The Patriot Post® · Leftism's March of Madness

By Guest Commentary ·

By Howard Sachs, M.D.

As good Christian and Jewish religion goes, so goes America. So goes Western civilization, in fact. Our nation’s heart and soul were formed from the Bible and its values. Now they are under daily and relentless attack.

Across the sea, most churches in Western Europe are now empty. We are not far behind. Large numbers of American Christians and Jews, particularly the dominant and most populous non-orthodox groups, are fighting here wittingly or unwittingly to mirror this Godless and soulless continent. But there is hope yet. Some of us cling to remnants of non-orthodox Judaism and Christianity even as we watch leftism pulling our values, our religious, and our American cultural life out from under us.

Many of us fight against the tide, but it is strong. Here are some examples we witnessed in recent weeks.

I’m originally from Miami. I was just visiting. Beth David was one of the most beautiful and active conservative Jewish synagogues for decades. Its classical architecture is inspiring. The building still resides for a bit longer in a fine neighborhood. It is still surrounded demographically by several thousand homes with Jewish residents, but I saw it is now closed as a synagogue. It is likely to become a townhouse development or a Whole Foods — something of the sort. The synagogue could barely get a gathering on the Sabbath.

Beth David is just a symbol of the drowning of our foundations occurring all over America — all over the West, in fact. It has multiple reasons, but I agree with the fine writer and scholar Mr. Dennis Prager. The main cause, he argues, is the secular ideology of leftism. This religion of leftism, as he opines, has been the most vibrant one in the West for the last century. The non-orthodox part of Judaism (Protestantism and Catholicism as well) has surrendered, in essence, to this new secular religion of Hegel, Rousseau, Marx, Dewey, and now the Baracks, Nancys, Bernies, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes of our own time.

This replacement theology is the powerful tide trying to sweep away America and its Judeo-Christian foundations. It is what has destroyed Beth David. It is destroying much more, including our universities, public schools, limited government, health care system, capitalism, sports, arts, and even now the poor Boy Scouts.

It’s almost breathtaking watching this dissolution almost in real time. Take the direct hits on our Bible-based value system in recent weeks.

The Sixth Commandment demands we not murder, but incredibly, appallingly, the men and women of the Left rejected even this fundamental law of a civilized society. As if pronounced from some pagan human-sacrifice council, lawmakers proudly passed a law in New York essentially legalizing infanticide.

Genesis 1 teaches us that God gifted us the beautiful, vital, and key distinction of male and female. This important component of our civilization is under relentless attack by the Left. Officials in New York recently announced a new law that allows a parent to label their baby as X" on a birth certificate. If this is not legalized child abuse, I’m not sure what is. Judaism, like Christianity, is a force for civilization, ordered liberty, structure, and distinction. It is a force for protection of children. Leftism is a force of nihilism, chaos, anarchy, and in this case child abuse.

In the same section of the Bible it says God made man in his image — black, olive, and white. All are equal in our humanity. But the blatant racism of the leftist Democrat Party continues unabated from its beginnings in the Civil War. Jussie Smollett, a man obviously guilty of a terrible crime, walks free because the Left does not care about right or wrong. It cares about black and white.

Joe Biden went about begging for forgiveness from the Left because he once headed the Judiciary Committee with a “bunch of white guys.”

“White privilege” has now entered our daily lexicon thanks to the racist Left. Our poor indoctrinated Jewish kids are running around groveling today in college classrooms asking for forgiveness because their skin melanin concentration is low. Universities are about to have their yearly “black” graduation ceremonies. Leftist deans of admissions and committees on hiring all over America are, as I write, examining the skin cells of their applicants for concentration of polymers of tyrosine (melanin) to see if they should be granted admission or a job.

Barack Obama said recently all Americans with low pigment concentrations in their skin carry bigotry and hate in their DNA. This all brings back raw, hardcore racism to America at a level not seen since the 1930s in Germany. The colorblind American and Jewish ideal becomes the color-obsessed racism of the Left.

Finally, to wrap up the March Madness of dissolution, we got a full-bore, double-barreled attack on two other foundational Biblical values. The attack was on #10 of our Ten Commandments, the word from God about “not coveting.” It was accompanied by an assault on #8, which says. “Do not steal.”

The Left now bathes us in the idea of coveting another person’s property and stealing. As the nominal head of American leftism, Barack Obama said in essence that after a certain point a man has made enough money.

We heard more recent refrains of this from another priestess of leftism, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said she’d like 70% or so tax rates to legally steal even more from her rich subjects in order to fund her poisonous projects of socialized medicine and the Green New Deal.

Then we have another priest of leftism, Jose Ramos, the Univision star and advocate of open borders who said on national TV that our nation does not even belong to us anymore. We should, he said, just “get used” to millions of illegal immigrants crashing through our borders each year. He unashamedly applauds the grand theft of a people’s nation.

In recent days we’ve seen the relentless attack on the pillars of America’s Judeo-Christian culture continue unabated. And in response, all is quiet on the western front of leadership and laity from my fellow “conservative” Jews. Bible value after Bible value is being washed to sea in the rip tide of leftist nihilism. They are “conservative” only in name. In fact, the terrible irony is palpable. Conservative (along with reform and reconstructionist) Judaism and non-orthodox Christianity are at the forefront of non-conservation; massive transformation and destruction are the result.

This is one of the big reasons Beth David and thousands of other once-great synagogues and churches are heading for the wrecking ball once leftism gets through with them. What madness. And come 2020, million of these lost American souls will vote again for the Godless poison of this madness. How flawed we are — all of us.