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China Owns the UN

Burt Prelutsky · Sep. 16, 2019

The United Nations has been a bad joke for a long time. Whether it was the son of Secretary General Kofi Annan getting rich off his father’s connections; so-called U.N. peacekeepers in Africa raping young girls; selecting nations such as Syria to head up its Human Rights Committee; promoting the climate change hoax; constantly voting resolutions to condemn Israel but never condemning any of the Arab or Muslim nations for their acts of terrorism; those of us who have been calling for our resigning from the corrupt organization for decades have had some awfully good reasons for doing so.

After Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement with Iran and out of the Paris Accord, I was hoping for the trifecta. But we are still hanging in there, though I don’t know why when it’s a constant source of this nation’s humiliation.

Recently, Communist China secured control over the U.N.‘s Food and Agriculture Organization. It is just the latest of China’s moves to gain control over the U.N. Through bribes, threats and sheer intimidation, the largest menace to the planet’s security secured the election of Qu Dongyu to the post overseeing much of the world’s agriculture.

Writing in The New American, Alex Newman reported that Mr. Dongyu received 108 votes, followed by Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, a Socialist who had the full backing of the European Union, who captured 71 votes. In a very distant third place was the U.S.-backed Davit Kirvalidze from the nation of Georgia. He garnered a dozen votes. Which meant, one, that two of the 193 member nations decided to sit it out and, two, that in an organization that is allegedly dedicated to peace and freedom, a Communist and a Socialist wound up splitting179 votes. The U.S. and its allies wound up with 12 votes and two abstentions.

What the heck are we waiting for? Must our ambassador to the U.N., Kelly Kraft, have her key to the executive lady’s room be taken away before we finally say that enough is enough?

Until Roberta Bean called my attention to it, I was unaware that a Minnesota-based spice company, Penzey’s, had become a megaphone for the radical Left. Its president, Ben Penzey, compares Trump to a buffoonish version of Hitler and Republicans to Nazis.

It confounds me that late night talk show hosts, along with CNN and MSNBC anchors are so eager to forego 50% of their potential viewership by sacrificing humor and objective news reporting for partisan hectoring.

Similarly, I have a hard time figuring out the marketing strategy behind all our major newspapers turning themselves into house organs for the DNC.

But that a spice company would follow their lead is truly mind-blowing. Is Mr. Penzey really willing to slash his profit margin for the chance to be the Under Secretary of the Interior or an ambassadorship to Ethiopia in an Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders administration?

While I was in the car today, I heard Alan Dershowitz on Dennis Prager’s radio show. Although Prager is a Conservative and Prof. Dershowitz is a devout Democrat, the host went overboard praising his guest.

As you may have noticed, Dershowitz has become a pet of the Right, mainly because he opposed, on strictly legal grounds, the impeachment of President Trump. He is also a steadfast supporter of Israel, which was Prager’s main reason for inviting him on.

I had hoped that at some point, Prager, having shown his credentials as a fan of the law professor’s, would say something along the lines of “Alan, how is it that an intelligent, fair-minded man like yourself actually voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and will no doubt vote for whichever Socialist runs in 2020? Not only has Trump rescued the American economy from the morass in which Barack Obama left it, but he is the most pro-Israel president we’ve ever had. He even went so far as to stop the moral equivalency farce by cutting off funding to the Palestinian terrorists. And yet you oppose him. Would you take a few minutes to explain yourself?”

But, alas, Prager didn’t ask. Nobody ever asks.

The good news is that after a violent clash in Portland, Oregon, a few members of Antifa were arrested. So it should come as no surprise that whereas the folks on one side were called extremists and right-wingers, the opposition was described as anti-Fascists. So, not only were the masked bullies defined as being against the very thing they are, but those who oppose them are thereby labeled Fascists.

It should come as no surprise that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is trying to raise money to bail the Antifa mobsters out of the hoosegow.

