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Who's Your Baghdadi, Now?

Burt Prelutsky · Nov. 9, 2019

You would think, if you were an American and had the sense you were born with, the execution of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would be cause for jubilation.

But if you’re a Democrat, and therefore lacking the sense you were born with, it is anything but a happy occasion. In fact, one’s reaction to the news that not only was the leader of ISIS dead, but his successor was also on the express train to Hell, could serve as a Rorschach test for Americans.

Nancy Pelosi was unable to exhibit unbridled joy because, she complained, President Trump hadn’t run the plan past her, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, before greenlighting the mission.

She was also upset because the President had alerted Russia. He did so because the Special Ops would be flying over Russian-held territory in Syria and he didn’t want them being shot down. Also, Trump knew that, unlike the Democrats, the Russians can keep a secret.

After eight years of Obama, I say, as an American, not a Republican, that it makes for a nice change to have a Commander-in-Chief who believes in leading from in front.

Columnist Max Boot, who takes umbrage at people who question his conservative credentials, expressed his own dissatisfaction, not so much with the operation itself, but with Trump’s post-mission statement in which he referred to Baghdadi’s cowardice.

Boot actually wrote: “The assertion that Baghdadi died as a coward was contradicted by the fact that rather than be captured, he blew himself up.”

Perhaps it was being reminded that Adolph Hitler also avoided capture by committing suicide that caused Boot to remove that sentence from his diatribe later in the day. Also, Hitler only did himself in after marrying his longtime mistress, Eva Braun, so that the two could be joined in death. Baghdadi, on the other hand, killed three of his children in the blast.

Boot is an interesting figure in so far as he owes his career to the fact that he has billed himself as a Conservative, while in fact he churns out liberal swill.

He writes about “the GOP’s checkered past of racism,” ignoring the fact that the Klan and Jim Crow laws were invented by the Democrats.

He has also written “I’ve always been socially liberal and have never engaged in climate denialism.” He also boasts that he is no longer opposed to more stringent gun control laws.

Being socially liberal means he favors late-term abortions and open borders and accepts that there are a multitude of genders.

It makes me wonder if it would help my writing career if I claimed to be a Liberal.

But, Boot, dumb as he is, is just one person. The Washington Post, on the other hand, is one of the two rags read every morning by our national leaders. They headlined the story: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.”

Except for the age and religion, they could pretty much use the same headline when Pope Francis dies.

Because those on the Left never leave bad enough alone, the next day some dumb schmuck speaking on behalf of the paper said: “It was printed by mistake and shouldn’t have been in there.”

By mistake? A typo is a mistake. For obvious reasons, an obituary is probably the most closely-edited section of a newspaper. Claiming that cringe-worthy headline was a mistake is akin to saying that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a boo-boo.

James Clapper, one of the Deep State morons suffering the worst from Trump Derangement Syndrome, whined that killing Baghdadi will only make ISIS stronger.

Clapper, a questionable student of history, must have been recalling how much stronger the Nazis of Germany and the Fascists of Italy were after the deaths of Hitler and Mussolini.

Nearly any room that Clapper entered would immediately see a decline in the average IQ. How fortunate that he found a home at CNN, where he can enter every room in the place and not move the needle even a single point.

Speaking of CNN, Philip Mudd, a former CIA counterintelligence officer was telling a CNN host that he found Trump’s celebrating Baghdadi’s death beneath contempt, claiming he would never relish anybody’s death.

Oh, except perhaps Donald Trump’s, the man CNN pays Mudd to rail against on a daily basis.

It just occurred to me how fitting his former designation was. Mudd is the living embodiment of counter-intelligence.

At the third game of the World Series, the one played in Washington, D.C., when the P.A. announcer let the fans know that President Trump and the First Lady were in attendance, the boos overwhelmed the applause.

We have no way of proving that’s the reason the Washington Nationals lost three in a row to the Houston Astros in their home park, but I’d sure like to think so.

In a way, though, it helps demonstrate the beauty of our system. The federal bureaucrats — the most shiftless, ignorant, over-paid bunch of layabouts in America — can openly express contempt for their boss, In spite of insisting he’s a blood-thirsty despot. I’ve never yet heard of a despot who stands grinning while he’s being verbally assaulted by thousands of people. I don’t think anybody is booing Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un or Xi Jinping, on their home turf. Not if they know what’s good for them.

I’m sure that most of us were happy to hear that the military dog who was injured when Baghdadi set off his suicide vest has recovered from his injuries. I had heard that his name is Good Dog. I think a name change is in order and that he should be promoted to Great Dog.

I was flabbergasted to learn that even with all those Democrats vying for the nomination, 78% of the TV commercials have been pitching billionaire Tom Steyer.

I doubt if it will be enough to buy the stiff the nomination, but at least it’s putting a lot of money in circulation. It’s the modern version of trickle-down economics. Or, in other words, Steyer is pissing away his money.

Joe Biden would have us believe that he personally asked Barack Obama not to endorse him. “We both think it would be better for me to win the nomination on my own.”

Right, Joe. A good strong dose of tough love is just what the doctor ordered.

I hate to be the ogre who breaks the bad news to the old dude, but since he’s such a proponent of self-reliance, I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to sugarcoat the truth. Joe, the reason that Obama isn’t endorsing you is because you’re just another old white Christian guy so far as he’s concerned.

And if that’s not reason enough for the most racist president in American history, you made the mistake of saying a few nice things about segregationist senators — all of them Democrats — when waxing nostalgic a few months ago about a time when the Senate was a far more collegial environment.

From the Land Down Under, Dennis Stockton has let us know that a small boy named Johnny had been pestering his parents for days, demanding to be taken to the Melbourne zoo. Finally, his mother talked his reluctant father into taking him.

When father and son returned home, Johnny’s mother asked him if he’d had a good time.

“It was great.”

“And did Daddy have a good time?”

“Yeah, Daddy really liked it, too. Especially when one of the animals came home at 30-1.”

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