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Just Another College Scandal

Burt Prelutsky · Mar. 25, 2019

By now, I assume you’ve all heard about Operation Varsity Blues, a multi-million dollar scam that might better be called Affirmative Action for the rich and influential.

The Justice Department has indicted about 50 individuals, including wealthy parents like actresses I’ve barely heard of — Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman — soccer coaches and college admission officers at Yale, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Texas, San Diego, NYU and Stanford.

The bribes paid in order to facilitate their children’s admission to elite universities ranged from $200,000 to $6.5 million. For a few extra bucks, I have no doubt they could have gotten their dogs and cats admitted to Yale and Stanford.

What’s more, they could have defended it on the grounds that it made for a more diversified campus.

Although definitely newsworthy, I find it a less odious problem than other academic crimes that involve a lot more than 50 people. Those would include ever-rising tuition fees for what, arguably, involves only the cost of books, lecture halls and classrooms, but includes obscenely large salaries for professors, coaches, administrators and, apparently, landscapers.

Then there is the problem of athletic scholarships and the multi-million dollar contracts doled out to those who have mastered the skill of drawing X’s on a blackboard for over-sized grunts who, for the most part, have no good reason to be on college campuses, and who would, in a sane world, be compelled to compete for academic scholarships or be working as bouncers at gentlemen’s clubs (formerly called burlesque houses).

Moreover, we haven’t even gotten around to the fact that the schools are mainly an extension of the media arm promoting the Socialist agenda being ballyhooed by most of the Democrats running to evict Trump from his rightful place in the Oval Office.

Perhaps worst of all, the kids are taking on a mountain of debt in order to major in such nonsensical fields as Black, Latino and Lesbian Studies.

Inasmuch as Democratic politicians run the risk of being trampled by their colleagues in their attempt to appear on Fox, it is bewildering that head of the DNC Tom Perez has decided that Fox will not be allowed to host a single Democratic debate. You have to wonder whether Perez has ever tuned in to the most viewed cable network. It’s possible, even likely, that he never has.

Back in the day when I was still playing tennis, one of the participants in the weekend group was a liberal who was constantly bad-mouthing Fox. When I asked if he had ever watched any of the shows, he confessed he hadn’t. So I challenged him to watch Bret Baier’s “Special Report” for the next five days because, aside from the panel at the end of the show, it’s all news without opinion. And even the panel always has at least one liberal mucking it up.

The following weekend, I asked the guy if he had come around at all when it came to Fox. He confessed he hadn’t watched even once. And, no, his name wasn’t Tom Perez.

Liberals would much prefer having George Soros’s Media Matters determine what they watch on TV. What’s confounding about Media Matters is that, in spite of its colluding with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and promoting its partisan agenda, it has managed to hang on to its tax exempt status.

Thus, because the FCC has either been asleep at the switch or, more likely, because the FCC is as corrupt as the FBI, the Justice Department and the IRS, we are all subsidizing the machinations of George Soros and his flying monkeys.

As you may have heard, the latest ploy to gain control of the Supreme Court is by adding justices to the traditional nine, but only if a Democrat is elected president next year.

As stupid as that sounds, it’s not the first time it’s been tried. Back in the mid-30s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried packing the Court after it regularly began striking down some of his increasingly Socialistic laws and regulations. But even a Senate controlled by fawning Democrats who had ridden FDR’s coattails to victory deemed that a bridge too far.

Unfortunately, because Roosevelt served three full terms and part of a fourth, he eventually wound up seating eight of the nine justices, leaving a left-wing legacy that persisted for decades after his belated departure.

According to the Washington Post, which could as easily be called Jeff Bezos’s Memo Pad, recently broke the news that “Whites are mainly to blame for air pollution, but Blacks and Hispanics bear the burden,” according to a new (but unnamed) study.

What makes this so questionable, anti-Caucasian racism aside, is that air pollution is no longer a problem in this country. Where it is such a problem that the natives rarely go out in public without a paper mask to filter out the pollutants, is the Orient; specifically, China, where pedestrians can often not see 20 feet beyond their nose.

And the last time that either I or Jeff Bezos looked, the Chinese are not white people.

Someone who takes A O-C’s dire warnings seriously recently paid a visit to Tucker Carlson’s show. Blythe Pepino, a 32-year-old English woman who founded a group called “Birth Strike,” believes it is immoral for people to have children because the future is so bleak.

Well, if you happen to believe that a combination of fossil fuels and bovine flatulence will combine to end life on Earth in 12 years, it would be rather selfish to bring little people into such a world. But imagine how surprised Ms. Pepino will be when she’s 60 and childless ad the world didn’t end in accordance with Ocasio-Cortez’s schedule.

On the other end, a few less pinheads like Pepino floating around and voting wouldn’t be a tragedy of massive proportions.

The fact is, I would be a lot happier if the Green New Deal would concentrate more on fossil fuels and less on cows. For one thing, no matter what they say, people like Al Gore, Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders, who are always flying around on private jets, would miss fossil fuel far more than I, a stay-at-home living in a temperate climate, would.

But when a lunkhead like New York’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio starts touting mandatory “Meatless Mondays,” he’s going out of his way to piss me off. There’s just too much at steak. (Sorry, I couldn’t control myself.)

It’s probably worth mentioning that the most famous vegetarian in history was none other than Adolf Hitler.

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