The Patriot Post® · The Deep State Strikes Again

By Gary Bauer ·

When a president talks on the phone to a foreign leader, there are multiple people from intelligence agencies listening in. They make transcripts, which are circulated at the highest echelons of our security agencies so that everybody will know what the policy implications are of the conversation.

One individual from an intelligence agency, whom the left and its media allies are referring to as a “whistleblower,” has alleged that President Trump made some sort of offer to a foreign leader that the individual claims was inappropriate.

(It’s interesting that when leaks hurt the left, the leakers are jailed as criminals. But when a deep-state leaker tries to hurt Trump, he’s a “whistleblower.”)

The leaker in this case reported his concerns about Trump’s call. The Justice Department reviewed them and determined that they did not rise to the level that required disclosure with congressional intelligence committees.

Of course, the fake-news media complex immediately went into a frenzy. I suspect they all believed that the country in question was Russia and that Trump had been talking to Vladimir Putin. Some even suggested, with no more information than I just presented, that this “scandal” was a “constitutional crisis” that could bring down Trump’s presidency.

That’s simply ridiculous. But that’s been the mindset of our media for the past two and a half years.

Thursday, President Trump attempted to tamp down the hysteria. He said it was “dumb” to suggest he would “say something inappropriate” while on a “heavily populated call,” referring to all the people that he knows are listening in.

Further leaks indicate that the controversial call was with the newly elected president of Ukraine, who, by the way, is a former comedian. It is quite possible that we may ultimately find out that the president simply made a joke that some denizen of the Deep State misinterpreted.

My Guess on the Call

I have no inside information, but here’s something I could easily imagine.

There have been strong allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened senior Ukrainian officials with dour consequences (the loss of a $1 billion loan) unless a prosecutor investigating a company that employed Biden’s son was fired — and he was.

According to reports, Hunter Biden made at least $1.8 million as a board member of this Ukrainian natural-gas company. But Big Media have largely ignored the allegations.

There have been reports that Rudy Giuliani has talked to Ukrainian officials to ask if there is any evidence of wrongdoing by either Joe or Hunter Biden.

I could certainly imagine President Trump saying to the Ukrainian president-elect, “Congratulations on your victory. By the way, if there’s anything to these Biden allegations, it could be to your benefit to share it.”

Again, this is just a guess, and it could certainly be something entirely different.

You’d think more journalists would be interested in finding out how “Middle-Class Joe” and his family made their millions. But no. The media are only interested in taking Trump down.

Climate Strike

Yesterday was the big global climate strike. You should check out how many students participated in your town by walking out of school and pushing the demands of this movement. It will give you a good indication of just how bad the indoctrination is in your local schools.

According to one recent survey, 57% of American teenagers said that news about climate change has made them “afraid,” while 52% said they are “angry.” This is what the left’s propaganda has done to our kids. It has filled them with rage and anxiety.

Just to be clear, everyone is for clean air and clean water. But that’s not the demand of this movement.

It is demanding a complete reordering of the American economy by using the power of big government to change what you eat, where you work, where you live, the temperature on your thermostat, what you drive (if you drive at all), and virtually everything else in your life.

Don’t take my word for it.

Saikat Chakrabarti, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s former chief of staff, recently admitted that, telling a fellow progressive, “[The] Green New Deal … wasn’t originally a climate thing at all… We really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

Other progressives are more honest about their intentions, insisting that “If you take climate change seriously, you do have to throw out the free-market playbook.”

I don’t blame the children who marched yesterday. They have been indoctrinated with false propaganda. As Ronald Reagan used to say, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

The irony is that if we didn’t have the incredible miracle that is our carbon-based economy, none of these kids would be able to take and post selfies so they can show their friends and family just how morally superior they are.

And that got me thinking how educational it would be if the million-plus people employed in the energy industry went on strike because they were sick and tired of being maligned by people who know so much that isn’t so.

I think the polls would quickly find more teenagers a lot more fearful and angry as the lights started going out and their cellphone batteries started dying.

A “Shocking” Development

If you felt the earth tremble yesterday it was probably caused by the news that Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped out of the presidential race, triggering a seismic shift among the other candidates all vying for his 0% in the polls.