The Patriot Post® · Welcome to Bernie's World

By Burt Prelutsky ·

As I look at the empty streets, the deserted parks, the miles and miles of empty grocery shelves, I’m reminded of those dystopian movies that show what the world would look like after a war involving smart bombs that kill people but leave structures undamaged.

I wonder if it ever enters Bernie Sanders’ head that this is the way that America would look, not for just another month or so, but permanently if his policies were ever adopted.

On second thought, I’m sure that anything that enters the man’s head soon gets lost in a rat’s maze filled with Lenin’s quotes and Stalin’s propaganda.

It was Sanders, then the newly married 46 year old mayor of Burlington, Vermont, who spent 10 blissful days in the Soviet Union in 1988 and thought it was great, everything he could have ever imagined. But, then, what more could a devout Communist ask for than a police state that threatened its European neighbors, shackled its citizens and hated Jews every bit as much as Sanders did.

I am disappointed that President Trump feels he has to keep ushering out Anthony Fauci to take part in the daily Task Force press briefings. Even though he is 79 years old, it’s obvious that Fauci is hoping his next assignment will be with the corrupt World Health Organization.

On the same day that Fauci admitted there was no way to guess how many Americans would be killed off by the coronavirus, he couldn’t resist predicting the number could very well reach 200,000, even though fewer than 5,000 had died in the first six weeks.

At the same time, I would like to join so many others in giving a shout-out to the doctors, nurses and medical researchers, who have, at risk to themselves, led the fight against this latest Chinese import.

It should also be noted and applauded that Mike Lindell, who almost singlehandedly is keeping Fox News going with his non-stop commercials, has temporarily turned over most of his pillow-making factory to turning out hospital masks.

Even if it’s not tomorrow or the next day, I can’t help wondering if the next Wuhan will be L.A. or San Francisco. Although we’re not sure if the virus broke out in China’s biological warfare lab or at one of those disgusting wet markets where bats, snakes, skunks, cats and dogs, are sold as food, we are pretty certain it was one or the other.

But would anyone be surprised if the bubonic plague were to break out among the sub-humans who defecate on the streets of our major cities? After all, they are living very much like their ancestors lived in the Middle Ages, long before the invention of indoor plumbing, when people ate whatever they could find or kill, which included flea-infested rodents.

So, before we even have a chance to climb off our high horses vis a vis China, we may have egg foo young all over our face as we find ourselves neck-deep in the black plague.

It was hard to convince people years ago that, unlike the U.S. Red Cross, the world Red Cross was a vile organization that was so anti-Semitic, it refused assistance to Israel during a time of crisis.

It is no easier these days to convince most people that the World Health Organization is every bit as sleazy as the U.N.

The WHO is so deep in China’s pocket that one of its top officials, Canada’s Bruce Aylward, who heads up the organization’s coronavirus response team, pretended not to hear a reporter’s question regarding WHO’s refusal to send emergency relief to Taiwan, the nation whose sovereignty China refuses to recognize.

I bet nobody is too surprised that, as in the case of the U.N., the U.S. donates the lion’s share of the money to keep the WHO in business. Will we never learn?

We all have different ways of coping with the current situation.

For instance, Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts has decided that China, which concealed the threat of the virus for over a month, isn’t at fault. Instead, President Trump is to blame. In case you doubt him, Nancy Pelosi is here to back him up. She has gone so far as to accuse Trump of murder.

In the meantime, governors in Washington, California, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts, all of whom are, by some strange coincidence, Democrats, are simultaneously releasing felons from prison and shutting down gun stores.

I don’t know how those governors can be so sure the felons will only prey on Republicans, but they seem to be more than willing to take the chance.

Lest anyone think that it’s only the honchos at the WHO and those residing in state mansions who have taken leave of their senses, in the midst of these various shortages, our State Department has been shipping tons of medical supplies, including hospital gowns, gloves, masks and respirators, to Laos, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and, yes, even China.

Proving that even after hitting rock bottom, if one is willing to put in the effort and dig, there are even greater depths that can be reached.

Take the New York Times. Please.

On March 23rd, the paper carried the news that “it is foolish and malicious to hold the Chinese (or any people) responsible for the spread of the disease.”

However, a week later, on March 30th, the Times saw the error of its ways. No, they didn’t suddenly decide China was to blame, after all. Instead, they headlined an editorial: “The road to coronavirus hell was paved by Evangelicals.”

Whenever I hear diplomats and other pinheads envision a world without war, I find myself wondering why people even bother imagining such an impossibility.

After all, if individuals can’t be dissuaded from committing felonies, why would nations? If even the constant threat of arrest, imprisonment and even execution, doesn’t prevent gangs from committing robbery, rape, extortion and murder, the notion that organizations like the League of Nations or the United Nations can prevent wars is delusional in the extreme.

When the Stock Market lost 10,000 points in about a week, the only happy American was the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. One could easily imagine the Never Trumper clapping his hands and chortling: “See? I told you the Market would collapse after Trump was elected.” “But, Paul, you said it would crash because he was elected, not because of a pandemic.” “Don’t bother me with inconsequential details. After all, who’s the Nobel Prize-winning economist here – you or me?”

With Bob Hunt still laid up, the jokes have pretty much dried up. But I remembered one I heard years ago.

A fire broke out in the Red Hook project in New York. While the firemen were still connecting the hoses, Leroy Johnson, the All Pro wide receiver for the Jets, heard a woman hollering from a seventh floor window “Save my baby! Save my baby!”

Johnson ran to the building and shouted up to the woman: “Drop your baby. I’ll catch it.”

By this time, a crowd had gathered nearby. Recognizing Johnson, they began calling up to her to drop the baby.

Finally, she got the message. But instead of dropping the baby, she hurled it, making sure it wouldn’t hit a window ledge on the way down.

Johnson started sprinting, knocking onlookers aside as he kept his eye on the baby. At the last possible second, he dove and caught the baby just before it hit the ground.

The crowd cheered as Johnson got to his feet. He held the baby above his head as the crowd cheered even louder.

Then he spiked the baby.