The Patriot Post® · The Libs Go Yakity Yak Yak

By Burt Prelutsky ·

Sometimes, I get the feeling the Democrats are in a conspiracy to keep me so busy, I won’t have time to eat or sleep. I mean, what other reason could they possibly have to say all the moronic things that come out of their collective mouths?

They can’t possibly think that they’re improving their chances of winning an election when, referring to Trump’s impeachment, Cory Booker pompously proclaims: “Politics be damned! We have to do what’s right.” Or when Nancy Pelosi actually says: “It’s not about politics. It’s about patriotism.”

Even Hillary Clinton, who just might be pinning her hopes on a brokered convention turning to her to be the party’s standard bearer, proclaimed that “Trump has turned American diplomacy into a cheap extortion racket.”

Except for the part about its being “cheap,” there’s nobody around, including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who knows more about extortion rackets. But, how strange that she would call attention to her own history. After all, it wasn’t Donald Trump who, as Secretary of State, had foreign nations, including hostile ones, contributing millions of dollars to a money-laundering conspiracy posing as a Family Foundation that was, itself, posing as a charity.

I was wondering if Hillary would at least hold off weighing in on the Ukrainian brouhaha, considering that the man who was the Vice-President during her reign at the State Department, is in it up to his neck. But of course, she couldn’t resist accusing Trump of placing his self-interests before the interests of the nation’s security.

How outrageous that this was coming from the woman who let four men die in Benghazi; who handed over our uranium deposits to Russian oligarchs; and who used an unsecure server to send and receive classified information. You have to wonder whether this rancid swamp creature even knows how to spell the word “shame.”

Elizabeth Warren reminds me of those characters in scary movies that you think are dead and buried until they reach up from their graves and grab someone by the ankle.

How is it that someone who was the laughingstock of the nation, better known as “Fauxcahontas” than by her real name, could somehow rise phoenix-like and take the lead in the presidential polls?

It certainly appeared that her political goose was cooked, at least so far as the presidency was concerned. There was no question that she could hang on to her Massachusetts-based Senate seat as long as she had a pulse. After all, Ted Kennedy served eight terms in that august body and Mrs. Warren never killed anyone.

But, judging by the polls which now show Warren leading Biden in most of the early states, I was wrong to count her out. But if I’m surprised, imagine how shocked Bernie Sanders was when he was at the cemetery picking out his future resting place and suddenly felt a hand reach up and grab his bony ankle!

Speaking of demonic Democrats, in Montgomery County, Maryland, formerly known as the child rape capital of the United States, the school board has decided to re-institute school busing.

Because bureaucratic busybodies are among the stupidest people in America – and school bureaucrats are the stupidest of all – they’ve decided to bus many of the kids attending the best schools to the worst schools and to reverse the process for many of the kids attending the worst schools.

They are convinced that this will result in a better education for everyone. At least that’s the lie they tell themselves. But that’s because they are so stupid, they seem to believe that the school buildings themselves have some magical power to instill knowledge.

The result will be that the white and Asian kids will be shortchanged and the black kids, who are mainly raised in fatherless homes by under-educated single women to whom education is not a priority, will be angry, frustrated, disruptive and violent, when wrenched away from their friends by well-intentioned ignoramuses.

We went through all this in the 70s and 80s when head-in-the-cloud social engineering judges ordered school busing. It didn’t occur to these virtue-signaling idiots that they were adding two hours of commuting time to the kids’ school day here in L.A. Even black parents were outraged, no matter what Kamala Harris says to the contrary, because if their children took sick or were injured at their new schools, they were 20 miles away. Go try getting to the Pacific Palisades from South Central or Watts on a bus!

An additional result of the disastrous experiment was that there was an enormous spike in shoplifting and vandalism in the Pacific Palisades.

Tucker Carlson posed a pertinent rhetorical question recently: “When is the last time that a Democratic candidate promised to do something to improve your life, unless you happen to be a criminal or an illegal alien?”

Speaking of Fox News, Nancy Thorner informed me that former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who now sits on the Fox Board of Directors, is apparently pushing the network to “decisively break” with President Trump.

Ryan, who hated Trump when he was still in politics, hates him even more these days. And I fear that now that Fox is in the hands of one of Rupert Murdoch’s sons, they will be increasingly obliging to the forces of darkness who are constantly trying to get people like Carlson, Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity, suspended or fired.

In the past, I hoped that some wealthy Conservative would create a competitor to Fox just so I would no longer have to listen to the squirrelly likes of Shepard Smith, Richard Goodstein, Leslie Marshall, Jessica Tarlov, Ethan Bearman, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Hahn and Juan Williams. But now, with Never-Trumpers like Paul Ryan in positions of influence, it’s become a necessity and no longer a luxury item.

In California, it used to be a felony if a thief stole goods worth in excess of $450. Now, because the state’s Democratic legislators wish to lower the risk of jailing members of their voting base, the amount has been doubled to $900.

The result is that there’s been a massive increase in robberies, but fewer arrests. Sometimes, even the Democrats, stupid as they are, achieve their intended results.

In case you were looking for absolute proof that the climate change campaign is a hoax, look no further than Hollywood. Even though pinheads like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper will fly off on their private jets at the mere rumor that a climate change conference is being arranged someplace that boasts world-class hotels, five-star restaurants and lovely weather, the proof that it’s all a hoax can be found by checking out the product they produce.

They churn out plenty of scary movies dealing with gigantic asteroids hurtling towards the earth and Martian invasions, but you never see any multi-million dollar productions dealing with the so-called existential threat that’s supposed to wipe out 20th Century Fox, Universal, Paramount, Columbia and the inconsequential rest of the planet in 10 years.

In other words, the Leftists don’t mind giving Al Gore an Oscar for his so-called documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” but that certainly doesn’t mean they take his snow job seriously. If they did, they’d try, as usual, to make a billion bucks off it.