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Donald Trump a Racist? Seriously?

Rebecca Hagelin · Jul. 24, 2019


It’s the toxic name the Left always tries to pin on opponents that it fears are unbeatable.

This time, the Democratic Party is using its lie to deflect attention from its socialist agenda, an agenda soundly rejected by the American people and most poignantly represented by four young congresswomen who happen to be of color.

In an attempt to cause people to recoil at something other than its radical ideology, it seeks to change the conversation by rabidly attacking President Trump as a racist.

Bring. It. On.

Let’s examine the facts, shall we? The record reveals that Donald Trump is the most effective advocate for people of color in the White House since Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. Trump’s policies have resulted in blacks now having the lowest unemployment rate in history. Because of Mr. Trump, Hispanics also have an historically low unemployment rate.

Since Mr. Trump championed federal prison reform — when no other president would — the unjust and discriminatory practices that have resulted in minorities receiving longer prison sentences than whites are becoming a thing of the past.

It is Mr. Trump who had the courage to expose Planned Parenthood for its evil agenda of targeting minority babies for abortion. It is he who curtailed the flow of federal dollars funding the genocide of black babies.

The pseudo “first black president” — Bill Clinton — did not right these wrongs. The first real black president — Barack Obama — did not either. Donald Trump alone dared to deliver justice to the oppressed.

The Democratic Party’s history is, in fact, one of oppression. It was the Democratic Party that fought to keep blacks enslaved and tried to defeat President Abraham Lincoln and the Republican cry for freedom.

Democrats birthed the KKK, which terrorized anyone who sought to promote civil rights. It was the Democratic Party that promoted Margaret Sanger’s quest to annihilate black babies through her organization, Planned Parenthood. A must-see documentary, “Emancipation Revelation Revolution” at, outlines more of the Democrats’ sordid history.

Mr. Trump is obliterating the leftist goal to create a permanent underclass of dependent minorities. He knows that the agenda boldly voiced by Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the entire Democratic leadership that pretends otherwise is to lure millions of Americans into a position of permanent subjugation to government elitists.

In classic style, Mr. Trump is bludgeoning the phonies and their lies through his provocative verbiage and raw courage, while simultaneously bringing real relief to minorities who continue to be used and abused by the power mongers.

Just ask Angela Stanton-King, a black former inmate who supports Mr. Trump. She does so because he is saving the lives of black babies, ending policies of racial discrimination in federal prison sentencing, supporting employment opportunities for newly released prisoners, and helping to rebuild black families who have been destroyed by a welfare system designed to do just that.

Ms. Stanton-King delivered her baby in prison while handcuffed to the bed under the gawking eyes of a male guard — a policy the Democrats failed to change. Her family was fractured while she served a lengthy prison sentence for a non-violent fraud offense — a sentence that white offenders rarely have to endure — while Democratic leaders looked the other way.

When she was released she had no family, no money, no job, no place to live. Because of the benevolence of strangers and the grace of Christ, she made it. And because of Mr. Trump’s First Step and Second Chance prison reform initiatives, she now has a structure in which to help others make it too. (You can learn more about Ms. Stanton-King and her work through the American King Foundation at

The real disgrace is that leftists are so obsessed with advancing their socialist agenda that they are willing to do it on the backs of minorities and lie to the American public in the process. Although they always have operated with duplicity, they’ve never faced anyone better at exposing and obliterating their evil agenda than Donald Trump.

In a single tweet, our president showed who is really controlling the Democratic Party. In just a few keystrokes, he succeeded in outing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other closet socialists as they stumbled over themselves to ally publicly with the four radicals whose views actually reflect the true agenda of today’s Democratic leaders.

The more they scream, the more they reveal; the more they reveal, the more Mr. Trump wins.

Like I said, bring it on.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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