also vulnerable to the identity politics that now consumes the left. (More on that below.)

If they can do those two things, the Republican Party and conservatism are doomed. It could not be more obvious. Yet I seriously doubt whether a majority of elected Republicans understand this.

By the way, any Republican congressmen still fretting about a national emergency declaration at the border should consider the testimony of Admiral Craig Faller, head of U.S. Southern Command.

He warned Thursday that ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are all active in Latin America and looking for ways to exploit established drug and human trafficking routes.

The Divided States of America

Former Georgia State Representative Stacy Abrams had an article published recently in the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs. She lost her race for governor by more than 50,000 votes and acted like she was cheated.

I’m still scratching my head over how Abrams, a political loser, is seen as such a rising star that she was selected for the honor of delivering the State of the Union response. But the topic of her Foreign Affairs column, entitled “Identity Politics Strengthens Democracy,” is even more bizarre.

As the title implies, it’s identity politics on steroids. It’s a total rejection of E Pluribus Unum – from many one. Rather than uniting us, the left seeks to highlight differences and exploit divisions.

In her column, Abrams calls for all the disposed and “marginalized” groups of society – minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ, and Native Americans – to unite and “revolt” politically against, well Abrams doesn’t exactly say against who or what. But it is obvious by who was excluded from her list.

Abrams insists that “By embracing identity … Americans will become more likely to grow as one.” As Tucker Carlson put it: “Ponder that for a second, the less we have in common, the more united we will be. Is that true?”

I don’t think so. And I also think that Martin Luther King would be weeping if he were alive today. Dr. King wanted black Americans to be treated as equals so that race-based analyses and identity politics would end, so that we would see past race and see only individuals. Today’s left is rejecting Dr. King’s legacy.

Green Deal Gone

As we told you, socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her “Green New Deal” Thursday. It immediately came under withering attack, and disappeared from her website late last night.

She is also struggling to get her story straight. She told Nancy Pelosi Radio, I mean National Public Radio, that her plan was a massive government intervention in the economy. But hours later, she told MSNBC that it wasn’t.

We are in a battle for the heart and soul of our country right now. Tuesday night, President Trump felt compelled to declare that he would do everything he could to prevent America from becoming a socialist country.

And that is exactly what is at stake. Medicare for All. Seventy percent tax rates. The Green New Deal. It’s all about a socialist transformation of America.


After unveiling her ten-year plan to seize control of the economy under the guise of saving the planet, Ocasio-Cortez joined fellow radicals Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib at a press conference yesterday attacking ICE and American sovereignty.

She insisted ICE should be defunded, saying: “An agency like ICE, which repeatedly and systematically violates human rights, does not deserve a dime… They do not deserve any resources for their radical agenda.”

ICE’s “radical agenda” is catching and deporting criminal aliens. Last year, ICE removed more than 158,000 criminal aliens. Among them, they had:

  • 1,641 homicide convictions.

  • 1,294 kidnapping convictions.

  • 3,740 sexual assault convictions.

  • More than 54,000 DUI convictions.

  • More than 55,000 dangerous drug offense convictions.

Think about this irony: Conservatives do not want to fund Planned Parenthood because it destroys innocent unborn lives. But so-called “progressives” do not want to fund ICE because it deports killers, rapists and drug dealers.

Ocasio-Cortez also clearly stated her support for open borders and appeared to reject U.S. sovereignty, declaring that our immigration laws should not apply to illegal immigrants from Latin America due to a “right of human mobility” across borders.

“We are standing on Native land, and Latino people are descendants of Native people,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And we cannot be … criminalized simply for our identity and our status.”

Now that’s radical!