So far, six of the left-wing cooties campaigning to be our next Commander-in-Chief have announced how much of our money they’re prepared to squander in fighting what each of them refers to as the existential threat to the world, climate change.

Peter Buttigieg is the piker in the group. He is only prepared to spend $1 trillion to save us. Even Joe Biden is willing to kick in $1.7 trillion. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker have announced they think they can do the job for $3 trillion. Kamala Harris proves she is really serious about doing something about those rising temperatures during the summer months by promising to spend $10 trillion.

But proving that when it comes to spending other people’s money, nobody can compete with an old Bolshevik, Bernie Sanders has vowed to toss $16.3 trillion at the problem.

It doesn’t take a math genius to see that the only candidate who understands the scope of the problem is Sanders. After all, the other five combined are only talking about $18.7 trillion. All by himself, Sanders is going to spend nearly that much. And that’s not counting the free college tuition, Medicare for All (including illegal aliens) and paying off everybody’s medical bills, that he has promised.

Why wouldn’t people vote for him? Especially, when he announces that members of his cabinet will include the White Rabbit, the titmouse, the Cheshire Cat and, for Secretary of State, Humpty Dumpty.

Realizing who she’s dealing with, a desperate Kamala Harris put a twist on the usual warning by saying “This is an existential threat to who we are as a species!”

It sounded weird, I admit, but at least it was a welcome change from being told by Democrats that “This"—whether this was opposition to open borders or a defense of the 2nd Amendment—"isn’t who we are as a people.”

Tom Steyer, campaigning in New Hampshire, railed against corporate America buying our elections. This was just minutes after announcing he was fully prepared to spend $100 million on his primary campaign. Welcome to the Land of Hypocrisy, Tom Steyer, Incorporated.

But Steyer is small change compared to Walmart. As if it’s not bad enough that the world’s biggest retailer put thousands of small town stores out of business, thereby putting those small towns out of business, and sending 500,000 manufacturing jobs out of this country and hundreds of billions of dollars to China, they’re lousy employers.

Most of their people are working part-time because Sam’s kids don’t want to have to provide them with any of those things that American workers have come to expect, things such as health insurance, pensions and a decent salary that are generally associated with employment in the U.S.

Sam’s family is worth an estimated $150 billion, according to Tucker Carlson.

I don’t begrudge them their wealth, but I do think they should be ashamed of themselves. And the shoddy Chinese crap they peddle is the least of it.

For most of the years I’ve lived in my current house, the same couple has lived in the house that backs up to ours. I’ve shared greetings and chitchat with the man and his wife when I’ve walked our various dogs around the block.

For most of those years, I’ve meant to ask one of them to explain their personalized license plate. It reads MIPSY on the plate and in the frame around it, it says Pronounced MIP-SEE. But I never think of it.

Yesterday, the lady of the house stopped me in order to hand over some poop bags she’d saved for me. It seems their little dog had developed diabetes and gone blind, and they no longer took her for walks. She now did her business in their backyard.

Because the lady hadn’t parked her car in the garage, I saw her license plate and was reminded to ask.

She explained that her nickname since childhood was Mipsy, which I already knew. But why would anyone need to be told how to pronounce it, I asked.

She explained that years earlier, she and her husband had stopped for breakfast in a rural part of the state. When they came out of the diner, there was a cowboy standing by their car, studying the license plate. As she related the story, she did an impression of a cowboy speaking, but I’ll spare you.

As they approached their car, the cowboy asked them how to pronounce the word. She told him, and he said, “Oh, I thought maybe it said My Pussy.”

As she related the incident, she said: “Before that, I would sometimes catch other drivers giving me funny looks when I’d drive by and I could never figure out why. The mystery was finally solved.”

The oddest thing about this weird story is that I often play games with words, seeing what they spell backwards or trying to spot other words that might be contained within them.

But if I lived to be a thousand, I would never have seen what so many others saw in MIPSY.

I’m not sure what that says about me or them, but I found it interesting.

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